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Seeking Solutions, Seeking Explanation etc. | Admin: Rolf
25614 Msgs Total
Technical Discussions Recent 10 Topics
Re: scope of ultrasonic detection in soil (14)Gerald R. Reams20:01 Mar-26
Re: problem on calibration using mx2 on duplex material (3)Sandro19:58 Mar-26
Aplicação de UT Phased Array com base em norma API 1104 Sandro19:47 Mar-26
Re: Validation block- limit of defect height (1) Ed Ginzel19:06 Mar-26
Re: how do I find defect in chrome plating with NDT method? (1)Nigel Armstrong11:37 Mar-26
Re: NDT: Metal sheets with adhesive joint (dimension, adhesion, cohesion) (10)Michel Couture22:43 Mar-25
Re: EN ISO 17638 "NDT. Magnetec-particle testing", "Test report" (1)Gerald R. Reams16:53 Mar-25
Re: AUT Transves Scan (1) Ed Ginzel16:05 Mar-25
black light borescope mike lassman14:25 Mar-25
Re: UT standards comparison (1)Rick Lopez19:54 Mar-24
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Non-Technical, Personnel Certification, Training, Career | Admin: Rolf
7078 Msgs Total
General Discussions Recent 10 Topics
Re: Seeking Advice from UK Based NDT Personnel (10)The Metallurgist19:44 Mar-26
Re: pcn level 3 ut/ forging and castings (4)Nigel Armstrong12:39 Mar-26
Check List Salah09:01 Mar-26
PCN level2 welding inspection advice short circuit19:16 Mar-24
Re: Seeking Career Advice from Canadian NDT/NDE Workers. (3)Alex Easton17:35 Mar-19
Re: career in NDT, AWS-CWI (92)Suleman12:32 Mar-19
Re: translation (2)Hebri23:28 Mar-18
Re: NDT mt level II requirements (3)Michel Couture13:52 Mar-18
Re: Procedure drafting (4)Guillaume09:54 Mar-18
Training/Experience Sergio Montalvo20:06 Mar-17
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| Admin: Rolf
1544 Msgs Total
Job Offers Recent 10 Topics
Qatar & KSA Business Development Manager - NDT Services Bureau VeritasSuresh Ganti14:16 Mar-26
Ha Noi Capital, Vietnam Inquiry for Welding inspector AWS CWI QC1 PhatecoTran Van Vuong15:35 Mar-25
Germany Pipemill Inspector (Duplex Stainless Steel) Bureau VeritasSuresh Ganti10:13 Mar-24
Abu Dhabi, UAE RBI Engineer Bureau VeritasSuresh Ganti09:38 Mar-24
Northeast USA Radiation Safety Officer, General Manager Materials Testing CompanyAmber22:04 Mar-23
Basra - IRAQ Technical - PCN 2 (UT,MT,RT) - 3 years contract - IRAQ Bureau VeritasSuresh Ganti13:21 Mar-23
Abu Dhabi Vendor Inspection Coordinator Bureau VeritasSuresh Ganti13:18 Mar-23
mumbai ut technician megasonic inspection servicesTIWARI RAJKUMAR12:42 Mar-21
Navi Mumbai (ECT, RFET & IRIS) Advance Inspection Engineer/Executive NDTS India (P) Ltd.Pooja Shetty14:38 Mar-18
India LRUT Technicians with 3 yrs Exp TJL TechSAM13:34 Mar-18
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| Admin: Rolf
1797 Msgs Total
Job Seeks Recent 10 Topics
Riyadh-Saudi Arabia Electromagnetic Testing (ET) Muhammad Kashif09:48 Mar-24
worldwide PCN L-2 UT (3.1, 3.2), PAUT & TOFD. ASNT L-2 (UT, MT, PT, RT) santosh17:32 Mar-23
India,USA,Europe,Middle East UT,RT,ET,MT,PT,VT Thejas Shetty 09:55 Mar-20
Asia,India,Middle east Mechanical Engineer with UT,RT,MT,ET,PT & VT Certification Tridev Nisarga09:10 Mar-19
worldwide UT,MT,PT,and RT kiran kumar08:46 Mar-17
worldwide Experienced Welding Inspector Mehdi Eskandarzade13:54 Mar-15
worldwide QA/QC welding inspector,UT,MPT,PT and RT inspector jibin kuriakose07:33 Mar-13
Worldwide CSWIP 3.1 WI, CSWIP AUT Interpreter, ASNT LIII UT, MT, PT, VT Mike04:41 Mar-12
worldwide multi technician ( pt,ut,mt) md wasim akram13:23 Mar-10
MyNDT Members Seeking JobMore Messages

Personal Ads like Sell & Buy etc. (No Discussions) | Admin: Rolf
798 Msgs Total
Classified Ads Recent 5 Topics
FOR SALE Mira 1040 tomograph IBC Technologies d.o.o.16:38 Mar-26
For Sale:Eddy Current Tester:Rohmann Elotest M2 V3 Mike Smith02:05 Mar-20
Hocking Wheel Scan for Sale Owen Bagnell15:22 Mar-10
For sale Sonatest Prisma Phased Array set Dave Moore15:02 Feb-27
Olympus RD Tech Tomoscan Steve Brown23:18 Feb-13
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Questions, suggestions about all NDT.net areas | Admin: Rolf
158 Msgs Total
About NDT.net Recent 5 Topics
Relative amplitude of higher order antisymmetric lamb wave modes Radel05:50 Mar-24
Re: A person is posting under someone else MyNDT Personality (6)Nigel Armstrong06:40 Mar-17
NDT for Welding Aluminum Coils Ranito13:20 Mar-12
What NDT Product Categories? Rolf23:30 Feb-07
Re: booklet (1) Rolf Diederichs09:44 Nov-02
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Italian language preference | Admin: Ezio
964 Msgs Total
Italian NDT Talk Recent 5 Topics
Re: Sonde doppie (1) massimo carminati09:40 Mar-22
Re: EN 583-5 appendice F (2)Armando Bono17:43 Feb-28
Re: AVG (1)THEO MICOTTIS17:09 Feb-27
Re: Sonde doppio cristallo (1)antonio 20:49 Feb-09
Re: sonde doppie (17)antonio19:43 Feb-09
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Comments and Discussions of Database Articles & News | Admin: Rolf
59 Msgs Total
About Articles & News Recent 5 Topics
Wireless charging for pipeline crawler batteries mohamed zied15:02 Feb-11
Re: Photoelastic Visualisation of Phased Array Sound Fields: Part 19 – Formation of grating lobes (1) Ed Ginzel19:40 Jan-03
Life Extension of Helicopter Composite structures by Computed Tomography (CT) Rolf Diederichs13:38 Dec-16
Multimedia Review of the APCNDT 2013 vijayaraghavan p13:05 Dec-16
Re: Low Cost NDT Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Now Available in U.S. Market from Precision Images (1)Tom Gibb12:11 Oct-29
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Webinars (Multimedia), Workshops, Lectures, Tutorials etc. | Admin: Rolf
1 Msgs Total
Special Sessions Recent 10 Topics
Meeting Room available Rolf Diederichs17:56 Sep-24
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