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General Discussions
01:28 Sep-04-2011
MPI written instruction
What would be the best way to write an instruction on a black on white procedure? i.e on a weld plate.

-what to include in the procedure?
-is it required to mention PPE?
03:40 Sep-04-2011
Ed T.
Re: MPI written instruction
In Reply to madrid on 01:28 Sep-04-2011 (Opening).

I depends on which code you are working to. For example, if you are writing a MPI procedure to ASME Section V, you can find the "Written Procedure Requiremens" in Article 7. I believe it's in Paragraph T-721. That will tell you everything that must be addressed in your procedure. Most codes have tat or refer you to one that does. PPE is not usually a requiement for NDT unless it is stipulated by your customer.

05:15 Sep-07-2011
Re: MPI written instruction
In Reply to Ed T. on 03:40 Sep-04-2011 .

thank you so much!

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