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USM 20 - Universal ultrasonic flaw detector
- small,compact, economic

Just the kind of instrument you want.
With the USM 20 we have developed a portable ultrasonic flaw detector that will meet all your field application requirements: the USM 20 is not only easy to carry but also easy to handle with an easy-to-learn operation. It is small in its size as well as in its scope of functions, plus it is low in cost. It is great in its ultrasonic performance, and it is consistent in the implementation of new ideas regarding case design and operational concept.

Simple and good.
We have only included the standard functions necessary for ultrasonic testing in the USM 20 and in this way ensured a straightforward, easy-to-learn operational concept. Performance was not compromised: the USM 20 has all the prerequisites for solving even demanding test problems - for instance with thickness measurements, sheet or plate metal testing and weld inspection, or with testing of forgings.

Anywhere you need it.
The instrument has an extremely ergonomic case design. A nonslip prop-up stand, also serving as transport handle, provides sure footing even on inclined surfaces or curved workplaces - no matter where they are - because with its weight of 1.6 kg (3.5 Ibs.), you can carry the USM 20 anywhere you want. In order not to be handicapped even by a very dark or very bright environment, we have equipped the USM 20 with a high-contrast screen display with switchable backlight.

USK 7D - Portable Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector with Microprocessor and Analog CRT Display

The USK7 D combines the portability you demand with the performance you require. Its blend of high resolution and surprising penentration make it the logical choice for a broad range of applications.

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USD 15 Portable and Systems Flaw Detector with Analog Performance and Digital Advantages

The USD 15 product family with Double Rack and Rack,
USD 15 SX (USD SQ) and USD 15 X (USD 15B)
For simple applications
The basic version USD 15 B was designed as an economical solution for simple test tasks. The more sophisticated functions - e.g. DAC/TCG, Echo Start and Angle functions - were left out, however, no compromises were made regarding the ultrasonic performance capabilities.

The universal genius
The USD 15 X represents the enhanced standard version of the product family offering all the extra features that you need for an easy reproducible ultrasonic testing in portable or stationary mode. These extras include DAC/TCG, reflector location using angle-beam probes, A-scan comparison, video output and many other fascinating features.

With extra large display
The USD 15 SX has a highresolution, extra large screen display. This enables you to obtain an ,,almost analog" A-scan display of echo details with small calibration ranges or echo sequences from thin test objects, e.g. spot welds.

With square-wave pulser
Though seemingly identical to the USD 15 SX, which has a spike purser (like the other instrument versions), the USD 15 SQ is provided with a variable square-wave initial pulse. This means that the probe is excited with its natural frequency. You will benefit from a considerable sensitivity increase of up to 12 dB, especially with operating frequencies of less than 2 MHz. Therefore, the instrument is particularly suitable for testing strongly sound attenuating and sound scattering materials. In addition, its tolerance monitor and thickness data logger make it just the right choice if you have to document (automated) thickness measurements.

For the automatic testing
The rack and double-rack versions USD 15-19" and USD 15/2-19", designed for the 19" equipment cabinet or as desktop version, are gaining ground in stationary applications. These ,,members of the family" are suitable both for testing with an immersion tank and for integration into a testing machine. Our unique instrument design enables the flexible combination of a number of channels: you can synchronize a group of instruments into a small multichannel setup. The 19" housing of the double-rack version offers space and cost advantages for a dual-channel unit. And what's more: each channel has its own A-scan!

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USN 50 Small, Lightweight, Flaw Detector with Digital Thickness and On-Board Memory

At just 6 pounds with batteries, the USN50 clearly redefines flaw detection portability. It also offers ultrasonic performance and time saving features that meet the testing needs of the most demanding of users and their applications. The USN50 is a small, lightweight, ultrasonic flaw detector with digital thickness measurement capability and on-board memory . Complete documentation and control capabilities are provided with an RS232 bidirectional interface allowing communication with a serial printer and/or a portable computer. The USN50 stands ready to meet the most rigorous current code requirements and is the new benchmark by which future products will be judged.

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USN 52 Small, Lightweight, Portable Flaw Detector with RF Display and DAC/TCG

(Selected as portable flaw detector for US Navy Air Service. See NEWS Bulletin.) The USN52 includes all of the features, operating characteristics and the lightweight design of the innovative USN50 which revolutionized ultrasonic testing and set a new standard for portable flaw detectors. The USN52 is a new addition to our line of portable instruments - a product based on additional features evolving from the USN50. The USN52 is a full featured portable flaw detector with capabilities to address composite material and coarse grain material inspection as well as crack tip detection and sizing. In addition, features are provided for optimal signal-to-noise display and transducer matching for a broader range of materials. The USN50 will continue to be offered as Krautkramer's basic portable flaw detector.

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br> The USN 52R has all the operating characteristics of the USN 52 and it also features the latest in display technology to achieve an incredibly fine screen resolution for picking up the smallest details in critical echoes. (Large High Resolution EL Display (552 x 256 pixels)

USIP 20 High Performance, Multichannel Systems Flaw Detector

Four flaw gates, each with two thresholds, gives complete versatility of test configuration. Floppy and hard disk recording media allow for ease of setup storage and recall, and for transfer of parameters from instrument to instrument. Control menus are displayed on a large, bright LCD and adjustments easily made through both dedicated and variable function controls. "Ease of use" has been our key phrase in the development of the USIP 20. Each control menu is displayed using a devoted function key, so that no standard operating menu is further than a single button push away.

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USPC 2100 Multichannel Systems Flaw Detector

Krautkramer's USPC2100 is a computer based ultrasonic instrument for in-line flaw detection, thickness, and velocity measurement systems. Plug-and play PCI boards, a simple Windows 95 graphical user interface, and easy menu configuration lets you set-up and run your test the way you want to do it.

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