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1H.-J. Schmidt, B. Schmidt-Brandecker, G. Tober, Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus, Germany.* Design of Modern Aircraft Structure and the Role of NDT.*
2J.-P. Monchalin, C. Néron a.o. - National Research Council. P. Bouchard, R. Héon a.o. - Ultra-Optec. Canada.* Laser-Ultrasonics for Inspection and Characterization of Aeronautic Materials.
3O. Petillon, J.P. Dupuis - Aerospatiale. H. Voillaume, H. Tretout - Dassault Aviation, France. Applications of Laser Based Ultrasonics for Aerospace Industry.
4M. Junger - Rohmann, Germany. Eddy-Current Tests on Airplanes Using SQUID-Technology - A Step into a New Dimension of NDT.*
5M.v. Kreutzbruck, U. Baby, M. Mück, C. Heiden - Uni. of Giessen, Germany. Detection of Deep Lying Cracks by Eddy Current SQUID NDE.
6G. Scheer - Test Maschinen Technik. Th. Meier, D. Schiller - Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus. Germany. Analysis of Multifrequency Eddy Current Signals from Fatigue Cracks in Typical Aircraft Structures.
7F. Lingvall, T. Stepinski - Uppsala Uni., Sweden. Automatic Detection of Defects in Riveted Lapjoints using Eddy Current.
8W.D. Feist - Daimler-Benz Aerospace. G.-R. Tillack - BAM. Germany. Determination of the POD for High Resolution Eddy Current Inspection on Turbine Disks.
9C. Vanhille, C. Valdecantos - TECAL, Spain. High Speed Ultrasonic Inspection of Composite Parts.
10G. Fischer - Otto Fuchs Metallwerke. W. Hansen - Krautkrämer. Germany. Ultrasonic Inspection of Aircraft Engine Components.
11W. Hillger - DLR Braunschweig, Germany. Ultrasonic Imaging of Defects in Sandwich Composites.
12L. Winter - Daimler-Benz Aerospace Dornier, Germany.Ultrasonic Inspection of Ceramic Matrix Composite Materials (CMC).
13Y. Bar-Cohen - Jet Propulsion Lab. A.K. Mal, Zensheu Chang - UCLA. USA.* Characterization of Defects in Composite Materials Using Rapidly Acquired Leaky Lamb Wave Dispersion Data.
14N. Guo, B.S. Wong - Nanyang Technological Uni., Singapore. K.S. Tan - Uni. Brunei Darussalam, Brunei. Determination of the Depth of Delamination in Composites Using Lamb Waves.
15J. Pohl - Uni. of Magdeburg, Germany. Ultrasonic Inspection of Adaptive CFRP-Structures.
16N. Birioukova - Baumann Moscow State Tehcn. Uni., Russia. Instant Quality Control of Joint of Multylayer, Including Honeycomb Structures, by Acoustic Topographical Method.
17R.L. Thomas, X. Han, L.D. Farro - Wayne State Uni., USA. Thermal Wave Imaging of Aircraft for Evaluation of Disbonding and Corrosion.
18D. Wu, A. Salerno, G. Busse - Uni. of Stuttgart, Germany. Lockin-Thermography for Non-destructive Evaluation of Aerospace Structures.
19S. Abbé, P. Honorat - SEP, France.Inspection of C/C Extendible Nozzle Extension.
20P. Delvo`, L.M. Rizzi - CISE, Italy. Shearography for Defect Detection in Aeronautical Composites under Vibrational Loading.
21M.-A. De Smet* - GIE NDT Expert. P. Méreau - Aerospatiale. France. Shearographic Inspection of Repaired Aeronautic Composite Materials.
22M. Honlet - Honlet Optical Systems. A. Ettemeyer - Dr. Ettemeyer. Germany. C. Bouju - EUROCOPTER France. Automated Inspection of Helicopter Rotor Blades using Shearography.
23S. Abbé, P. Honorat - SEP, France. Comparison between Holographic Interferometry, ESPI and Shearography.
24O. Petillon - Aerospatiale, France. New Developments of Pulsed Holography for Industrial Applications.
25J.H. Heida, A.J.A. Bruinsma - TNO Inst. of Applied Physics, The Netherlands. D-Sight Technique for Rapid Impact Damage Detection on Composite Aircraft Structures.
26M. Antonakios, P. Rizo - CEA. P. Lamarque - SNPE. France. Real Time Tomosynthesis System Applied to Solid Rocket Motor Examination.
27M. Surgeon, M. Wevers - Dept. of Metallurgy and Materials Eng. (Kuleuven), Belgium. Quantifying the Damage State of a Quasi-Isotropic CFRP with Embedded Optical Fibres During Fatigue Testing Using Acoustic Emission and Microfocus Radiography.
28H. Tretout - Dassault Aviation, France. Developments and Applications of NDT Techniques for the Aeronautical Industry through EC Founded Research Projects.
29R. Capriotti, E. Dati, G. Trivisonno - Italian Air force DASRS, Italy. Non-Destructive Testing of Ageing Military Aircraft.
30W.J. Lewis, L.G.I. Bennett - Royal Military College of Canada.Results Achieved Inspecting Composite Flight Control Surfaces Using Neutron Radiography.
