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e-Journal of Nondestructive Testing (ISSN 1435-4934)

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Sample Paper

If you'll want to submit a paper for being published in a future issue, please use this Web Site.

This Web Site participates in our Conference Management Cloud (CMC), a Multi NDT Event online application.

You may register as Author or login if you have already an account. For any further questions please contact the Chief Editor Rolf Diederichs at Address

Scope of Contributions
This can be any article related to Nondestructive Testing. Even an old one if it's still up to date or in the style of "Back to basics" will be fine. You can also submit papers wish has been or will be published in conferences or other journals if you have not transfered the exclusive rights to the publisher, however, the author is responsible to ensure that there are no copyright infringements and that the author has full authorisation to publish.

The latest paper's deadline is usually 7 days before each new month starts (Earlier if possible). The article may be published acordingly to the schedule of the journal's future content, focus issues or conferences etc. The Chief Editor or the Editor Board will decide if the paper is suitable to be published in

Electronic files of the contribution should be submitted via this Web System and must be MS Windows compatible, MS Word prefered, we prefer to generate the PDF Files by ourself.

For further information please see the guidelines in the menue window.

Rolf Diederichs

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