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Seeking Solutions, Seeking Explanation etc. | Admin: Rolf
27958 Msgs Total
Technical Discussions Recent 10 Topics
Re: X-ray vs Gamma ray (6)Pete23:58 Oct-04
BGAS Courses in Saudi Arabia Ayyappan12:41 Oct-04
Re: MPI calibration (4)Oliviero22:07 Oct-03
WQT JEms05:38 Oct-03
Re: UT (6) Rick Cahill18:13 Oct-02
Re: Number of film's shoot in RT (5)jon wallis17:31 Oct-02
Re: Measuring/reproducing reflectors of Calibration blocks with silicone. (1)Mario Talarico13:35 Oct-02
Re: Category follow ASME Code Sev VIII Div I (6)Diego07:36 Oct-02
Re: Geometric Unsharpness (5)pablo22:12 Oct-01
Re: L/D ratio (1)Nigel Armstrong21:25 Oct-01
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Non-Technical, Personnel Certification, Training, Career | Admin: Rolf
7593 Msgs Total
General Discussions Recent 10 Topics
Re: How to Calibrate Gaussmeter(Hall-effect) and UV Meter (2)Anderson18:27 Oct-04
Re: asnt level 3 (173)dmuthusamy12:55 Oct-04
Buy Registered IELTS & TOEFL, ESOL Certificates Without Attending The Exam matt95001:53 Oct-04
Career Midhun Subhash.N18:30 Oct-03
Re: Re: starting salary for Level II NDT Technician in the Middle East sector? (54)Ashique 09:51 Oct-03
Re: Ut blocks with certificate (1)Bill16:49 Oct-02
Re: Which NDT methods are most widely used in Aerospace related fields? (3)Anmol Birring04:42 Oct-02
Re: Tenders For Non-destructive testing (1)jamin patel18:27 Oct-01
Corrosion Mapping Procedure Help Tuong03:31 Oct-01
NDT instruments calibration Janer Lappay13:01 Sep-30
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| Admin: Rolf
1643 Msgs Total
Job Offers Recent 10 Topics
Middle East Welding Engineer EQS GlobalEQS Global19:59 Oct-02
Various Location RT,UT Technician,BARC LEVEL -1 Holder NDT Service ProviderMr Mahesh Pandiyan19:13 Sep-25
chennai : L&T Kattupalli Ut TKY MULTI TECH sai ndtniraj rai13:23 Sep-24
chennai MULTI TECH (UTTKY,MT ,PT ) sai ndtNIRAJ RAI07:07 Sep-24
Hyderabad NDT faculty NDT Service ProviderMr Mahesh Pandiyan13:57 Sep-17
Nigeria API 653 BVNLGeorge Mclean09:09 Sep-17
Vietnam Provision of IRIS service PV NDTKhue Van04:26 Sep-16
Singapore and world wide Tank Settlement Survey / Calibration Inspector Cutech Process Services Pte Ltd, Singaporepugal06:11 Sep-15
Singapore and world wide CSWIP ACFM Level 1 / Level 2 Inspector required Cutech Process Services Pte Ltd, Singaporepugal04:22 Sep-15
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| Admin: Rolf
1904 Msgs Total
Job Seeks Recent 10 Topics
middle east pcn ut[3.1,3.2&3.8,3.9] subramaniam11:16 Oct-01
SE Asia / Mid East PCN Level 2 RTFI / ASNT II RTFI, DPT, MT Andrew K11:09 Sep-30
Worldwide UT,MT,PT VISHNU JADHAV04:39 Sep-30
worldwide UT, RT, MT2, PT2,ET Trainee Elvis Dinga Koila 14:15 Sep-29
Middle East PCN PAUT & MUT-ASNT ToFD & RTI A.G09:11 Sep-27
worldwide PCN Leve-ii in UT,MT,PT,RTFI M.Ramkarthick07:54 Sep-24
worldwide UT PT MT VT level 2, ISO 9712 Simonas Pranauskas14:48 Sep-23
worldwide NDT WORK VISHNU JADHAV06:10 Sep-19
Any PCN LEVEL 2 RTFI,UT,MT & ASTN LEVEL 2 RT,UT,MT,PT Gurvinder Singh21:22 Sep-14
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Personal Ads like Sell & Buy etc. (No Discussions) | Admin: Rolf
820 Msgs Total
Classified Ads Recent 5 Topics
I need a quote for NDT Materials Donald Nwanguma11:40 Sep-28
Looking for Carestreams X-ray films manufacturer SUNE Co. Ltd08:41 Sep-24
Vidisco Bolt X Pro System for SALE Chris Sfetas08:26 Sep-23
Used Niton XL3t-980 PMI system for sale Hamed M.10:22 Aug-31
Used OmniScan MX 16-128 for sale Hamed M.10:20 Aug-31
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Questions, suggestions about all NDT.net areas | Admin: Rolf
185 Msgs Total
About NDT.net Recent 5 Topics
Re: New Forum Alert Profiles - A selective dissemination of new forum posts (1)ezio22:30 Sep-28
Re: Cancellazione di "Italian NDT Talk" (7)ezio08:19 Sep-14
Re: Why and How NDT should go Open Access (7)Michael Bushnell15:18 Jun-04
Re: A person is posting under someone else MyNDT Personality (6)Nigel Armstrong06:40 Mar-17
What NDT Product Categories? Rolf23:30 Feb-07
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Comments and Discussions of Database Articles & News | Admin: Rolf
66 Msgs Total
About Articles & News Recent 5 Topics
Re: Echo Graphic introduces the EG430NDT, a X-ray film processor designed for Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) (1)Dr. Uwe Zscherpel11:45 Jun-14
Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection Of 25%Cr Super Duplex Stainless Steel On Subsea Manifold Piping Girth Welds In Lieu Of Radiography Dhava01:49 Jun-14
Phased Array Ultrasonic Inspection Of 25%Cr Super Duplex Stainless Steel On Subsea Manifold Piping Girth Welds In Lieu Of Radiography (1)Sumit06:35 Jun-13
draw DAC curve mohsen 16:04 Jun-02
Minimum Requirements for Digital Radiography Equipment and Measurement Procedures by Different Industries and Standard Organizations Rolf Diederichs21:20 May-16
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Webinars (Multimedia), Workshops, Lectures, Tutorials etc. | Admin: Rolf
1 Msgs Total
Special Sessions Recent 10 Topics
Meeting Room available Rolf Diederichs17:56 Sep-24
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