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 Materials Characterization
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139E. Schneider - IZFP, Germany. Non-destructive Analysis of Stress States in Components using Micromagnetic and Ultrasonic Techniques - An Overview.
140V. Garnier, G. Corneloup - MECASURF-LCND, France. Characterisation by Rayleigh Waves of the Superficial Layers of Nitrided or Cemented Steels.*
141W. Stark, J. Döring - BAM. V. Bovtun - Kiev Polytech. Inst., Ukraine. C. Kürten - Technical College Iserlohn. Germany. * Monitoring of Curing Reaction of Polycondensating Thermosets at Press and Injection Moulding.*
142M. Wevers, O. Leroy, P. de Meester* - Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium. The Acousto-Optic Technique to Evaluate Hardness Profiles and the Relation to the Microstructure.
143D. Buttle - AEA Technology, UK. Rapid Nondestructive Stress Measurement with the MAPS System.
144V. Vengrinovich, A. Vishnevsky, V. Tsukerman - Academy of Sciences, Belarus. Ferromagnetic Materials Characterisation Using Directional Diagrams (DD) of Barkhausen Noise (BN).
145G. Antonelli, M. Ruzzier - CISE. F. Cernuschi - ENEL. Italy. A Calibration-free Electromagnetic Technique for NDT of Metallic Coatings.
146A.A. Doubov, "Energodiagnostika", Russia.Study of Metal Properties Using Metal Magnetic Memory Method.
147C.O. Ruud - Pennsylvania State Uni., USA.In-Process Non-destructive Characterization of Thin Film by X-Ray Diffraction.
148E. Guldager - Danfoss, Denmark. Residual Stress Measurements - The Danfoss Scenario.
149M.P. Hentschel, D. Ekenhorst, K.-W. Harbich, A. Lange, J.V. Schors - BAM, Germany. X-Ray Topography for Non-destructive Characterization of Materials.
150F. Paglietti - EARTH. P. Plescia - National Council of Research. Italy. The Application of SEXI, A New Portable Spectrometer for X-Ray Diffraction and X-Ray Fluorescence Analysis in Real Time for Non Destructive Testing of Materials.
151K.K. Borum, H.E. Gundtoft, J.T. Rheinländer, S.A. Nielsen a.o. - Risø National Laboratory, Denmark. Non-Destuctive Evaluation of Ceramics used for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells.
152E. Grinzato, P.G. Bison - CNR-ITEF. C. Guida - ABB Ricerca. Italy.Non-Destructive Evaluation on Electrical Insulators of Composite Material by Thermal Effusivity.
153B. Wolter, G. Dobmann, H.-R. Herzer - IZFP. U. Laub - Quality Management. Germany. P.J.C. Bloem - KEMA, The Netherlands. One-Sided Access NMR for Concrete Inspection.
154M.-H. Nadal, C. Hermerel, C. Gondard - CEA, France.Material Characterization at High Temperatures: Contact and Non Contact Ultrasonic Methods.
155M. Mihovski, A. Popov, Y. Ivanova, A. Partalin - Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria.*Estimation of the Grain-size Distribution in the Carbon Steels using the Ultrasonic and Magnetic Barkhausen Methods.
156E.S. Gorkunov, V.G. Kuleev - Inst. of Engineering Science, Russia.The Effect of Stresses on the Coercive Force of Steels.
157V. Vladimirov, D. Dimitrov, B. Mavroudchiev - Sofia Uni., Bulgaria.NDT Characterisation of Pacific Ocean Floor Rocks.
158J.A. Volchenko - Introscopy, Russia. Proximate Absorption Neutron Moisture Meters for Samples of Nonorganic Materials.
159J. Döring, W. Stark - BAM. G. Splitt - Krautkrämer. Germany. On-line Process Monitoring of Thermosets by Ultrasonic Methods.
160V.G. Gorbash, S.G. Sandomirskii, M.N. Delendick, E.G. Sandomirskaya - National Academy of Sciences, Belarus. Analytical Expression for a Limiting Hysteresis Loop of Ferromagnetic Body.
