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 Chemical, Petrochemical Industry
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92H. Thiele - SGS F.H. Gottfeld, Germany. NDT Methods for Surveillance of Plants in Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.
93G. Coco, A. Marino - Procontrol, Italy. Making NDT Predictive.
94S.D. Miller, J. O'Brien, D.L. Keck - Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia. *Implementation of Advanced NDT Technology Programs at Saudi Aramco.
95P.J. van de Loo - Shell, The Netherlands. B. Herrmann - Dow, Germany. How Reliable is Acoustic Emission (AE) Tank Testing? The Quantified Results of an AE Usergroup Correlation Study!
96A. Scheerder - DSM Engineering-Stamicarbon. The Netherlands. Experiences at DSM with NDT and Evaluation of Creep Damages in Reformer Tubes.
97C.V. Subramanian, A. Joseph, A.S. Ramesh, Baldev Raj - IGCAR, India.*Wall Thickness Measurements of Tubes by Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS).
98K. Quirk - Phoenix Inspection Systems, UK. Applications for the Acoustic Ranger in Chemical and Petrochemical Industries.
99M. Louw, J.C. Els - Anglo American Corp. of South Africa.*Ozone Friendly Eddy Current Heat Exchanger Tube Testing on South African Gold Mines.
100J.T. Rheinländer, Denmark, The Consorttium of BE-95-1164 "RAYSQUINS".Quantitative Real-Time Radioscopical Condition Monitoring at High Radiation-Energy.
101A. Hecht - BASF. R. Bauer - Giessen Uni. F. Lindemeier - AMI. a.o. Germany. On-Line Radiographic Wallthickness-Measurement of Insulated Piping in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry.
102M.B. Hoppenbrouwers* - Röntgen Technische Dienst, The Netherlands. LORUS to Detect Hidden Corrosion.
103F. Ravenscroft, R. Hill, C. Duffill, D. Buttle - AEA Technology, UK.* CHIME - A new Ultrasonic Method for Rapid Screening of Pipe, Plate and Inaccessible Geometries.
104P.B. Mortensen, C. Christensen, C. Peyk - FORCE Inst., Denmark. Controlling Ultrasonic-Inspection Intervals by Monitoring Hydrogen Permeation.
105N. Trimborn, J. Verkooijen - AEA Sonomatics, The Netherlands. Hot Hydrogen Attack: A Novel Approach for Reliable Detection and Monitoring.
106H. Schneider - SKW, Germany.Permeability Measurements on Carburized Components of Material Incoloy 800 H.
107J. Vagn Hansen - FORCE Inst., Denmark. Non-Destructive Metallography Used On-Site, Possibilites and Experiences.
108T. Sevel, N.Hald Pedersen, S. Genders - FORCE Inst., Denmark.Tracing of Oil, Gas, and Water in the Oil and Gas Industry with Isotope Techniques.
109J.-M. Carpreau - IS, France. G. Schauritsch, P. Tscheliesnig - TÜV, Austria. E. Eberhard - Butagaz, France.Testing LPG-Tanks by Acoustic Emission.
110P.E. Schlenker - SOS Engineering Software, USA. Computerization of Inspection Programs in the Refining, Petrochemical and Power Industries.
111J.N. Posypayko, V.A. Troitskij - E.O. Paton Electric Welding Inst., Ukraine. Overall Diagnosis of Underground Metal Tanks with one-sided Access to the Shell.
112J. Sommer - Krautkrämer, Germany. The Possibilities of Mobile Hardness Testing - A User-related Hardness Testing Comparison of the Static UCI Method and the Dynamic Rebound Method.
113J. Rusborg - FORCE Inst., Denmark. J. Schuhknecht - MIBRAG. G. Köppke - Babcock IKR. B. Herrmann - Dow. Germany. Automated Ultrasonic Inspection of Adhesively Bounded GFRP-Pipejoints.
114M.F. Ruiz Gale, J.A. Marengo, M.R. Landau, E.N. Hogert, N.G. Gaggioli, - ENDE, CAC, CNEA, Argentine. *Digital Speckle Correlation for non-destructive Testing of Corrosion.
115N.A. Burlaenko, L.M. Pogorila, O.V. Shulzhenko, V.G. Tikhiy - L.V. Pisarzhevski Inst. of Physical Chemistry, Ukraine. Application of Piezo-Resonance Sensors in Tightness Control.
116O.V. Shulzhenko, Yu.N. Posypayko, N.A. Burlaenko - L.V. Pisarzhevski Inst. of Physical Chemistry, Ukraine.Tightness Control by Chemical Methods.
117H. Hansen Rasmussen, H. Kristensen, L. Jeppesen - FORCE Inst., Denmark. NDT and Heat Exchanger Tubes.
118J Pitkänen, P. Särkiniemi, P. Kauppinen, H. Jeskanen - VTT Manufacturing Technology, Finland.Ultrasonic Measurement of a Thermal Fatique Crack Field Manually and with a Simple Handscanner.
119H.-J. Salzburger - IZFP, Germany. Long Range Detection of Corrosion by Guided Shear Horizontal (SH-) Waves.
120 J. Verkooijen - AEA Sonomatic, The Netherlands*. Practical Experiences in the Application of Advanced Ultrasonic Equipment to Decrease Downtime through Non-Intrusive True Condition Assessment.
121J. Verkooijen - AEA Sonomatic, The Netherlands*. The Importance of Reliable NDE Measurements in Plant Management Systems.
122G. Samigullin, N. Achmadeev - UFA State Petroleum Technological Uni. E. Filimonov - Bashkirian Scientific-Research Inst. Russia. The Computer Analysis of the State of the Plant of Petrochemical Factory.
123N. Achmadeev, G. Samigullin - UFA State Petroleum Technological Uni. E. Filimonov - Bashkirian Scientific-Research Inst. Russia. Use of Complex Method NDT at Realization to Technical Diagnostics.
124N. Achmadeev, G. Samigullin - UFA State Petroleum Technological Uni. E. Filimonov - Bashkirian Scientific-Research Inst. Russia. Software of NDT Devices with the Account of Country Standards.
125E. Filimonov, B. Selsky - Bashkirian Scientific-Research Inst. A. Achmadeev - UFA State Petroleum Technological Uni. Russia. The Prognosis of the Residual Resourse of Petrochemical Equipment.
126S. Sazhin, O. Verjaskina - Nizhniy Novgorod State Techn. Uni., Russia. Research of the Sensitivity of Leaktesting.
127C.A. Farina, G. Felicioli a.o. - Donegani Anticorrosione. G. Faita - Uni. of Milan. D. Salva' a.o. - ANTEA. Italy.*Inspections, NDT Softwares and Corrosion Monitoring in the Process Industries.
128V.P. Lukonin, S.G. Sazhin - Nizhniy Novgorod State Technical Uni., Russia. Dangerous Gas Leakages Lokalization by Microelectronic Sensor.
129J. Vagn Hansen, A.H. Jensen - FORCE Inst. A. Helmer Nielsen, Novo Nordisk Eng. Denmark. * Videoendoscopy for Visual Testing of Welds in Pharmaceutical Plants.
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