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v7n1a1X-Ray Focusing Optics and Its Applications in XRMF and XRLYiming Yan, Xunliang Ding, Dachun Wang, andong Liu, Shengji Zhang, Yejun He, Baozhen Chen, Fuzhong Wei, Wei Liang, Jun Chen, and Yicheng Liu
v7n1a2X-Ray Interferometry at ESRF Using Two Coherent Beams from Fresnel MirrorsK. Fezzaa, F. Comin S. Marchesini, R. Coisson, and M. Belakhovsky
v7n1a3Influence of the Number of Bilayers on the Optical Performances of X-UV Multilayer Interferential MirrorsC. Guichet, R. Rivoira, G. Rasigni, J. M. andre, and R. Barchewitz
v7n1a4Optimization of Cd1-xZnxTe Detectors for Digital RadiographyG. C. Giakos, B. Pillai, S. Vedantham, S. Chowdhuri, A. Dasgupta, R. B. Richardson, P. Ghotra, R. J. Endorf, A. Passalaqua, and W. J. Davros
v7n1a5X-Ray Crystal Spectroscopy of Sub-picosecond Laser-Produced Plasmas beyond 50 keVG. Hölzer E. Forster, M. Grätz, C. Tillman, and S. Svanberg
v7n1a6Method of Eigenvectors for Numerical Studies of Multilayer GratingsV. I. Erofeev and N. V. Kovalenko
v7n2a1Anecdotes about the Early Days of X-Ray OpticsAlbert V. Baez
v7n2a2Projected Advances in Laboratory Soft X-Ray Systems and Their ApplicationsA. G. Michette
v7n2a3Silicon Drift Detectors with On-Chip Electronics for X-Ray SpectroscopyC. Fiorini, A. Longoni, R. Hartmann, P. Lechner, and L. Strüder
v7n2a4Fabrication of Radiation Entrance Windows with Optimized sub- 100 eV Transmission PropertiesV-P. Viitanen, S. Silanto, and M. Bavdaz
v7n2a5New Concepts for X-Ray, Soft X-Ray, and EUV Optical Instrumentation Including Applications in Spectroscopy, Plasma Diagnostics, and Biomedical Microscopy: A Status ReportV. L. Kantsyrev, R. Bruch, R. Phaneuf, and N. G. Publicover
v7n2a6Reactive Gas Magnetron Sputtering of Lithium Hydride and Lithium Fluoride Thin FilmsG. B. Thompson and D. D. Allred
v7n2a7Focusing Properties of X-Ray Spectrometers with 2D-Curved Crystals for Extended X-Ray Sources of Hot PlasmasB. S. Fraenkel, M. Bitter, S. Von Goeler, and K. Hill
v7n2a8Time-Resolved, Multi-frame X-Ray Imaging of Laser-Produced PlasmasL. A. Gizzi, A. Giulietti, and 0. Willi
v7n3a1Electric Field Dependence on Charge Collection of CdZnTe X-Ray DetectorsG. C. Giakos, B. Pillai, S. Vedantham, S. Chowdhuri, J. Odogba, A. Dasgupta, V. Vega-Lozada, R. Guntupalli, S. Suryanafayanan, R. J. Endorf, A. Passalaqua, and S. Kollipara
v7n3a2Imaging Soft X-Rays Using a Microchannel PlateM. L. Hintz, D. S. Olsen, J. W. Moody, and D. W. Madsen
v7n3a3NASA G-133 "GoldHelox": A Project UpdateM. K. Spute, M. L. Hintz, P. W. A. Roming, T. Lloyd, R. S. Turley, J. W. Moody, A. Raines, T. J. Utley, Jr., P. F. Eastman, and V. Jensen
v7n3a4Soft X-Ray Performance of High-Resolution Superconducting SpectrometersC. A. Mears, M. Frank, S. E. Labov, L. J. Hiller, J. B. Le Grand, D. Chow, M. A. Lindeman, H. Netel, and A. T. Barfknecht
v7n3a5Grazing Incidence XUV Spectroheliograph RES-C for the CORONAS-I MissionS. V. Kuzin, I. A. Zhitnik, A. A. Pertsov, V. A. Slemzin, A. V. Mitrofanov, A. P. Ignatiev, V. V. Korneev, V. V. Krutov, 1. 1. Sobelman, E. N. Ragozin, and R. J. Thomas
