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Seeking Solutions, Seeking Explanation etc. | Admin: Rolf
24660 Msgs Total
Technical Discussions Recent 10 Topics
UT scanning on stainless steel Shafad P.P07:52 Nov-27
Re: ES BEAM TOOL TO OMNISCAN/TOMOVIEW (4)joel nyaga 12:15 Nov-26
Re: Boiler tubes inside scale thickness (3)Eng. ahmad 11:21 Nov-26
Re: Depth of magnetic paricles (1)Jared23:45 Nov-25
Re: Ultrasonic with 7.5 Mhz Transceiver and Arduino Due Microcontroller (1)Frank Lund21:37 Nov-25
Re: PAUT one side scanning... (14)Nigel Armstrong18:31 Nov-25
Re: Thickness measurement of SS (2) Tom Nelligan14:53 Nov-25
Re: vertically linearity of digital flaw detector (2)Charlie Jackson11:25 Nov-25
Re: I need some solutions about UT of welds problems (16)Nigel Armstrong16:21 Nov-24
Re: ultrasonic testing (3)Udo Schlengermann16:07 Nov-24
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Certification, Career, Society Topics, NDT Ethics | Admin: Rolf
6737 Msgs Total
General Discussions Recent 10 Topics
Re: How to gain the ISO 9712 certification? (2)Ngel Armstrong12:45 Nov-24
Re: ASNT CP-189 & TC-1A (3)William Wilson22:33 Nov-23
Re: Materials for NDT research (2)John Hansen20:51 Nov-23
Re: TPI (Lifting) Approval from ONGC (1)SANKET I PATEL07:26 Nov-22
Paut fatih02:58 Nov-22
Re: EN 9712 (3)Crawford McNeill08:35 Nov-20
Re: Where can I get this picture (6)langtuteng13:42 Nov-19
NDT AAS degree vs individual courses? SFE08:12 Nov-19
Re: help me in UT inspection (1)Pedro Serruto23:57 Nov-17
Re: Interpretation of echo static and echo dynamic pattern combinations (3)Udo Schlengermann15:35 Nov-15
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| Admin: Rolf
1481 Msgs Total
Job Offers Recent 10 Topics
Mexico PAUT Crew (Day Laborer, Scanner tech and Operator) Absolute NDECaroline Lavoie23:05 Nov-25
Baytown, TX NDT Specialist WorldBridge PartnersBrian Opalenik17:16 Nov-24
Asia API Inspectors UNIVERSAL-ITCJames Downie 05:53 Nov-21
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Research Officer, Nondestructive Evaluation, Structural Integrity Group / Agent(e) de recherche, Évaluation non destructive, Groupe de l’intégrité structurale National Research Council of Canada / Conseil National de recherches CanadaMeighan Brocklehurst15:45 Nov-20
Sales Engineer (!) Sales Engineer NDTS India (P) Ltd.Pooja Shetty10:11 Nov-17
USA - Spain Portable Product Manager Innerspec Technologies Victor Garcia09:46 Nov-14
Bangladesh Searching a Certified Welding Inspector Saj Engineering & Trading CompanyFerdous Kabir 05:08 Nov-12
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| Admin: Rolf
1739 Msgs Total
Job Seeks Recent 10 Topics
Worldwide UT RT Level 2 Ervin Enguito03:18 Nov-27
Worldwide Inservice Inspection Engineer for Pressure Vessels & Piping in Oil & Gas Vignesh Panchabakesan03:36 Nov-26
Worldwide Rope Access Technician Exp Cable Lay / Derrick Builder Raynald03:32 Nov-26
Worldwide QC / Welding Inspection / NDT Professional for hire.. BABU. B16:25 Nov-24
Worldwide Unexperienced PT,MT,ET,RT,UT with proper training Ronald E. Ramones Jr.03:42 Nov-22
USA, Europe, Germany, Brazil, etc... Level II - Phased Array / TOFD / AUT / Manual UT / Mechanical Engineer Leandro23:43 Nov-19
world wide TOFD/PAUT/UT/UT T.K.Y/RT/MT/PT/VT ASNTLEVELL II Technician hamed mansorifard10:47 Nov-16
Worldwide M.Tech (Industrial Metallurgy from Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee) ASNT Level 3, UT, PT, MT, RT Mayank Gupta06:12 Nov-14
worldwide NDT level 2(UT,PT,MT,RT), PCN UT 3.1&3.2 vijaya kumar12:32 Nov-13
Worldwide NDT L-III in 8 methods, API-510, 570, CSWIP 3.1. Available for short term MK07:45 Nov-12
MyNDT Members Seeking JobMore Messages

Personal Ads like Sell & Buy etc. (No Discussions) | Admin: Rolf
781 Msgs Total
Classified Ads Recent 5 Topics
Used USM35X Flaw Detector Tran Van Vuong08:41 Nov-26
ultrasonic testing langtuteng10:31 Nov-20
Cobalt 60 Projector Adam Stasuk00:11 Nov-20
Through coat Thickness Gage steve04:10 Nov-05
NDT equipment for sale drew19:16 Oct-28
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Questions, suggestions about all NDT.net areas | Admin: Rolf
148 Msgs Total
About NDT.net Recent 5 Topics
Re: booklet (1) Rolf Diederichs09:44 Nov-02
NDT FORUM WEEK ezio11:37 Aug-14
Join a NEW NDT Conference & Proceedings App Rolf Diederichs12:33 Jun-18
Re: NEW MyNDT / Forum Notification Options (1) Rolf Diederichs12:24 Apr-08
Re: Why and How NDT should go Open Access (6)Domingo Mery22:03 Mar-26
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Italian language preference | Admin: Ezio
943 Msgs Total
Italian NDT Talk Recent 5 Topics
Sonde doppio cristallo Dylan17:34 Nov-13
Re: Certificazione al livello III ASNT (3)Oliviero23:11 Nov-10
Re: UT su materiali con impedenza acustica differente (9)Gianpiero gianpiero08:32 Oct-16
Re: interventi su Italian NDT Talk (14)CLAUDIO14:22 Oct-14
Re: procedure e blocchi campione UT (7)claudio09:47 Oct-14
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Comments and Discussions of Database Articles & News | Admin: Rolf
54 Msgs Total
About Articles & News Recent 5 Topics
Re: Low Cost NDT Ultrasonic Flaw Detector Now Available in U.S. Market from Precision Images (1)Tom Gibb12:11 Oct-29
Photoelastic Visualisation Phased Array Sound Fields. Part 14 – Phasing Fundamentals Ali10:41 Oct-06
Prediction Of Erosion Characteristics For Ablative Throat Insert Liners Using Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements Harinath14:12 Jul-09
Beyond BRIC: Exploring the Next Game Changers for the NDT Industry Rolf Diederichs20:06 May-31
Coating vs Wall thickness measurement? Let the new CT-Gauge from Sonatest Ltd be the judge! ibrahim21:35 May-19
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Webinars (Multimedia), Workshops, Lectures, Tutorials etc. | Admin: Rolf
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Special Sessions Recent 10 Topics
Meeting Room available Rolf Diederichs17:56 Sep-24
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Past Special Sessions

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