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problem with Ultrasonic DMS 2
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20:32 Dec-21-2011
problem with Ultrasonic DMS 2
Hello all, I have a Krautkramer DMS 2 Ultrasonic Thickness Meter. I was in the process of calibrating it before taking some readings and the "SEND" buttons you use to finalize calibration are not responding. Soon after I discovered that the two horizontal selector arrows located between the two "SEND" buttons were also not responding. All other buttons seem to be working fine. I made sure the unit was not locked. This happened once before and I sent it to GE for repair and they told me nothing was wrong with it and sent it back. It worked fine for a couple weeks and now the problem is occurring again. Any information on what the problem might be and how to fix it would be much appreciated, thank you.

12:26 Dec-22-2011

Joe Buckley
Consultant, ASNT L-III, Honorary Secretary of BINDT,
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 1999
Re: problem with Ultrasonic DMS 2
In Reply to Brett on 20:32 Dec-21-2011 (Opening).

Don't know anything about the DMS2 as such, but this kind of problem generally means a break in the keypad circuit - could be a faulty keypad, (they can deteriorate with use and temperature cycling) loose connection or a dry joint on the associated part of the PCB.

either way these kind of problems can come and go and be really hard to find. probably will make most sense to change the keypad and hope that was the problem...

Good luck


22:51 Dec-22-2011

Neil Burleigh

Krautkramer Australia Pty Ltd,
Joined Dec 2002
Re: problem with Ultrasonic DMS 2
In Reply to Brett on 20:32 Dec-21-2011 (Opening).

Hi Brett,
This sounds like you have had an intermittent fault of the keypad which has now become a complete failure. Touchpads do not have an infinite life they have mechanical parts inside which will eventually fail. We have found over the years that keypads fail more quickly if sharp objects are used to be the 'pressing'. For example a fingernail instead of the pad of the finger. You did not say the age of your DMS2.

Keypad replacement is the way to go.

Neil Burleigh

12:21 Dec-24-2011
coool guy
Re: problem with Ultrasonic DMS 2
In Reply to Neil Burleigh on 22:51 Dec-22-2011 .

This is a common problem that takes place in almost all the machines. A person who really cares of his equipment thinks twice to take care of the equipment by maximum possibilities. I have used a USN 60(krautkramer and not GE) which is around 6 years old and still there is no damage in the key pad.I have also come across the people who have bough thickness gages only few months ago,mentioning that the keypad is getting damaged very often

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