31Md. Mahi Uddin Khan - Biman Bangladesh Airlines, Bangladesh. Non-destructive Testing Applications in Commercial Aircraft Maintenance.
32D. Bansal - Indian Navy. C.R.L. Murthy - Indian Inst. of Science. India. Non-Destructive Evaluation of Impact Damage in Composite Helicoper Blades Using Acoustic Impact Testing - A Study.
33S.J. Beverley - Royal Air Force, UK. NDT in the Royal Air Force.
34V. Tikhii, V. Sitalo - Yuzhnoye State Design Office, Ukraine. Leak Test of Rocket Fuel Systems.
35D. Bical - Airbus Industrie, France. New Fuel Leak Detection Using Helium Gas.
36U. Kehlenbeck - Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus, Germany. V. Vengrinovich, Y. Denkevich, V. Tsukerman - Acad. of Sciences, Belarus.*On-board Aircraft Weighing System using Barkhausen Noise Sensors.
37I. Prassianakis - National Technical Uni. of Athens, Greece.Non-destructive Testing of Adhesively Bonded Materials.
38G. Mook, J. Pohl, P. Veit - Uni. of Magdeburg, Germany. Non-destructive Evaluation of Adaptive Material Systems.
39A. Maurer, G. Finger - NUKEM, Germany.How is the PC Changing an NDT Test System?
40V.M. Zykov, A.N. Kiselyov - Introscopy, Russia. Testing of Impurity Atoms State in Single-Crystal Si.
41A.S. Wojtas - Stresstech, The Netherlands. L. Suominen, B.A. Shaw - Uni. of Newcastle, UK. J.T. Evans - Stresstech, Finland. Detection of Thermal Damage in Steel Components After Grinding Using the Magnetic Barkhausen Noise Method.*
42A.N. Kozin, L.D. Dobrushin - E.O. Paton Electric Welding Inst., Ukraine. Acoustic Microscopy Studies of the Exposure Welding Fusion Zone.
43H.-J. Krause, R. Hohmann, M. Grüneklee, M. Maus a.o. - Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany. Aircraft Wheel and Fuselage Testing with Eddy Current and SQUID.
44O. Köser, G. Mook - Otto-von Guericke-Uni.. W.D. Feist, L. Steinhauser. Germany. Determination of POD Versus Crack Size Based on the ROC-Method for Eddy Current Inspection.
45F. Thollon, F. Clauzon - CEGELY, France. Flaw Characterization in Metallic Assemblies with Pulsed Eddy Current NDT.
46H. Tretout - Dassault Aviation, France. Review of Advanced Ultrasonic Techniques for Aerospace Structures.
47V.Ya. Maklashevsky, V. N. Filinov, M.V. Filinov - MSIA Spectrum, Russia. Digital Processing of Roentgenographic and X-Ray Television Images in Aerospace Radiographic Testing.
48A.A. Ketkovich, V.V. Kliouev, M.V. Filinov - MSIA Spectrum, Russia. PC-Based Videoendoscopic System DX 2 for the Inspection of Internal Surfaces of Pipes.
49S.J. Beverley - Royal Air Force. K. Taylor - British Aerospace. UK. NIMROD 2000 - Practical Application of Large Area Scanning Systems.
50M. Balaskó - Atomic Energy Research Inst. G. Endröczi - Research Inst. Particle and Nuclear Physics. G. Makai, I. Járkás Inst. of Aero. Eng. Hungary.*Study of Complex Composite-Metal Structure with Dynamic Neutron Radiography and Vibration Diagnostics.
51T. Stepinski - Uppsala Uni.. B. Vagnhammar - IAR Systems. Sweden Automatic Detecting Disbonds in Layered Structures using Ultrasonic Pulse-echo Inspection.
52G.A. Morozov, R.E. Shalin, G.P. Mashinskaya - VIAM, Russia. Intellectual Materials in High Loaded Machinery Build-In Non-Destructive Control Systems.
53A.K. Denel, G.A. Morozov, V.K. Yurenkov - VIAM, Russia. Magnetic Power and Infrared Methods of Isorientated Defects.
54B. van den Bos - CSM Materialteknik, Sweden. Development Projects Focused on Aerospace.
55W. Bischoff, H.-A. Crostack, M. Maass - Uni. of Dortmund. Th. Meier, G. Tober - Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus.* CS-Pulsed Eddy Current Inspection for Cracks in Multi-Layered Joint A1-Alloy Aircraft.
56R. Henrich, G. Tober - Daimler-Benz Aerospace Airbus, Germany. Qualification and Certification of Inspection Personnel in the European Aerospace Industry.
57J. Sell, J.C. Lenain, J. Meyer, H. Karl - Euro Physical Acoustics and MAN Technologie. Germany.*Acoustic Emission Testing of ARIANE 5 Composite High Pressure Vessels.
58P. Revindran, V. K. Ravindran, M.P.R. Panickar, B.C. Bhaumik - Vikram Sarabhai Space Center, IndiaNDT of Pressurised Vessels - An Aid to Enhanced Reliability of Defect Detection.
nnYuri Tavrin, Johann H. Hinken - F.I.T. Messtechnik GmbH, Germany First Routine Aircraft NDT with SQUID Gradiometer
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