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about corrosion scanning
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Technical Discussions
19:22 Jul-12-2010

NDT Inspector, AXIS INSPECTION technologies,
Saudi aramco/inspection unit.,
Joined Jul 2008
about corrosion scanning
dear all,

this is ramesh, i am working as a ut technician,present my job status corrosion scanning, i am doing back wall reference with step wedge block calibration.than using tr probe 5mhz. i have to identify corrosion pits also.do we have any advance technique for corrosion scanning,and some times i have to do with paint,what is the advance technique with paint.if i do with paint i am not getting some times good scatters..but i have to identify imperfections. i hope i get information shortly,thank you for all...

19:51 Jul-12-2010

Anand Desai
Engineering, ,
GE Inspection Technologies,
Joined Feb 2010
8 Stand of GE Inspection Technologies GmbH
Re: about corrosion scanning
In Reply to rameshdasu on 19:22 Jul-12-2010 (Opening).

Hi Ramesh,

GE Inspection Technologies has multi echo probes for through paint measurements... Also, there are advanced phased array dual element linear phased array probes for corrosion mapping. check out this link
http://www.geinspectiontechnologies.com/en/index.html then click on " NEW CORROSION BROCHURE".


09:54 Jul-13-2010

Mark Nel
, Business Development Manager,
United Kingdom,
Joined Jul 2005
Re: about corrosion scanning
In Reply to rameshdasu on 19:22 Jul-12-2010 (Opening).

Hi Ramesh, There are many advanced corrosion mapping systems on the market and I suggest you take a close look at as many as possible on the internet to get an idea of what is available, what these systems offer and how they might fit into your work requirements. May I suggest you include the AGR.com - Ultrasonic Technologies section in your research and contact me directly if you have any specific questions. Good luck.

09:13 Jul-14-2010

Carl Hamer

Sales, - Technical Sales Manager ,
Innospection Ltd,
United Kingdom,
Joined Jul 2010
Re: about corrosion scanning
In Reply to rameshdasu on 19:22 Jul-12-2010 (Opening).

Hi Ramesh.

A rapid corrosion scanning technique ( with mapping) that also allows you to go through paint/linnings up to 10mm thick is called SLOFEC (Saturated Low Frequency Eddy Currents) Please look at the Innospection website www.innospection.com for further information and data.

07:29 Jul-23-2010
Re: about corrosion scanning
In Reply to Carl Hamer on 09:13 Jul-14-2010 .

The Lixi Profiler is an excellent tool for corrosion mapping, for painted, bare or even insulated pipes, without the need to remove insulation. For more information please look up www.metalcare.com.

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