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204L. Kastre - ABB, Sweden. Visual Inspection Used in the Nuclear Field. - Making Use of Advances in Technology.
205T. Just, W. Thale, R. Clausen - TÜV Nord, Germany. Interpretation of Radiographs by Digital Image Processing.
206M. Borras, E. Cabrera, J. Aldea - TECHNATOM, Spain. Multitechnique Data Acquisition Systems: Use and Benefits in Nuclear Market.
207T. Sollier, H. Schepens, B. Benoist - CEA. J. Reuchet- IPSN. France.*First Evaluation of the Set (Rotating Excitation) EC Probe Designed for Fast SG Tubing Inspection.*
208M. Piriou, I. Slazak, N. Betsch - Intercontrôle, France. New Eddy Current Probe for Non Destructive Examination.
209A. Debnar - CerMat Engineering. B. Lucht - KKW. Germany. Remote Field Eddy Current on Laser Welded SG Sleeves.
210D. Doche, L. Gay - LOGITEST. N. Robert, A. Revest - ABB Barras. D. Delacencerie - EDF/UTO. France. Running of the BETA 1 Robot for Non-Destructive Testing on Steam Generators Tubes.
211N. Kelstrup - ANDREX, Denmark. J. Patton - FRAMATOME, USA. Weld Inspection of Nuclear Fuel Rod End Cap Welds.
212H.-D. Dau - Philips Industrial X-Ray, Germany. A. Kouznetsov - JSC Maschinbuilding Plant, Russia. Digital Image Processing in X-Ray Control of Welds.
213T. Stepinski, P. Wu, M. Gustafsson, L. Ericsson - Uppsala Uni., Sweden. Ultrasonic Array Technique for the Inspection of Copper Lined Canisters for Nuclear Waste Fuel.
214R. Kazys, R. Sliteris, L. Mazeika - Kaunas Uni. of Technology, Lithuania.Ultrasonic non-destructive Evaluation of Nuclear Fuel Bundles.
215S.A. Vinogradov, A.I. Trofimov - Nuclear Power Eng. Inst. V.D. Baldin - Research and Dev. Inst. of Power Eng. V.V. Stasenko - Kursk Nuclear Power Plant. Russia. Non-Destructive Examination Automated System for RBMK Reactors Fuel Channels.
216A. Domingo, J.M. Jimenez, J.I. Ortiz - ENUSA, Spain. Electromagnetic and Gamma Scanning Inspection of Nuclear Fuel Rods at ENUSA.
217F. D'Annucci, F. Bonitz - ABB Reaktor, Germany. T. Yamashita - Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Japan. Inspection of the Barrel Welds and Barrel/former Bolts in the Pressurized Reactors.
218P. Cerckel, D. Degreve - Laborelec, Belgium. Virtual Instrumentation: A Revolution in Non-Destructive Testing.
219J. Larsen, H. Kristensen, L. Jeppesen - FORCE Inst., Denmark. * Examination of Core Shroud Welds.
220J. Pitkänen, P. Särkiniemi, P. Kauppinen, H. Jeskanen - VTT Manufacturing Technology, Finland. The Ultrasonic Detection and Evaluation of Defects in a Thickwalled Cylindrical Component Having Cladding on Inside Surface.
221B. Neundorf - HEW. G. Csapo - TÜV Nord. A. Erhard - BAM. Germany. Optimising the NDT of Boiling Water Reactors by Using Realistic Flaws in the Cladding.
222F. Dirauf, B. Gohlke, E. Fischer - Siemens Power Generation Group, Germany. Innovative Robotics and Ultrasonic Technology at the Examination of Reactor Pressure Vessels in BWR and PWR Nuclear Power Stations.
223V. Just, P.O. Gros, C. Soors, D. Francois a.o. - EDF, France.PACE, a Comprehensive Multitechnique Analysis System Applied to the Analysis of Bottom Head Penetration Tubes NDT Data.
224J. Pinczés, D. Szabó, J. Palásti - NPP PAKS, Hungary. Mechanised UT Inspection at the Hungarian NPP Paks.
225O. Roy, S. Mahaut, M. Serre - CEA, France. Adaptive Ultrasonic Inspection of Specimens with Varying Profile using Phased Array Techniques.
226C.J. Borgenstam, A. Engding - ABB, Sweden. Core Shroud Inspection Manipulator.
227Z. Skála, J. Vít - Skoda, Czech Republic. Improvements of In-Service Inspection Systems in SKODA.
228J. Tanguy, J.M. Tchilian - FRAMATOME. A.M. Roy, A. Valteau - EDF. France. Detection and Characterization of Defects Perpendicular to the Surface of Welds.
229P. Böhm, W. Fischer - TÜV Rheinland Anlagentechnik. Von Nessen-Lapp - VEAG. Germany.*Detection and Evaluation of Deep Cracks in Pump Shafts and Globe Valve Journals by Means of SAFT.
230J. Cermak, J. Berlanger, G. Maes - AIB-Vincotte Inter, Belgium. H. Martinsen, H. Fernström - Vattenfall AB Ringhals, Sweden. Development and Qualification of a Combined UT and ECT Procedure for Inservice Inspection of PWR Reactor Coolant Pump Welds, Conducted from the Inner Surface.
