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This Month's Introduction
This month we focus on Ultrasonic Testing and NDT in Aerospace.
From the USA we have the NDI of Aircraft Report (Ultrasonic/Eddy Current Scanners) by Sandia National Laboratories and from Europe an EC funded Project of the BRITE/EURAM Programme involving 12 Aircraft Industry Partners.
We'll visit the NDT facilities at Lufthansa Technik AG and the Daimler Benz Aerospace Airbus (DASA) and a report and slide show for each.
We'll bring you all abstracts and two articles from the '94 and '96 Conferences on NDE applied to Composite Fabrication organized by NTIAC and McDonnell Douglas Aerospace.
More articles and other resources make this an aerospace-intensive issue.

NDT - Method

This Month's Articles
NDT in Aerospace

Improving The Reliability, Quality And Cost Effectiveness Of The Inspection Of Safety Critical Structures.
The BRITE/EuRAM programme BE5145 has focused on the issues concerning the provision of more reliable, and cost-effective inspection of aircraft structures. It has done this by addressing the whole of the inspection process as applied to carbon-composite and metal-to-metal bonded structures. The project has used a set of specimens containing controlled defects to measure the reliability of a number of present inspection techniques, using the concept of inspection validation. See also Summary Report
See also Summary Report
By 12 Aircraft Industry Partners sponsored by the EC under the BRITE/EURAM Programme.

Evaluation of Scanners for C-Scan Imaging for NDI of Aircraft
This work was performed at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Aging Aircraft Nondestructive Inspection Validation Center (AANC) in Albuquerque, NM, and sponsored by the FAA Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ. The author was able to conduct the scanner evaluations through the cooperation of vendors who participated in the demonstrations.
Sandia National Laboratories sponsored by FAA.
Product updates were submitted from Ultra Image International , ABB Amdata. Panametrics. See more on that in our Market News

Digital Signal Processing of ultrasonic NDE signals in hard real-time environments: the SENDAS approach
Achieving high productivity is of main concern to the cost of the NDE process, especially in the aircraft manufacturing industry applications where large parts have to be inspected. To that purpose, systems with multiple channel configurations, driven by high speed scanning robots are frequently used (automated NDE). Usually, C-scan images are formed from the unprocessed signals, which allows a preliminary flaw assessment. This way it has been feasible to reach high inspection rates (several square meters per hour), with a good spatial resolution.
by C. Fritsch et al, Instituto de Automática Industrial (CSIC) Spain

A Distributed Architecture for Nondestructive Inspection of Large Aircraft Parts
Advanced composite structural parts are continually expanding in aircraft industry. In this paper a distributed architecture for automatic NDI by ultrasound is presented. A central computer can drive several multi-channel remote systems (R-SENDAS1), which are located near the transducers.
by A. Ibáñez, et al Instituto de Automática Industrial (CSIC) Spain

SARA 10: A System for High Speed Automatic NDE of Large Composite Parts
Some basic concepts to be considered in the design of an automatic ultrasonic testing system for Nondestructive Evaluation (NDE) of composite structural parts in manufacturing are summarized and discussed, in particular those affecting the quality of the information obtained from the test and its ability to be integrated in the manufacturing process information flow. Large structural composite parts will be required for future commercial aircrafts and high performance in productivity and test reliability shall be attained at low cost.
by Carlos Valdecantos, Spain

C-141 Spanwise Splice Advanced NDI Method
The Warner Robins Air Logistics Center (WR-ALC) has identified second-layer cracking of C-141 lower inner-wing spanwise splice-joints as the life limiting feature of the C-141 aircraft. The C-141 SPD goal is to conduct a one-time, field-level fleet inspection and subsequently establish a five- year, depot-level inspection interval. The program determined the best alternative inspection method available, with potential to meet the specific C-141 SPD requirements, was an automated ultrasonic scanning technique. A prototype inspection system was designed and manufactured by SAIC and is currently undergoing acceptance testing. This paper describes the inspection development process, including feasibility studies, design and fabrication of prototype, functional testing, POD testing, and Air Force implementation. Typical ultrasonic C-scan images will be presented, and the POD test plan will be discussed.
by Roy T. Mullis* and Timothy MacInnis**, *Warner Robins Air Logistics Center , **Ultra Image International
A Division of SAIC

Autonome Crawlers
Effective assurance of the integrity and performance of aging aircraft structures, particularly those that are made of composite materials, requires rapid inspection of large areas. Various portable inspection systems have emerged and the trend is toward fully automatic systems that autonomously inspect aircraft.
Yosi Bar-Cohen, NASA JPL Laboratory

Practical Ultrasonic Techniques for Assessment of Heat-Damage in 7050 ALuminum Alloy
Here it is! Sorry for the delay. The effect of exposure of 7050 aluminum alloy to high temperatures has been studied using ultrasonic techniques. Contact, immersion, and laser ultrasonic techniques were used. The relationships of parameters of ultrasonic propagation with static material properties and material microstructure were evaluated.
By D. S. FORSYTH et al Institute for Aerospace Research, National Research Council Canada

