NDTnet - December 1998, Vol.3 No.12
Press Release

NDTnet Launches New Robot -
Content retrieval now faster, better than ever before!

We are proud to see such heavy traffic on NDTnet during the last few months . For example, during the month of October, 1998, over 12 000 users loaded about 300 000 files. This increase (up 20% each month) may be due to the enormous content of the ECNDT 98 conference we published online.

Content Power Search

It was a challenge to keep this comprehensive information easily retrievable, so we developed a Power Search for our articles database. We will continue improving this feature - if the server provides a lot of shearography articles we will add a checkbox accordingly. If there is an increase in Real Audio presentations etc., these will be absorbed into the search form as well.

The exhibition uses these new Power Search features too. Now you can click on a book icon which means "More information on this exhibitor" and access a database of all online publications (articles, news) the exhibitor has published on NDTnet.

A Robot for the Virtual Library

Breaking News! We now have our own Internet Crawler! Every day, our robot combs cyberspace, building the index for this new NDT Internet Search Engine - All to keep you up to date! The robot's entire URL List and follow links depth are maintained manually, removing all non-relevant material, thus assuring that our search is specific to NDT.

We use the robot for our Exhibitors'Homepages too, that means you can perform a full-text search for these homepages from one place. See the Exhibition Power Search for further features -
NDT Products are just a mouse click away!

In conclusion: Future issues will feature not only more content, but high-end search and retrieval capability. Watch for new developments in this area as we move toward our goal getting the information you want to your desktop as rapidly and efficiently as possible.

Is NDT.net a Journal? Or is it a Database? It's both! NDTnet serves as an prime Internet gathering point for the NDT community worldwide.

We hope that you are satisfied with the material published on NDTnet and all the new features to get through it. If you would like to see any other topic or changes on NDTnet please contact Rolf Diederichs rd@ndt.net.

You may try these new retrieval features:

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