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Seeking Solutions, Seeking Explanation etc. | Admin: Rolf
24344 Msgs Total
Technical Discussions Recent 10 Topics
Re: Electromagnetic wave amplitude (4)Timothy Shepard15:48 Oct-24
Re: Comparison of response from defects using single crystal problem and phased arrays (2)Jeff Martel15:36 Oct-24
Re: Calibration Procedures for Immersion Ultrasound Testing (3)amin11:47 Oct-24
Re: GE Kraukramer usm36. (1) Lionello Peracchi10:39 Oct-24
TOFD Curved Surface Correction Park junho15:12 Oct-23
Re: Drill Pipe inspection (7)Salah11:51 Oct-23
Re: CR on pipes filled with water and/or oil (8)Nigel Armstrong11:00 Oct-23
Re: ASME Section V RT (1)Gerald R. Reams23:21 Oct-22
Re: RT,UT, PHASED ARRAY (2)Nigel Armstrong20:30 Oct-22
Re: Techniques for lap weld scanning in a tank bottom plate (3)José19:58 Oct-22
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Certification, Career, Society Topics, NDT Ethics | Admin: Rolf
6638 Msgs Total
General Discussions Recent 10 Topics
Re: Seeking advise on Scams (36)mike14:17 Oct-24
Re: NDI to NDT (3)Nigel Armstrong14:07 Oct-24
Re: Phased array for welder qualification (1)Diego12:45 Oct-24
Re: UT Calculations (1)Johnny14:41 Oct-23
Re: NDT Qualifications in Pakistan (19)Waqar Ali18:38 Oct-22
Re: Next inspection date (3)Steven Doc16:05 Oct-22
Re: Thermography on bars (5)Øyvind Carlson10:57 Oct-21
Re: USAF to NAS 410 (3)Matthew18:32 Oct-20
Re: Radiography Help. (7)Frank Lund13:47 Oct-18
Re: career in NDT, AWS-CWI (78)Ghanta Siva Rajesh16:41 Oct-16
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| Admin: Rolf
1454 Msgs Total
Job Offers Recent 10 Topics
Qatar Vacancy for NDT Technician level II SGS Qatarsreejesh pillai11:02 Oct-23
ORISSA UT AND MPT TECHNICIAN NDT SUPPLYs.l.mahesh pandiyan08:51 Oct-17
orissa MPT technician NDT supplys.l.mahesh16:42 Oct-15
CLOSED: USA ASNT Level III Centric Pipe, LLCKole21:55 Oct-14
coimbatore NDT RT TECHNICIAN ndt supplys.l.mahesh pandiyan08:59 Oct-11
Netherlands UT, ET, MPI Technician Level 2/3 Plurel Theo de Keijzer13:12 Oct-08
PUNE UT TECHNICIAN REQUIRED NDT SUPPLYs.l.mahesh pandiyan11:09 Sep-29
KAZAKHSTAN Steel Construction & Welding Inspector INSPECTION®CENK YILDIZ23:40 Sep-28
India ut, pt, mpt, rt kalva institution pvt ltd . hyedrabadmd annas ahmed20:23 Sep-28
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| Admin: Rolf
1717 Msgs Total
Job Seeks Recent 10 Topics
usa,londan,germany UT,MT,PT,RT,UTT Harsha.R12:18 Oct-23
worldwide Senior Inspector S R G PRABHU11:51 Oct-20
world wide UT technician Deepak.d.s 08:26 Oct-20
worldwide NDT LEVEL-III RT ,UT, MT, PT, VT and cswip 3.2 Ajay Kumar06:22 Oct-20
world wide Looking for Short Term Contract NEELAMANI14:36 Oct-18
worldwide Consultancy in Accreditation as per ISO IEC17025 S S Ananthan06:20 Oct-14
worldwide pcn3.1&3.2,aws,irata L -1,asnt et,ut,rt.mt,pt zahirhussain17:31 Oct-01
Worldwide ASNT NDT LEVEL III in RT UT MPT PT kiran kumar16:21 Sep-23
worldwide UT,MT,PT and RT Balaji08:21 Sep-21
worlwide ASNT NDT Level 2 in VT , PT , UT , MT , RTi & IR ali Peyravi09:11 Sep-19
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Personal Ads like Sell & Buy etc. (No Discussions) | Admin: Rolf
776 Msgs Total
Classified Ads Recent 5 Topics
second user HD-CR43NDT for sale Andrew Harbor17:47 Oct-15
mpi bench unit. Matthew emmons20:55 Oct-05
Karta ETS for windows Starling Harris21:40 Oct-02
Wanted used PC-based Ultrasonic Solutions with SDK Danila05:50 Sep-30
wantes PAUT demo or second hand Tuan Adnan19:19 Sep-15
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Questions, suggestions about all NDT.net areas | Admin: Rolf
146 Msgs Total
About NDT.net Recent 5 Topics
NDT FORUM WEEK ezio11:37 Aug-14
Join a NEW NDT Conference & Proceedings App Rolf Diederichs12:33 Jun-18
Re: NEW MyNDT / Forum Notification Options (1) Rolf Diederichs12:24 Apr-08
Re: Why and How NDT should go Open Access (6)Domingo Mery22:03 Mar-26
Invitation for APCNDT 2013 participants to upload conference photos Rolf Diederichs12:19 Feb-06
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Italian language preference | Admin: Ezio
941 Msgs Total
Italian NDT Talk Recent 5 Topics
Re: Certificazione al livello III ASNT (2)Lorenzo22:13 Oct-22
Re: UT su materiali con impedenza acustica differente (9)Gianpiero gianpiero08:32 Oct-16
Re: interventi su Italian NDT Talk (14)CLAUDIO14:22 Oct-14
Re: procedure e blocchi campione UT (7)claudio09:47 Oct-14
Re: misura spessori (5)Lionello Peracchi12:44 Oct-10
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Comments and Discussions of Database Articles & News | Admin: Rolf
53 Msgs Total
About Articles & News Recent 5 Topics
Photoelastic Visualisation Phased Array Sound Fields. Part 14 – Phasing Fundamentals Ali10:41 Oct-06
Prediction Of Erosion Characteristics For Ablative Throat Insert Liners Using Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements Harinath14:12 Jul-09
Low Cost NDT Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Now Available in U.S. Market from Precision Images Tiago Horstmann03:43 Jun-03
Beyond BRIC: Exploring the Next Game Changers for the NDT Industry Rolf Diederichs20:06 May-31
Coating vs Wall thickness measurement? Let the new CT-Gauge from Sonatest Ltd be the judge! ibrahim21:35 May-19
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Webinars (Multimedia), Workshops, Lectures, Tutorials etc. | Admin: Rolf
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Special Sessions Recent 10 Topics
Meeting Room available Rolf Diederichs17:56 Sep-24
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