231E. Abittan - EDF. A. Dochy - Jeumont Industry. G. Pierre, T. Allart - FRAMATOME. van der Crussen - CTE/Nordtest. France. NDT of Thermal Barrier Flange.
232H.O. Olsen, L. Vesth, L. Jeppesen - FORCE Inst., Denmark. Automated UT Examination of Inclined Nozzle Welds using Robot and 3D Reconstruction.
233R.K. Chapman, R.C. Owen, R.V. Booler - Nuclear Electric, UK. The Remote Inspection of Components in Advanced Gas-cooled Reactors.
234Alexander Blomquist - SAQ Kontroll, Sweden. In-service Inspection by X-Ray Tomosynthesis, A New Method for Sizing IGSCC.
235C. Perez, E. Cabrera, R. Martinez-Ona - TECHNATOM, Spain. Advanced Techniques to Enhance the Analysis of Ultrasonic Result.
236A.N. Fedorov, S.S. Rakutov, A.V. Vatulin - VNIINM, Russia.Eddy Current Inspection of Fuel Rod Zirconium Alloy Cladding Tubes.
237V.V. Pastoushin, A.Yu. Novikov, A.A. Demidov - VNIINM, Russia.Thermophysical Automatic System for Non-Destructive Gas Pressure Inspection Inside Power Reactor Fuel Rods.
238P. Trampus - IAEA, Austria. D. Corak - INETEC, Croatia. Advanced NDT of Primary Circuit Components of WWER NPPs
239A. Tanarro, A. Garcia - TECHNATOM, Spain. * Ultrasonic Inspection. Application of Phased Array Technologies.
240R. Ciocan, D. Ciobanu - Inst. of Nuclear Research, Romania. W.R. Mayo - Chalk River Labs., Canada. Neural Network Classification of Flaws Detected during Ultrasonic Inspection of CANDU Pressure Tubes and Brazed Joints in CANDU Fuel. *
241V. Yazovikov, A. Bazhenov - VNIIEF, Russia. Ultrasonic Piezoelectric Transducers for Leak Detection Systems of Nuclear Power Plant Equipment.
242M. Balaskó - Atomic Energy Research Inst. E. Sváb - Research Inst. for Solid State Physics. I. Cserháti - Electrolux. Hungary. Combined Dynamic Neutron Radiography and Thermovision in Development of Absorption-Type Aggregators.
243S. Gangotra, P.M. Ouseph, K.C. Sahoo, D.S.C. Puroshotham - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India. Detection of Hybride Blisters in Irradiated Zircaloy Pressure Tubes by Neutron Radiography.
244J.L. Singh, K.P. Prasannan, H.N. Singh, K.C. Sahoo, D.S.C. Purushotham - Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India. Hydrogen Concentration Profile Mapping in Zircaloy Pressure Tube by Ultrasonic Velocity Ratio Measurement.
245K.L. Feiste, P. Fetter Marques, D. Stegemann a.o. - IKPH, Uni. of Hannover, Germany. S.E. Kruger, J.M.A. Rebello - COPPE, Brazil.* Characterization of Nodular Cast Iron Properties by Harmonic Analysis of Eddy Current Signals.*
246V.P. Lunin - Moscow Power Eng. Inst., Russia. H.-M. Thomas - BAM, Germany. Finite Element Approach to Assess Inspectability of Weld Between Two Coaxial Tubes by RFEC Technique.
247A. Domingo, J.M. Jimenez, J.I. Ortiz - ENUSA, Spain. ENUSA Non-Destructive Testing Integrated Applications in Nuclear Fuel Rod Manufacturing.
248A. Weiss, D. Sornet - Intercontrôle, France. A New Technique for Support Plate Fragmentation.
249V. Just, E. Fleuet, S. Gautier, Mistral Consortium.The BE-MISTRAL Project: A Fully Multi-Technique Approach from Acquisition to Data Fusion.
250J. Larsen, L. Vesth, L. Jeppesen - FORCE Inst., Denmark. VT Examination of BWR Re-Circulation Pump Internals.
251L. Gay, R. Bourgogne - LOGITEST. P. Jardet - EDF/GDL. France. Steam Generator Tubes: Crack Sizing by Ultrasonic Inspection Using a Rotating Multi-Transducers Probe.
252Yu.V. Taran - FLNP, Russia. H. Kockelmann - MPA. J. Schreiber - EADQ. Germany. J.S. Wright - ISIA, UK.*Study of Residual Stresses in a Stainless Steel Tube with a Welded Ferritic Cover by Neutron Diffraction.
253O. Fřrli - DNV. G. Ř. Lauvstad - OECD Halden Reactor Project. Norway. The In-Service Inspection History of the Halden Boiling Water Reactor 1957-97.
254J.F. Quirk - Phoenix Inspection Systems, UK.Fast Track Development of Remote Inspection Device for A.G.R.s.
255A.H. Akbar, Chashma Nuclear Power Project, Pakistan.Development and Management of Pre-Service and In-Service Inspection Programme for Chashma Nuclear Power Project.
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