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Re: microdot bnc connectors

Posted by: Joe Buckley Profile   Exhibitors stand (PID_358), E-mail: joe@buckley.net, on April 13, 2007 at 22:40 :

In Reply to: Re: microdot bnc connectors posted by : Rob with(tuboscope) , E-mail: brownnavasota@aol.com, on April 13, 2007 at 15:48 :

It depends what you are using them for, If its a static connection then its not too critical. If the connector is being flexed a lot (as it would if you have it on a UT Probe) then optimal crimping /strain relief makes a lot of difference to how long the assembly lasts. (using the wrong tool can greatly reduce the connection strength) I presume you want to make your own cables up to save costs, If you are replacing them more often that may prove a false economy.

You might want to look at the compatible connectors from Microtech


They aren't quite as robust as the full military spec microdots, but they are (or used to be, its been a while) a lot cheaper and easier to use.


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: : : I would like to make my own microdot to bnc cables for ultrasonic inspection. Does anybody know where i could get the crimping tool necessary to make these connections
: : Up to my knowledge microdot can be assembled without crimping (refer to AMP instruction sheet 408-8521 former RF-ASMB-88). I used manual pressfitting using a simpte screw.
: : The other brand I know is KY-017 KY-018. I only have a pictures - I think the RG174 cable shloud be used here. So, RG174 crimp tool should do.
: http://www.usultratek.com/products/connectors.htm
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