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Standard Package
The stand (booth) includes selectable keywords (products and services), space for a company description, one logo, one image and one banner. Our server generates automatic a list of your articles and news which the exhibitor have published in NDT.net. Our server generates cross-links from other NDT.net sections to your stand and your website. Furthermore all web pages of your website are added to and fetched by Google Custom Search, thus are part of our Global Exhibition Search. Several more features are included in the Standard Package.
720 €

StandardPlus Package NEW*
Same as Standard but includes up to 5 Showcases of products and 5 videos. All showcases are rotated promoted at NDT.net main, exhibition showcase gallery and other sections.
960 €

Premium Package NEW*
Same as StandardPlus but unlimmited showcases of products and videos. In addition to standardPlus the showcases are rotated promoted in NDT.net's newsletters to more than 20,0000 subscribers.
1200 €


All Promotion Services inclusive!Info
Rotating Banners on major pages, e.g. Database, Exhibition, Web Resources, MyNDT Search, MyNDT Profiles, Forum where available
Your advertising is posted every week to more than 8,000 NDT professionals of our Forum Mailing List.
Exhibitor Links in Forum Discussions and MyNDT Network
All Exhibitors are highlighted and linked in Articles & News Database
All Exhibitors are highlighted in the NDT Encyclopedia by matching your stand keyword (product)
Inquiry forwarding service
Our crawler fetches your whole website for our global Exhibitor Web Search.
Real-time metrics of your advertising (your ad is transparent)
Access to the entire NDT.net server stats (we are transparent)
Receiving VIP services in NDT.net activities such as news/articles publishing, conferences, exhibitions and much more!
For further information please see the
Advertising Schedule and Exhibitor Welcome Message.

ALL Advertising Options

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After you have submitted this registration you'll receive an email notification confirming all submitted data together with your Password to do any modifications. You can leave images or other things for a later update and of course we'll assist you to optimize your presentation.
If you have any question please feel free to contact Rolf Diederichs.

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