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knowledge is power
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15:40 Mar-07-2012
knowledge is power
hello all
I want to share about the acceptance criteria of API RP 2 X
for ultrasonic testing
and I do not understand how classification
I used to use AWS D1.1,, ASME,, DNV
if there are any friends who are familiar with API RP 2 X
please help is to share knowledge and experience to me is still much to learn, especially in the field of NDT is
thanks all

20:16 Mar-07-2012


Engineering, QA/QC/NDT,
NOV (National Oilwell Varco),
Joined Mar 2006
Re: knowledge is power
In Reply to meidhians on 15:40 Mar-07-2012 (Opening).

Acceptance Criteria will be given in your customer specification. Normally all Primary welds (ex- lifting pad eye, sea fasterners) Acc Level - A, others will be Level - C (ex-Brazing or Chord)


14:45 Mar-08-2012
Re: knowledge is power
In Reply to S.Senthilkumar on 20:16 Mar-07-2012 .

ok thanks for your reply
I know that all the procedures that we can from the client or customer
I just have not used the spec API RP 2 X is
goals I want to know the shape of the spec
so that I can learn to add my knowledge about this
about whether anyone had?
thanks all

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