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NDT.net Issue - 2008-02 - NEWS

New Raised Face Flange Scanner for Ultrasonic Phased Array Instruments
Eclipse Scientific Products40, Waterloo [Canada]
Ultrasonic Testing (UT), phased array, instrumentation, Scanner

Issue: 2008-02
Eclipse introduces a technological advancement for the assessment of flange joints. Inspection of the flange joint seal face area is problematic and until now has required the mechanical disassembly of the flange for visual examination. The new RFF (raised face flange) scanner has been designed to dramatically reduce the time and expense of your flange integrity program. Built to accommodate all major ultrasonic phased array instruments, the RFF scanner system is a turnkey package enabling the end user to inspect a wide range of flange joints.

Condition monitoring of flanges can now be conducted rapidly and accurately with minimum preparation. Scanning both sides of the flange simultaneously, the results are easily interpreted and permanently documented for inclusion into your integrity database or standard reporting system. The areas of erosion/corrosion are mapped and quantified for immediate disposition or future reference. Included with the package:

  • End user training documentation, power points, user manual and step-by-step instructions for data acquisition and analysis
  • Complete encoded dual array scanning fixture
  • Three transducer wedge sets (two contoured, one flat)
  • Two specialized phased array transducers
  • Complete procedure and technique documentation
  • Engineering drawings for reference samples or as an option we can manufacture it for you

This system is available for immediate shipping so you can be up and running in days. Please see our web site www.eclipsescientific.com or call now for a brochure.

Eclipse Scientific Products

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