161S.G. Sandomirskii - National Academy of Sciences, Belarus. Magnetic Testing of Physical and Mechanical Properties of Products from Ferromagnetic Materials Magnetized in Open Magnetic Circuit.
162A.V. Rabtchevich, V.A. Rudnitsky - National Academy of Sciences, Belarus. Determination of Yield Stress of Steels by Computing the Indentation Curve.
163M. Surgeon, M. Wevers - Dept. of Metallurgy and Materials Eng. (Kuleuven), Belgium. Using Optical Fibre Technology to Develop a Damage Detection Sensor for Composite Materials: Preliminary Research.
164P. Petculescu - OVIDIUS Uni. R. Ciocan - Inst. of Nuclear Research. V. Bokas - TBA Logitras. Romania. Investigation of the Austenitic Structures by Ultrasonic Spectral Analysis.
165S.M. Aizikovich, L.I. Krenev, N.A. Serova - Mechanics and Appl. Mathematics Inst., Russia. non-destructive Determination of Mechanical Properties of Non-Homogeneous Coatings.
166N.I. Obodan, V.J. Adlucky, I.V. Obodan - Dnepropetrovsk State Uni., Ukraine. Determination of Material Diagram Parameters as a Problem of Identification and Measurements Control during Indentor Penetration.
167V. Vladimirov - Sofia Uni., Bulgaria. Interpolation Method for Debye Temperature NDT Determination.
168P. Molnár - Metalelektro. G. Posgay - L. Kossuth Uni., Hungary. Barkhausen Noise Measurement in the Criminology.
169M. Balaskó - Atomic Energy Research Inst. E. Sváb, G. Endröczi, A. Péter, I. Szikra. Hungary. Radiography Investigations Combined with Vibration Diagnostics and Acoustic Emission in the Development of Refrigerators.
170U. Laub - Q Net Quality Management. I. Altpeter - IZFP. Germany. Cast Iron Inspection by Means of Micromagnetic Procedures.
171S.E. Kruger, J. Charlier - Universite Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium. J.M.A. Rebello, Federal Uni. of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Ultrasonic Backscattering Formulation Applied to Cast Iron Characterization.
172U.-D. Hünicke, L. Lindecke, G. Schulz, W. Kowalski - Uni. of Rostock, Germany. Materials Characterization by Active and Passive Ultrasonic Methods.
173H.-D. Tietz, M. Dietz, L. Bühling, B. May - Westsächsische Hochschule Zwickau, Germany. Non-Destructive Testing of Green Ceramic Materials.
174R. Cesareo - Uni. of Sassari. A. Castellano - Dop. Scienza dei Materiali. M. Marabelli - Ist. Centrale del Restauro. Italy. A Portable Apparatus for EDXRF-Analysis of S and CL.
175L.M. Lobanov, V.A. Pivtorak, G.V. Cherkashin, O.M. Oliynyk. - E.O. Paton Electric Welding Inst., Ukraine. Holographic Nondestructive Testing of Welded Structures.
176T. Piech - Techn. Uni. of Szczecin. K. Gawdzinska, Maritime Uni. of Szczecin, Poland. A New Non-Destructive Method for Estimation of Poisson's Ratio.
177Z. Bolanca, N. Barisic, T. Bolanca - Uni. of Zagreb, Croatia. Dielectric Characteristics of the System Aluminium/Oxide Layer/Electrolyte.
178Z. Pawlowski - Military Inst. of Armament Technology, Poland. Life prediction and Tracking Fatigue Degradation Using Ultrasonics.
179J. Grum, B. Pecnik, P. Zerovnik - Faculty of Mech. Eng. D. Fefer - Faculty of Elec. Eng., Slovenia.Analysis of Low-Carbon Steel after Cold Deformation Based on Barkhausen Noise.
180A. Stulov - Inst. of Cybernetics, Estonia.The Method of the Piano Hammers' Hereditary Parameters Determination.
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