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ultrasonic flaw detection
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07:49 Dec-02-2011
ultrasonic flaw detection
hi,I need to select an ultrasonic flaw detector and imaging system for corrosion detection with the following specifications:
1. It should be capable of recording A-scans and import real-time scans to a remote PC approx. 100 meters away from the system.
2. these scans should be in a format such that they can be analysed using Matlab software.
3. the system should be light in weight
Also suggest whether the conventional UT systems or the Phased array systems..which would be better for this application?
Any help is welcome in this regard

17:50 Dec-02-2011
Re: ultrasonic flaw detection
In Reply to sakshi on 07:49 Dec-02-2011 (Opening).

Hello Sakshi,

I doubt that this is going to be a tough job for you as there are no UFD's that can operate and transfer datas to 100m , that too remotely.

07:09 Dec-03-2011

massimo carminati
Consultant, AUT specialist,
IMG Ultrasuoni Srl,
Joined Apr 2007
Re: ultrasonic flaw detection
In Reply to sudheer on 17:50 Dec-02-2011 .

the distance is not a major problem (a simple battery operated preamplifier on the scanner can be used). Would Labview be a compatible software?

15:59 Dec-04-2011

Wieslaw Bicz
Engineering, - ,
PBP Optel sp. z o.o.,
Joined Feb 2009
199 Stand of PBP Optel sp. z o.o.
Re: ultrasonic flaw detection
In Reply to sakshi on 07:49 Dec-02-2011 (Opening).

We can offer you such system, based on modified OPBOX (http://www.optel.pl/manual/english/opbox2.htm).

07:50 Dec-07-2011
Re: ultrasonic flaw detection
In Reply to massimo carminati on 07:09 Dec-03-2011 .

yes, labview too can be opted for. Also,there is one more concern ie. the isonic series offered by sonotron NDT people has this feature of remote data transfer through ethernet crossover cables upto a distance of 200 meters. So, I wanted to know whether ethernet cables can be used successfully for this purpose upto the aabove said length without any losses?

14:48 Dec-07-2011

Mark Nel
, Business Development Manager,
United Kingdom,
Joined Jul 2005
Re: ultrasonic flaw detection
In Reply to sakshi on 07:50 Dec-07-2011 .

Hi Sakshi

The issue is not with the ultrasonic signal because it is being converted to a digital form by the UT system at the work-face (short UT cables), so an ultrasonic pre-amplifier would not be needed. The issue is with sending a digital signal over 100m of copper cable and whether it would work effectively. It experts do not recommended using CAT 5 Ethernet cable over 100m, so if you need to exceed this distance then consider a fibre-optic converter, the effective distance will increase to 100's if not 1000's of metres without loss. AGR Field Ops has specially adapted their on-board TD units for fibre-optic transfer of live UT data from their internal pipe scanner pigs over kilometres of distance. These conversion modules are available from electronics suppliers fairly inexpensively.


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