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EXTENDE43, Massy [France]
A new computed tomography module is available in CIVA since December 2011. This module is added to the current CIVA RT module.

In addition to RT inspection parameters, the new CIVA 10.1 version includes specific tools linked to the tomographic technique.

All the options already available in the RT module are integrated in the CT module. In particular, the user can import a realistic complex 3D CAD Component.

CIVA will compute all the RT simulations for all the defined projections. Once the computations are accomplished, all the images are available in classic analysis pages for all the projections.

A specific processing is then available to realize the 3D reconstruction. In the current commercial version two algorithms are implemented:

  • The Feldkamp, Davis and Kress better known as the FDK algorithm is implemented. This algorithm is a widely used filtered-back projection algorithm for three-dimensional images reconstruction from cone-beam data
  • The second method of reconstruction uses the PIXTV algorithm based on compressed sensing theory. This is an iterative reconstruction algorithm which minimizes the TV (total variation) norm

Once the processing is finished, a new analysis page opens with the 3D reconstructed specimen. The 3D view available in CIVA shows the component in 3D dimensions. Many tools are then available to represent the reconstructed component:

  • Display of the iso surfaces
  • Volume renderingÂ…

On top of this, the user has the ability to see the different 2D sections and grab the different planes. All the sections and the 3D reconstructed view are linked together, by moving one cursor in one view, all the other analysis pages are refreshed in real time for a better interpretation of the results.

CIVA TomographyCIVA Tomography

Here is a quick look at this new module in action: TOMO.swf

  • CIVA CT Release note

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