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Re: UT Probe MSEB 4 T0

Posted by: Udo Schlengermann Profile   Exhibitors stand (PID_172), E-mail: Address, on September 10, 2007 at 11:48 :

In Reply to: Re: UT Probe MSEB 4 T0 posted by : MURALI SANKAR , E-mail: Address, on September 09, 2007 at 08:50 :


Both probes are straight-beam dual-transducer probes, frequency 4 MHz.
Both probes have roof angles of 0.

The difference is the size of transducers and, of course, of housings:

SEB 4 0:
Rectangular transducers, size 6 mm x 20 mm,
focus at 25 mm steel,
recommended working range: 10 mm to 400 mm steel.

MSEB 4 0 (minature):
Rectangular transducers, size 3.5 mm x 10 mm,
focus at 18 mm steel,
Recommended working range: 5 mm to 70 mm steel.

The probes are designed for different working ranges.

Tight cracks will not reflect ultrasonic waves, they are acoustically transparent.
Maybe tip-diffraction will give a (weak) ultrasonic signal from a tight crack.

Best regards

Udo Schlengermann
European Application Laboratory
GE Inspection Technologies, Huerth, Germany

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: : : Hello everyone,
: : : Please tell me the fundamental difference in scanning using a MSEB 4E(0 deg) probe & SEB 4K (0 deg) probe. Or which one is better for tight cracks?
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