Non-Contact Ultrasonic Techniques for Process Control of Composite Fabrication
The paper was first published at theConference on NDE applied to Composite Fabrication, organized by NTIAC and McDonnell Douglas Aerospace and took place in St. Louis Missouri in Oct '94. See also all 54 NDE Abstracts of the '94 and '96 Conference Proceedings.
B. Boro Djordjevic and Robert E. Green, Jr., CNDE at the Johns Hopkins University

A Complete Ultrasonic Measurement System for In-Process Cure Monitoring and Control of Composites
A new commercially available ultrasonic cure monitoring system has been developed which easily enables ultrasonic measurements to be made in compression molding, resin transfer molding, and autoclave processes. Advancements in ultrasonic sensor technology enable the self-contained ultrasonic sensor to easily installed in a mold and maintain good coupling to the part during thermal cycling to 260 C. The ultrasonic cure monitoring system can be used for production closod-loop control of thermoset composite processing.
David D. Shepard and Kim R. Smith, Micromet Instruments, Inc.

46 NDE Abstracts of the 1st and 2nd Conference on NDE applied to Composite Fabrication.
The Conference was organized by NTIAC and McDonnell Douglas Aerospace and took place in St. Louis Missouri in Oct '96 and '94.

We visit the NDT facilities at Lufthansa Technik AG
Our report together with slide shows illustrate main NDI Aircraft Tasks.
R. Diederichs

Lufthansa Technik

We visit the NDT facilities at Daimler Benz Aerospace Airbus (DASA)
Mr. Regler, head of the DASA NDI department of the Military Aircraft Division in Manching, held a lecture at the DGZfP regional chapter in Dortmund. We also show the Daimler Benz Aerospace NDI Profile and we have a slide show from our visit to the NDI Laboratories in Bremen.
R. Diederichs

NDT and Ultrasonics in Aerospace on NDTnet
We searched NDTnet and found more than 100 results for the serach criteria 'aerospace or aircraft'. Here are the most relevant articles, abstracts, UTonline encyclopedia and news.

Many Links to UT/NDT in Aerospace on the Internet
More than 350 hits were listed on ALTA VISTA by using the search term 'ultrasonic testing and (aircraft or aerospace)'; many pointed to our site. As usual, we could add only a few really excellent links to the new Library Department 'Aerospace'.

By Authors from Industrial Materials Institute, National Research Council of Canada and Ultra-Optec Inc. First published CANADIAN AERONAUTICS AND SPACE JOURNAL, March 1997.

FAA Inspection Research - Anticipating Future Inspection Requirements big image files :-(
This paper will discuss four classes of inspection-related technologies being developed to address anticipated inspection needs. In particular it will discuss FAA and government sponsored initiatives in distributed damage assessment, large area inspection, robotic inspection, and the application of emerging computational resources to aircraft inspection.
by Chris Smith, Manager, Inspection Systems Research FAA W. J. Hughes Technical Center

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IRT provides ultrasonic instruments and systems for the Aircarft and Aerospace Industry
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Two Product updates related to the Sandia Scanner Survey.
2. ABB AMDATA with its new Catamaran Scanner
3. Panametrics

SMS manufactures NDI equipment for bonded joints and composite materials.
Structural Monitoring System Limited (SMS) newly patented technology is unique in its ability to monitor the integrity of bonded joints continuously, even while the bonded structure is in service and under load.

UltraOptec and Honlet Optical Systems.
HONLET OPTICAL SYSTEMS company of Pfaffenhofen, Germany, acts as the official representative of UltraOptec's European Sales Division. For more information contact Michel Honlet honlet@t-online.de. See also Laser UT Article on the UltraOptec Homepage

Imagine3D Ultrasonic Raytracing Software
UTEX Sclentific Instruments has introduced Imagine3D, a new ultrasonic raytracing software program.

NAARP News is published quarterly by the Airworthiness Assurance R & D Branch of FAA
Current Issue July-September 1997.

Jet Engine Scanner
The Xactex Jet Engine Scanner uses eddy current andultrasonic inspection methods to detect tiny defects in jet engine cores.

Ultrasonic Inspection Helps Utility Ensure Quality of Joints
Oklahoma Natural Gas uses a combination of sight and sound to ensure a quality joint during butt fusion of plastic pipe.

Eddy current detection and quantification of disbonds on composite helicopter rotor blades
Dr. Xavier E. Gros has been involved for the past 5 years on multiple non-destructive testing (NDT) projects. He is the author of the first book dedicated to NDT Data Fusion. We are pleased to receive Xavier E. Gros's NDT Homepage for the new NDTnet'97 CD-ROM.

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