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16:09 Mar-08-2012
S D Sheedy
Setting up in UK
Someone I know is setting up an NDT company in UK and has a few questions. Hopefully someone can help.....

Can someone tell me does a company need to be registered with bindt (or similar) before they can send employees for NDT training? Or can anybody get SNT qualification under any company name?
Also, does anybody know any companies who deal in 2nd hand equipment (mainly mpi)?

17:06 Mar-08-2012

Joe Buckley
Consultant, ASNT L-III, Honorary Secretary of BINDT,
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 1999
Re: Setting up in UK
In Reply to S D Sheedy on 16:09 Mar-08-2012 (Opening).

There are few absolute answers on this.

Obviously there are a number of legal requirements in the UK when you set up a business and start employing people. AFAIK there are no absolute legal requirements that are NDT specific.

If you are a sole trader then pretty much the only general requirement is to report income and pay taxes where applicable.

Obviously when you start doing work for somebody they will probably have other requirements. Insurance, perhaps a quality system etc.

as far as certification goes:

EN473/ PCN certification belongs to the operator, so that makes little difference whether its a company or an individual. Obviously the necessary expertise and certification has to be somewhere, are you taking responsibility for the technical aspects of the NDT or just supplying manpower to a company that has those things.

Employer based certification schemes such as SNT-TC-1A require the employer to take responsibility for the certification scheme. so that employer has to exist as a legal entity, and have the appropriate written practice, access to a level III etc.

Either way I don't think there are any issues before you send people for training, only when you start doing actual work.

There a are a number of comapanies supplying used equipment, NDT Equipment Services Ltd http://www.ndt-es.co.uk/ do quite a lot

Good luck


11:03 Mar-09-2012
Frank Lund
Re: Setting up in UK
In Reply to Joe Buckley on 17:06 Mar-08-2012 .

You can find information you need about setting up a company here.


These are the people who register all UK enterprises and are very helpful.

HMRC will guide you regarding employment and taxation etc. They want to make it easy for you to know what to pay them.

Both of the above will give you guides to doing those bits correctly, I'm sure that others can help with specific NDT matters.


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