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Steel Industry
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330M. Paul, A. Hoffman - IZFP. G.-J. Deppe Mannesmannröhrenwerke. L. Oesterlein - Europipe. Germany. Laser Ultrasonics in Industry.
331C. Vanhille, C. Valdecantos - TECAL, Spain. *New System for Ultrasonic Inspection of Steel Plate.
332B. Bisiaux, M. Méphane, P. Westeel, O. Tailleux, - Vallourec Industries, France. *Detection of Local and Smooth Wall Thickness Reduction: the "Detection Vallourec" Method.
333W. Zleppnig - Böhler Edelstahl, Austria. G. Coen - BFI/VDEh. B. Karbach - Krautkrämer. Germany. FIDUS, An Automatic Testing System for Hot Wires.
334D. Lingenberg, E. Fischer, W. Vogel, G. Bach, A. Kalwa - Siemens Power Generation Group, Germany. Non-destructive Ultrasonic Testing for High Frequency Inductive (HFI) Pressure Welded Tubes in the Production Line.
335W.A.K. Deutsch - Karl Deutsch, Germany. A. Cheng, J.D. Achenbach - Northwestern Uni., USA. Defect Detection with Rayleigh and Lamb Waves Generated by a Self-Focusing Phased Array.*
336M. Mephane, B. Bisiaux - Vallourec Industries. P. Calmon - CEA. France. Modelling of the Ultrasonic Inspection of Steel Tubes.
337P.-J. Schneider - NUKEM, Germany. Ultrasonic Digital System's Electronic UTxx - Examples of Applications.
338J. Klasson - OFP-Teknik AB, Sweden.Calibration of Continuously Working NDT Equipment.
339R. Grimberg, S. Chifa, A. Savin, L. Iancu - Nat. Inst. of Research & Development for Technical Physics, Romania. Optimal Signal Processings in the Eddy Current Non-destructive Control with Automatic Installations.
340Shi Jihua, Zhu Qiming, Zhang Wengang - Ming Hua Inspection Equipment, China.Automatic ET & UT On-Line Inspection System for Cold and Hot Rollers.
341C. Hanson - Dansteel Engineering, Denmark. Choise of NDT Equipment to Danish Steel Works Ltd.'s Bar Mill.
342E.S. Gorkunov, A.B. Bukhvalov - Inst. of Engineering Science, Russia.Evaluation of the Residual Strains in Iron by Means of Coercive Force.
343I. Alvarez, I. Díaz. - Uni. of Oviedo, Spain. Y. Malet, CDO, France. Dimensional Control of H Shaped Steel Beams with Conoscopic Holography Based Profilometers.
344A.S. Shleenkov, O.A. Bulichev, A.V. Matveev - Inst. of Metal Physics, Russia. Volume-Seam Flaw Detection for Magnetic Quality Inspection of Electric Welded Pipes in the Production Line. *
345E.S. Gorkunov - Inst. of Engineering Science. G.V. Bida - Inst. of Metal Physics. Russia. Magnetic Methods for the Inspection of the Mechanical Properties of Rolled Products.
346V.F. Matyuk - National Academy of Sciences, Belarus. H. Hartmann, H. Reichelt - Research and Quality Centre Brandenburg, Germany.Automatic Testing of Mechanical Properties of Rolled Goods in the Hot Zinc Galvanizing Line.
347G. Posgay - L. Kossuth Uni.. P. Molnár - Metalelektro. L. Imre - Inst. for Transport Sciences. Hungary. A Magnetic Method for Testing of High Strength Bolts.
348K.L. Feiste, D. Stegemann, S. Reimche, C. Reichert - IKPH, Uni. of Hannover, Germany. R.T. Lopes - COPPE, Brazil Process Integrated Detection and Characterization of Casting Defects.
349C. Dybiec - Inst. of Precision Mechanics. A. Kozlowska - Daewoo-FSO. Poland. Determining Residual Austenite with the Eddy Current Method.
350L. Kroutikova - Novolipetsk Iron & Steel. J.O. Shashenkova - Central Research Inst.. Russia. V.N. Fishev, Mariupolsky Iron & Steel, Ukraine. About CIS Standrad GOST 30415-96.
351L. Kroutikova, Novolipetsk Iron & Steel. V.F. Muzhitskiy, B.F. Popel - Cran. Russia. G.Y. Bezlyudko, Special Sci. Instr., Ukraine.Magnetic Inspection of Stressed State Condition and Residual Resource of Steel Work.
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