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STARMANS is the Central European leading producer of industrial measuring, detecting and combined equipments for non-destructive testing

General Discussions
21:47 Oct-13-2013


, ,
United Kingdom,
Joined Oct 2013
Help with n.d.t
I'm a time served welder of 9 years looking to get into ndt, I was going to get my irata level 1 and was wondering what ndt courses i should concentrate on to begin with to enable me to get my first ndt job with little experience

Cheers lads!

08:13 Oct-14-2013
Gillian Bittle
Re: Help with n.d.t
In Reply to David on 21:47 Oct-13-2013 (Opening).

I would recommend UT Level I and MT Level II, these would be the most complimentary to rope access

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