NDTnet - June 1999, Vol.4 No.6

First International Conference on NDE in Relation to
Structural Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurised Components

20 - 22 October 1998, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The conference was administered by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Institute for Advanced Materials, Petten Site, and was organised technically by an international organising committee.

24 - 26 May 2000, New Orleans
The 2nd Int Confon NDE in Relation to Structural
Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurised Components. Organised by JRC and EPRI.


AbstractAuthor Full-Text - more coming soon!
The Current International Position on Major Inspection Concerns
1T. Kishi, Research Centre for Advanced Science & Technology, University of Tokyo, JapanCurrent Status of Materials Research and NDE in Japan
2F. Ammirato, EPRI NDE Centre, Charlotte, USAInsights from Pilot Applications of Risk Informed Methodology to Inservice Inspection of Nuclear Power Plant Piping
3S. Crutzen, EC-JRC, Brussels, Belgium; M. Bièth, P. Lemaitre, EC-JRC, Petten, The NetherlandsInspection Strategy: Target Definition and System Qualification for Better Application and Harmonisation of Inspection Procedures
Performance Demonstration
4P. Lemaitre, EC-JRC, Petten, The Netherlands; S. Crutzen, EC-JRC, Brussels, Belgium; F. Champigny, EDF-GDL, Saint Denis Cedex, FranceENIQ: a Status Report on the European Methodology applications
5L. Horácek, J. Zdárek, Nuclear Research Institute Rez plc. , Rez, Czech RepublicProgress in ISI Qualification Programme for VVER Type Pressure Boundary Components in Czech Republic
6L. Gomersson, SQC, Swedish NDT Qualification Centre, Täby, SwedenTwo Years of Experience from NDT Qualifications in Sweden
7D. Szabó, J. Pinczes, J. Palasti, PAKS NPP, Paks, HungaryStatus of ISI Qualification in Hungary
8D. Couplet, P. Simoens, Belgatom, Brussels, BelgiumThe Belgian Policy for Qualification of UT System: A Combination of ASME XI Requirements and ENIQ Guidelines
9P. Kelsey, Rolls Royce & Associates Ltd. , Derby, U.K.Performance Demonstration for the Royal Navy
10R C. Owen, British Energy Ltd. , Gloucester, U.K.Controlling the Quality of NDT on Nuclear Plant
11G. Bollini, Tecnatom SA, Madrid, Spain; A. Sala, Iberdrola SA, Madrid, SpainSpanish Methodology for Inspection Qualification
12A. Richnau, H. Fernström, Vattenfall AB Ringhals, Varobacka, SwedenRinghals Experience of the New Swedish Qualification System and its Application
13K. Araki, H. Sakamoto, A. Nakagawa, M. Higuchi, Ishikawajima-Harima Fabrication of Mock-up Specimens with Natural Flaws
14C. Nockemann, C. Bellon, C. Jacobsen, G.R. Tillack, S. Nickisch, BAM, Berlin, GermanyThe Principles of Modular Optimisation and Validation of a NDT System
15U. Mletzko, MPA Stuttgart, Stuttgart, GermanyResults of a Mini Round Robin on the Reliability of Ultrasonic Testing
16M. Gribi, SVTI, Wallisellen, Switzerland; W. Neumann, HSK, Villigen, Switzerland; R. Schwammberger, R. Tobler, Kernkraftwerk, Leibstadt, SwitzerlandExperience with a Qualification Project for Dissimilar Metal Welds
17S. Crutzen, EC-JRC, Brussels, Belgium; F. Franck, A. Varfis, J. -M. Auger, EC-JRC, Petten, The Netherlands; G. Maciga, ENEL DCO, Piacenza, ItalyNeural Networks in view of Inspection Procedures Qualifications
18Ph. Benoist, CEA Saclay. Gif sur Yvette, France; I. Lecouer, P. Calmon CEA/CEREM, Moret, FranceTechnical Justification during Inspection Qualification: Use of Modelling
19J. Spanner, EPRI NDE Centre, Charlotte, USA; D. Harris, Anacapa Science, Charlottesville, USAHuman Factor Developments in Computer Based Training and Personnel Qualification
Materials Properties Measurement
20S. Doctor, G.J. Schuster, A.F. Pardini, F. Simonen, Pacific Northwest Lab. , Richland, USADeveloping Empirical Databases of Fabrication Flaws in Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessels
21L. Debarberis, B. Acosta, M. Beers, EC-JRC, Petten, The Netherlands; J. F. Coste, EDF, Moret, France;

M. G. Horsten, ECN, Petten, The Netherlands; P. Kauppinen, VTT, Espoo, Finland; M. Kröning, IZFP, Saarbrücken, Germany, J. Bros, Tecnatom, Madrid, Spain; M. Hutchings, AEA Technology, Cheshire, U.K.; D. Gomez Briceno, CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain; H. Weimann, ARCS, Seibersdorf, Austria

