NDTnet - July 1999, Vol.4 No.7

International Symposium on
Computerized Tomography for
Industrial Applications and
Image Processing in Radiology
March, 15 - 17, 1999 Berlin, Germany
Proceedings BB 67-CD published by DGZfP
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- -J.H. Kinney, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, CA, USAIn-situ experiments on biological objects with synchoton CT
2J. Lynch, E. Rosenberg, R. Ferreira De Paiva, P. Guéroult, IFP, Rueil Malmaison, F Microtomography applications in rock analysis and related fields
- -G. Stöffler, LKH Klinikum, Graz, AComputertomography in medicine image quality and dose management
4R. Oster, Eurocopter, Munich, D Computed Tomography as a Non-destructive Test Method for Fiber Main RotorBlades in Development, Series and Maintenance
- -T. Rabe, J. Goebbels, R. Rudert, BAM Berlin, DDetermination of density distribution in ceramic components by 3D-CT
6P. Hammersberg, M. Mångård, Linköping University, S Optimal Computerized Tomography Performance
- -G. Maier, B. Frueauf, Daimler Benz, Stuttgart, DComputed tomography in the automotive industry - experience with industrialapplications
8A. Flisch et al, EMPA Switzerland, ETH Zürich, Basel Institute of Technology, CH Industrial Computed Tomography in Reverse Engineering Applications
9N. Schuhmann, Stuttgart, DH. Okruch, Gunskirchen, A Industrial application of Computerized Tomography
11S. Gondrom, S. Schröpfer, FhG ITFP, Saarbrücken, D Digital computed laminography and tomosynthesis - functional principles andindustrial applications
- -V. Vengrinovitch, Yu. Denkevich, IAP Minsk, BY;G.-R. Tillack, BAM Berlin, D3D-X ray reconstruction from incomplete noisy data
13B. Schillinger, TU Munich, D;E. Lehmann, PSI Villigen, CH Neutron computed tomography as an industrial tool
- -H. Marts, D. Schneberk, C. Logan, J. Haskins, Lawrence Livermore National;Laboratory, Palo Alto, CA, USANew modalitis in x-ray detection and their use for industrial DR/CT
- -U. Ewert, B. Redmer, BAM Berlin, D;V.A. Baranov, A. Likhachov, Tomsk, RUS Image preconditioning for reconstruction
16P. Vuylsteke, Agfa-Gevaert, Mortsel, B Image Processing in Computed Radiography
17P. Hugonnard, A. Glière, LETI - CEA, Grenoble, F X-ray simulation and applications
- -C. Sauerwein, Sauerwein, Haan, D Image Processing in Industrial Radioscopy and Computed Tomography
- -H. Schulenburg, M. Purschke, Rich. Seifert, Ahrensburg, D Advances in the Automatic Evaluation of Radioscopic Images
20Th. Jaeger, U. Heike, K. Bavendiek, YXLON, Hamburg, D Experiences with an amorphous silicon array detector in an ADR application
21B. Lavayssière, A. Bonin, S. Gautier, Chatou, F New developments in industrial radiography at EDF
22K. Swartz, Direct Radiography Corporation, Newark, DE, USA Amorphous Selenium Direct Radiography for Industrial ImagingP.K. Soltani, D. Wysnewski, Liberty Technologies, Conshohocken, PA, USA;
23U. Haßler, I. Bauscher, R. Hoffmann, T. Wenzel, R. Hanke, FhG IIS, Erlangen, D High speed and real-time image processing in radioscopy
24C. Jacobsen, U. Zscherpel, BAM, Berlin, D Automated Evaluation of Digitized Radiographs with Neuronal Methods
- -P. Pradere, P. Conchit, Thomson Tubes Electroniques, Moirans, F New High Energy Detector Using a Proximity Focused Intensifier
26M.C. Clarijs, V.R. Bom, Z.I. Kolar, C.W.E. van Eijk, Delft University of Technology, NL;J. Frieling, A.M. Scheers, A.E.J. Reimerink, Shell, Rijswijk, NL Optimized X-ray spectra for multiphase-flow measurements
27N. Schmidt, promod technologies, Horb, D 3D-Scannen und Digitalisieren für CAD, CAE und Qualitätsprüfung (CT-based 3D scanning and digitizing for CAD, CAE and Quality Inspection)
- -C. Bellon, G.-R. Tillack, BAM Berlin, D Simulation of X-Ray Projection Technique
29A. Sassov, SkyScan, B Desktop X-Ray Micro-CT
30P. Wyss, B. Müller, W. Muster, EMPA Dübendorf, CH;F. Beckmann, U. Bonse, HASYLAB Hamburg, D;J. Mayer, E. Wintermantel, ETH Zürich, CH Three-Dimensional Microstructures of Fiber Composite Materials and their Non-destructiveInvestigation with CMT
31A.V. Bronnikov, D. Killian, KEMA Nederland, Arnhem, NL 3D Tomography of Turbine Blades
32D. Mery, D. Filbert, TU Berlin, D The Epipolar Geometry in Radioscopic Images
33B. Illerhaus, BAM Berlin, D;J.L. Thompson, Las Vegas, USA Calculating CT data from matched geometries
34D. Dastarac, TOMO ADOUR S.A., PAU Cedex, F Industrial Computed Tomography at TOMO ADOUR: Control and digitizing
- -M. Simon, I. Tisenau, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, D Development and Application of a High Resolution 3D X-Ray Tomograph forTow-Phase Flow Analysis
36T. Grassler, K.-E. Wirth, Erlangen, D X-ray Computed Tomography in Mechanical Engineering - A Non-intru-siveTechnique to Characterize Vertical Multiphase Flows
37R.M. Palenichka, A.V. Alekseichuk, Inst. of Physics & Mechanics, Lviv, UKR;U. Zscherpel, BAM Berlin, D Flaw Detection in Radiographic Images by Structure-Adaptive BinarySegmentation
38O. Haase, J. Goebbels, B. Illerhaus, BAM Berlin, D;M. Bailey, M. Sené, Oxfordshire, GB High Energy Tomography and Crack Detection
- -D. Meinel, J. Goebbels, B. Illerhaus, BAM Berlin, DCT devellopment and application at BAM
- -R. Oster, Eurocopter, Munich, DComputed Tomography as a Non-Destructive Test Method for Fiber Main RotorBlades
- -K. Pischang, R. Bernhardt, TU Dresden, D;J. Goebbels, B. Illerhaus, G. Weidemann, BAM Berlin, DQuantitative Analysis of Computed Tomographs of Powder Metallurgical Parts
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