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Double gate reading for AGR 18.02
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07:23 Feb-22-2011
Double gate reading for AGR 18.02
Dear all,

I've the difficulty to set up the double gate reading for the AGR 18.02 for between echo reading. What is the function of I/F trigger. Could someone point me the step by step to it.


10:44 Feb-22-2011

Mark Nel
, Business Development Manager,
United Kingdom,
Joined Jul 2005
Re: Double gate reading for AGR 18.02
In Reply to Adli on 07:23 Feb-22-2011 (Opening).

Hi Adli,

The I/F trigger stands for 'Interface Trigger'. It is a device used for immersion testing and allows the user to define a gate that will detect any signal that breaks the gate threshold and reference this signal as zero. All signals that then appear later in time will be measured correctly against this signal. Using this setup means that the calibration procedure is not necessary but be sure that the velocity is entered correctly. Using the interface trigger also allows the user to measure the water path which is useful for recording near surface as well as far surface topography. I think a step by step procedure would be better served outside the forum, so I will email you directly.


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