Ageing Material Evaluation and Studies by Non-Destructive Techniques (AMES-NDT)
22 N. Yanagida, S. Kanno, Y. Nagashima, J. Kuniya, N. Gotoh, M. Ishiwata, Hitachi Ltd. , Ibaraki-ken, JapanNon-destructive Assessment Technology of Effect of Post Weld Heat Treatment on Integrity of Welded Pipe Joints
23M. Ootaka, R. Morinaka, S. Kanno, Hitachi Mechanical Engineering Research Lab., Ibaraki-ken, Japan; K. Kohno, JAPEIC, Kanagawa, JapanObservation of Magnetic Domain Structure Changing with Thermal Ageing for Duplex Stainless Steel
24S. Rosinski, EPRI NDE Centre, Charlotte, USA; C. Fukuoka, Y. Nakagawa, IHI, Tokyo, JapanNondisruptive Measurement of Fatigue Damage in Materials
25S. Matsubara, Y. Yokono, T. Imanaka, Nondestructive Inspection Co. Ltd. , Osaka, Japan; Y. Kawaguchi, H. Mitsuda, Y. Okano, Institute of Nuclear Safety System Inc., JapanEvaluation of Thermal Ageing in Duplex Stainless Steel by Velocity Measurements of Surface Acoustic Wave
Steam Generator Tube Inspection
26B. Benoist, T. Sollier, H. Schepens, M. Talvard, CEA Saclay, France; D. Boulanger, J. Reuchet CEA/IPSN-DES, Fontenay aux Roses, FranceFast Examination of Steam Generator Tubes by the means of the SET Eddy Current Probe
27M. Bièth, EC- JRC, Petten, The Netherlands; C. Birac, R. Comby EDF, G. Maciga, ENEL DCO, Piacenza, Italy; W. Neumann, HSK, Villigen, SwitzerlandFinal results of the PISC III Round Robin Test on Steam Generator Tube Inspection
28K. Krzywosz, EPRI NDE Centre, Charlotte, USABalance-of-Plant Heat Exchanger Conditions Assessment and Inspection Program Overview
29Y. Matsumoto, S. Kojima, H. Komatsu, F. Nakayasu, Nuclear Fuel Industries Ltd. , Osaka, Japan; H. Kishino, JAPEIC, Chiba, JapanRapid flaw reconstruction for SG-ECT signals by an optimization technique
30K. Aizawa, S. Morioka, M. Tsuda, Japan Power Engineering and Inspection Corp. , Chiba, Japan; K. Miya, The University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan; S. Yamada, Kanazawa University, Kanazawa, JapanImprovement of Flaw Delectability in Dented Region in SG Tube
31K. Krzywosz, EPRI NDE Centre, Charlotte, USAID Pit Sizing in Tubing Using Neural Networks
32J. Brophy, R. Spinks, H. Kwun, G. Light, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, USAUse of Magnetostrictive Sensor (MsS) Technology to Inspect Steam Generator Tubing
33K. Kornienko, Concern Rocenrgoatom; A. Getman, VNIIAES; N. Davidenko, Concern Rosenergoatom, Moscow, RussiaThe NPP Steam Generators Tube Inspections by Eddy Current and Relation to its Structural Integrity in Russia
34P. Roscoe, AEA Technology, Warrington, U.K.A New Approach to cost-effective Inspection Qualification - Strategy
35W. Daniels, B.A. McGrath, G. Worrall, K. Sephton, P. Conroy, P. Birchall, M. Beesley , AEA Technology, Warrington, U.K.A New Approach to cost-effective Inspection Qualification - Development of Technical Justification
36R. Muñox, M. Borrás, E. Cabrera, R. Martínez-Oña, Tecnatom, S. A. , Madrid, SpainTracing Modelling for Preparing and Assessing Technical Justifications
37R.V. Booler, British Energy plc, Gloucester, U.K.Recent Examples of Inspection Qualification within Nuclear Electric
38U. Sandberg, Forsmarks Kraftgrupp, Östhammar, SwedenThe Development of a Common Practice for Technical Justification for the Swedish NDE Qualification Scheme
39T Sjo, R. Sandberg , ABB TRC, Täby, SwedenTwo Years with the New Swedish Inspection Regulations - Has the Inspection quality Improved?
40M. Peacock, Sonaspection International Ltd. , Lancaster, U.K.Flawed Specimens for Global Standardisation of NDT Training and Qualification
41B. Timofeev, M. Rozina, T. Chernaenko, CRISM "Prometey", St. Petersburg, RussiaProbability of Detection of Flaws in Welds of Tube Components by Using Non-Destructive Methods
Pressure Vessel Inspection
42F. Dirauf, G. Guse, E. Fischer, G. Engl, Siemens-KWU Erlangen, GermanyAdvanced Approach for BWR RPV ISI Using Robotics and Phased Array Techniques
43J. Vojvodic-Tuma, Institute of Metals & Technology, Ljublijana, Slovania; P. Lovrencic, NPP Krsko, Krsko, SloveniaInspection of the Secondary Side of Pressure Vessels in Nuclear Power Plant Krsko
44K. Kobayashi, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co. , Ltd. (IHI), Yokohama, Japan; J. Martinez Ornelas, Comision Federal de Electricidad, Veracruz, Mexico; G. L. Lagleder, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, USAUnder water inspection robot AIRIS 21TM for ISI of RPV welds - Field experience at Laguna Verde NPP in Mexico
45M. Cvitanovic, V. Zado, H. Bezlaj, INETEC, Zagreb, Croatia; V. Nitchev, P. Tzokov, Kozlodyy NPP, BulgariaAdvanced NDE and Boat Sampling of the VVER 440 RPV
46T. Bloodworth, AEA Technology, Warrington, U.K.; L Johansson, Å. Pettersson, OKG Aktiebolag, SwedenHigh-Accuracy Defect Sizing for Nozzle Attachment Welds
47Z. Skála, J. Pøepechal, J. Sladký, J. Vit, Škoda JS, Plzeò, Czech ReplublicRemote and Automated NDE in Škoda JS
Primary Circuit and Internals Inspection
48A. Erhard, G. Schenk , BAM, Berlin, Germany, B. Gohlke, G. Engl, E. Fischer, Siemens, Erlangen, Germany

