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Re: PCN vs. ASNT

Posted by: Nigel Armstrong Profile (PID_728), E-mail: Address, on November 25, 2008 at 10:27 :

In Reply to: Re: PCN vs. ASNT posted by : ASNT SNT-TC1A certified , E-mail: Address, on November 25, 2008 at 09:34 :

Dear Anonymous

I understand that most would feel aggrieved as you obviously do when you are doing the best job you can as a professional technician and yet you feel the reputation of your qualifications are under attack.

However, placing the thrust of your argument on the same level as your perceived detractors, i.e. that a lot of PCN certificate holders are incompetent makes your post appear as a "rant".

A 3.9. PCN technician is qualified through examination by testing and correctly reporting on butt welds in 2 plates, 3 pipes, 2 nozzles and 1 node - a total of 8 samples. It is possible, though unusual, to attempt the node before the nozzles. To suggest that an independent certification body (whether PCN or any other) under these exam conditions could let slip through their net someone who cannot calibrate an ultrasonic instrument is far-fetched to say the least. Without doubting the veracity of your post, I can only suggest that said technician was presented with an unfamiliar instrument and was struggling to locate the timebase and delay controls, but that is not the same as being incompetent in ultrasonic testing.

I agree that no matter where you work in the world there can be a great variance in technician capability, unrelated through which certification scheme thay have been qualified. Much time and effort has gone to study this variance and it is generally understood that a sturdy across the board quality scheme combined with continuing education is essential to working towards lifting the quality of inspections.

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: ive seen a lot of PCN certified NDT that are actually do not know what they are doing. And you just wonder how they pass the certification when PCN is suppose to be more strict more stringent.
: A level II PCN in UT 3.9 does not even know how to calibrate a machine. Or a PCN radiographer who does not seem to know what an over exposed film looks like and passed a radiograph so dark you wont even see just even one IQI.
: So does it matter wether its PCN or ASNT? Its not what certificates you are holding, its what you know.
: To compare the ASNT SNT-TC-1A certification to PCN as inferior is not true.
: Its all about making money and people behind this trend are gaining lots and lots of them.
: If i were you, if you want to make sure that these contractors will do a great job and correctly. Check their technicians or inspectors.
: : Abdullah
: : its not a great question as a good ASNT certified technician is just as good as a bad PCN certified technician.
: : The other issue is you are not distinguishing as to which form of ASNT you want to make a comparision with. ASNT SNT-TC-1A is an employer based certification and in some peoples eyes is therefore inferior to a third party issued certification such as PCN or the ASNT ACCP.
: : It also may vary dependent upon which discipline you wnat to employ MT & PT togeter with RT are relatively simple to compare. When you become more complex such as RT Film Interpretation or UT you may want to performance demonstration test all personnel and this takes out of the equation the certification. It then ensures the personnel you employ are truely capable.
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