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Technical Discussions
09:43 Mar-29-2011
neil magson
Subsea Riser Inspection
I am looking for equipment to inspect internal corrosion on subsea risers, these risers are coated with 12mm PCP, 30-inch diam and 27mm Wall Thickness.

Is there any thing on the market (either Diver or ROV) that will give the internal corrosion through this type of coating?
10:57 Mar-29-2011

sudheer jai krishnan

NDT Inspector, - ,
Joined Mar 2011
Re: Subsea Riser Inspection
In Reply to neil magson on 09:43 Mar-29-2011 (Opening).

Dear Neil,

There is an equipment from Cygnus.Please visit the below mentioned URL for more details


Sudheer Jai Krishnan

10:21 Apr-05-2011

Mark Nel
, Applications Advisor,
Technology Design Ltd.,
United Kingdom,
Joined Jul 2005
48 Stand of Technology Design Ltd
Re: Subsea Riser Inspection
In Reply to neil magson on 09:43 Mar-29-2011 (Opening).

Hi Neil,

AGR Inspection & Integrity Services has an ROV deployed system called NEPTUNE and a diver deployed system called TRIDENT that will serve your requirement. Link below or contact Matthew Kennedy at matthew.kennedy@agr.com:


Best regards

10:49 Apr-05-2011

RVI man

United Kingdom,
Joined Mar 2008
Re: Subsea Riser Inspection
In Reply to neil magson on 09:43 Mar-29-2011 (Opening).

Depending on your Riser construction materials - have you considered PEC ?

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