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 Ultrasonic Examination
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460R. Coulette, M.-H Nadal, C. Gondard - CEA, France. F. Lepoutre, D. Balageas - ONERA, France.*New Development in the Evaluation of Weld Depth Penetration by Laser Ultrasounds.
461H. Walaszek - CETIM, France.Periodical Verification of Ultrasonic Flaw Detectors According to European Standardization.
462G. Splitt - Krautkrämer, Germany. Piezocomposite Transducers - a Milestone for Ultrasonic Testing.
463R.S.C. Monkhouse, P.D. Wilcox, R.P. Dalton, M.J.S.Lowe, P. Cawley - Imperial College of Science, UK. Interdigital Lamb Wave Transdusers for Rapid Monitoring of Plate Structures.
464B.P.C. Rao, B. Raj - IGCAR, India. G. Hübschen, H.-J. Salzburger - IZFP, Germany.Time-of-Flight Measurements with Shear Horizontal Waves.
465N.N. Volkova, A.V. Mullin, A.V. Nelidov, Y.M. Tulsky - Testing and Diagnostics, Russia. The Investigation of Frequency Spectrum while Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Media.
466P. Calmon, A. Lhémery*, L. Paradis - CEA, France. Ultrasonic NDT Modeling of Realistic Configurations.
467P. Lasaygues, J.-P. Lefebvre - CRNS-LMA, France. Improvement of Resolution in Ultrasonic Reflection Tomography.
468F. Wollbold, J. Neisecke - Uni. of Dortmund, Germany. Ultrasonic Testing of Concrete with Fast Imaging Pulse-Echo-Technique.
469Roye, U. Schlengermann - Krautkrämer, Germany. Special Inspection Problems Solved by Means of Matched Ultrasonic Probe Design.
470F.J. Hancock, S.C. Gibson - Mitsui Babcock Energy. A. McNab, D. Reilly - Uni. of Strathclyde. UK.*CAMUS - A Novel System for Operator Based Ultrasonic Weld Inspection.
471G. Passi, M. Kritsky - Sonotron. Y. Shoef - Gabi Shoef Ltd. Israel. High Reliability Manual Ultrasonic Inspection.
472P. Toebben, W.-D. Kleinert, M. Berke - Krautkrämer, Germany. ISONIC - Complete Ultrasonic Weld Inspection Documentation by Continuous Recording of Manual Probe Manipulations, Acoustic Coupling and Echoes.
473S. Neergaard, S.E. Iversen, W. Damgaard Kristensen - FORCE Inst., Denmark. System for Advanced Automated Ultrasonic Examination.
474V.A. Troitskij, E.A. Davidov - E.O. Paton Electric Welding Inst., Ukraine. Experience of Application of "P-SCAN" Ultrasonic System in Ukraine.
475P.B. Hansen, S. Neergaard, W. Damgaard Kristensen - FORCE Inst., Denmark. Modular Scanner System for NDE.
476Zheng Kaisheng, Chen Yucheng, Zhang Hongshan - Baoji Nonferrous Metals Works. Peng Yinggui - Nanchang Inst. of Aeronautical Techn. China.*A Technique of Ultrasonic Testing without Dead Zone for Coarse-Grained TC4* Extrusion Pipe. - The Development of Single Crystal Creeping Wave Probe.
477M. Berke - Krautkrämer, Germany. DGS and Reference Block Methods - Are They Still Competitors?
478G.L. Pierre, W. Delpouve - FRAMATOME, France. Means and Methods for Ultrasonic Array Probe Characterization.*
479Yu.V. Lange, S.V. Nefedov - MSIA Spectrum, Russia. Signal Processing in MIA Pulse Flaw Detectors.
480Onozawa, K. Tamura, H. Yamamoto - Nihon Uni., Japan. Defect Evaluation in Diffusion Bonding Interface of Dissimilar Metals Using Ultrasonic Testing Method.
481W. Gebhardt - Frauenhofer IZFP. W. Hillger, DLR. P. Kreier, Innotest. Germany.*Airborne Ultrasonic Probes: Design, Fabrication, Application.
482K. Tamura, M. Onozawa - Nihon Uni., Japan. Evaluation of Bonding Process in Diffusion Bonding Joints of Dissimilar Metals using Ultrasonic Testing Method.
483W. Hillger - DLR Braunschweig, Germany. Ultrasonic PC-Boards for Different Applications.
484P.-H. Svahn - SAQ Kontroll, Sweden. MAPPscan - Acoustic Positioning System for Manual Ultrasonic Testing of Pipes and Components.
485R. Sickert, J. Bartusch - BAM, Germany. An Automatic Measurement Unit for Backscattering.
486L. Vesth, P.B. Hansen, W. Damgaard Kristensen - FORCE Inst., Denmark. Robot System for Ultrasonic Examination of Complex Geometries.
487A. Mayorov, G. Konovalov - National Academy of Science, Belarus.The Automated Testing by Ultrasonic Surface Waves.
488G. Konovalov, P. Prokhorenko, A. Mayorov - National Academy of Science, Belarus. The Systems for Automated Ultrasonic Testing.
489T. Olofsson, M. Gustafsson - Uppsala Uni.. H. Rydén - CSM Materialteknik. Sweden. Multivariable Regression Approach for Porosity Determination in Composite Materials.
490H.E. Gundtoft, K.K. Borum, S.A. Nielsen - Risø National Laboratory, Denmark. On-Line Eccentricity Measurement during Fabrication of Aluminium Tubes.
491M. Takahashi , M. Hoshino- Japan Probe Co. K. Kimura - Kimura Ultrasonic Testing Lab. Japan. Experimental Study of Echo Directivity for Surface SH Wave and SH Wave Angle Probes.
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