v7n3a6Observations of the Solar Atmosphere from the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)U.Schühle
v7n3a7X-Ray Diffraction Comparator - New Possibilities I. A. Brytov, G. D. Dmitriev V. N. Ivanov, and S. A. Klevtsov
v7n3a8Materials for Refractive X-Ray OpticsM. W. Lund
v7n3a9Experimental Study and Simulation of the Damage Induced to Various Multilayer Interferential Mirrors by Soft X-Ray Plasma-Laser SourcesE Leguern, J-M. andre, J-P. Lebreton, J-L. Dutrannoy, J-P. Chauvineau, K. Krastev, J-L. Larcade, D. Friart, C. Nazet, and R. Barchewitz
v7n3a10Monochromatic Imaging of X-Ray Source by Many-Beam Dynamical DiffractionO.Pacherova
v7n3a11Signal Dependence on Irradiation Geometry of Cd1-xZnxTe Detectors for Digital X-Ray ImagingG. C. Giakos, S. Vedantham, B. Pillai, S. Chowdhury, D. B. Sheffer, A. Dasgupta, R. J. Endorf, A. Passalaqua, and S. Kollipara
v7n3a12Cd1-xZnxTe Detectors for Digital X-Ray Chest ImagingG. C. Giakos, B. Pillai, S. Chowdhury, S. Vedantham, A. Dasgupta, S. Kollipara, A. Passalaqua, and R. J. Endorf
v7n3a13Contrast Study of CdZnTe Detectors for Digital MammographyG. C. Giakos, B. Pillai, S. Chowdhury, S. Vedantham, A. Dasgupta, D. B. Sheffer, W. J. Davros, A. Passalaqua, and R. J. Endorf
v7n3a14Confirmation of Action Constant for BremsstrahlungW. Linlor
v7n3a15Absolute Doubly Differential Cross Section for Bremsstrahlung Spectra Produced in 7.0 keV e -Ag and Au CollisionsS. K. Goel and R. Shanker
v7n3a16Prediction of a Large ASE Effect in Silver Plasmas Produced by a Short-Pulse-Drive LaserE. P. Ivanova and L. V. Knight
v8n1a1Measurements of absolute energy spectra for an industrial micro focal X-ray source under working conditions using a Compton scattering spectrometerP Hammersberg, M. Stenström, H. Hedtjärn and M. Mangard
v8n1a2Image noise in X-ray imaging caused by radiation scattering and source leakage, a qualitative and quantitative analysisP Hammersberg, M. Stenström, H. Hedtjärn and M. Mangard
v8n1a3Modelling of an X-ray image-intensifier-based radiography systemM. Mangard, P Hammersberg and M. Sandborg
v8n1a4Optimised detail detectability in computerised tomographyM. Mangard and P Hammersberg
v8n1a5Correction for beam hardening artefacts in computerised tomographyP Hammersberg and M. Mangard
v8n2a1Resolution determination in X ray microscopy: an analysis of the effects of partial coherence and illumination spectrumJ.M. Heck, D.T. Attwood, W. Meyer-Ilse and E.H. anderson
v8n2a2Imaging soft X-rays with opaque spheresR. Posey, D. Brown, K. Broadwater, T. Swint, J. Valentine and P.J. Ebert
v8n2a3Radiation exposure in a modern, circularly scanned-beam laminographic X-ray inspection systemR.S. Fazzio
v8n2a4Characterization of X-ray contact microscopic imaging in keV spectral region using laser produced plasmasJ.A. Chakera, S.R. Kumbhare and P.D. Gupta
v8n2a5X-ray lens of monolithic polycapillaries for macromolecular crystallographyY. He, J. Chen, Y. Li, F. Wei, D. Wang, P. Luo and Y. Yan
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