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Advances in GMR for Crack Characterization
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About Articles & News
17:15 Sep-11-2010

Yiming Deng
Teacher, Researcher ,
University of Colorado,
Joined Jul 2010
Advances in GMR for Crack Characterization

This article by Mr. Kenji Kryzwosz clearly demonstrated the advantages of GMR sensor over conventional penetrant testing. The results of different sizes of the GMR sensors are also compared in Figure 4.2 and Figure 4.4 and the overall experimental validation and outcomes are neat and convincing, although only SCC is considered. The summary is insightful.

Suggestion for the reader: this article will be a good start for you to gain knowledge of GMR sensor. The schematic of the sensor configuration is helpful. The only suggestion is the article may need readers to search for more related articles and do extensive literature reviews since the references are limited.

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