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NDT.net launches Comment and Rating System for Articles
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About Articles & News
09:00 Sep-01-2010

Rolf Diederichs
Director, Editor, Publisher, Internet, PHP MySQL,
Joined Nov 1998
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NDT.net launches Comment and Rating System for Articles

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In September 2010 NDT.net launches a Comment and Rating System for Articles & News for improving the communication about the articles in the database. From now a new "Comment" link sends you directly from the article to a new forum board called "About Articles and News". Right now I am using this new link for my message the first time!

Our main intention of the new communication was the comment issue, but at this point it also makes sense to implement a rating system too.

Form more details click here

We switched on the mail function for all members since we do not know who wants to receive mails from this new board. Who does NOT want to receive mails from this new board shall go to the login and switch mails off in his or her profile. By this chance please complete or update your profile.

Rolf Diederichs

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