The Saphir and Mini-Saphir Systems - Versatile Tools for Advanced Solutions for PWR Primary Circuit Inspections
49D Szabó, PAKS NPP, Hungay, G. Engl, Siemens, Erlangen, Germany, G.Takács, J. Pinczés, N. Lenz, I. Buglyó, PAKS NPP, HungaryExperience and concept with ISI at Paks NPP using advanced Techniques (e.g. Phased Array)
50G. Maes, J. Cermak, AIB-Vinçote Inter, Brussels, Belgium; H. Martinsen, H. Fernström, Vattenfall AB, Ringhalls, SwedenExperience Gained from In-Service Inspection of PWR Main Coolant Pump Welds Conducted from the Inner Surface, Using a Qualified UT and ECT Procedure
51K. Sawaragi,, M. Taniguchi, Y. Tada, M. Kurokawa, Y. Araki, MHI, Ltd. Kobe, JapanDevelopment of Inspection Technique for CRDM Housing Canopy Seals
52G.J. Schuster, S.L. Crawford , A.F. Pardini, S.R. Doctor, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Richland, USA.Reactor Internals UT Parametric Study
53C. Poidevin, Ph. Benoist, CEA Saclay, Gif sur Yvette, France; A. Viard, CEA/CEREM; J. Gros, CEA/Phénix, D. François, Framatome, FranceInspection of the Core Support Vessel of the Phénix Reactor
Advances in Non-Ultrasonic Methods
54A. Blomquist, SAQ Kontroll AB, Göteborg, Sweden In-Service Inspection by X-Ray Tomosynthesis, a New Method for Sizing IGSCC
55J. A. de Raad, Röntgen Technische Dienst bv, Rotterdam, The Netherlands MFL and PEC NDT Tools for External (NON) Insulated Pipe Inspection
56M. Kurokawa , R. Miyachi, K. Enami, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Hyogo, Japan; M. Matsumoto, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. , Kobe, Japan; K. Aizawa, JAPEIC, Chiba, JapanVerification of New Eddy Current Testing Probe
57K. Bartels, H. Kwun, Southwest Research Institute, San Antonio, USAUse of Magnetostrict Sensor (MsS) Technology to Inspect Post Tensioning Steel Cables in Containment
58P. Shaw, J. Bergström, FORCE Institute, Helsingborg, SwedenElegant NDE Techniques for Investigation of Concrete Containments
59B. Benoist, G. Berthiau, CEA Saclay, Gif sur Yvette, France; G. Delsarte, Intercontrole Ser, Rungis, FranceBobbin coil automatic diagnostic for axisymetric defects
60R. Pensec, A. Laksimi,, UTC, Compiegne, France; M. Cherfaoui, C. Hevre, CETIM, Senlis Cedex, FranceApplication of Acoustic Emission to Establish a Flaw Existence Accurate Diagnosis in Pressure Vessels Using Welding Test Pieces
Advances in Ultrasonic Methods
61 H. Yoneyama, K. Aono, S. Nakada, M. Igeta, JAPEIC, Yokohama, JapanA Study of Capability of Flaw Detection and Accuracy of Flaw Sizing Using Ultrasonic Testing
62O. Roy, S. Mahaut, M. Serre, A. Lhemery, Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, CEREM/STA, Gif-sur-Yvette Cedex, FranceApplication of Ultrasonic Beam-Forming and Self-Focusing Techniques using a Phased Array System to Defect Characterisation
63V. Schmitz, S. Chakhlov, W. Müller, FhG IzfP, Saarbrücken, GermanySynthetic Aperture Focussing Technique - State of the Art
64T. Nomura, Tokimec Inc. Tokyo, Japan; S. Hyodo, Sumitomo Metal Industries Ltd. Hyogo, Japan; R. Tennis, Southwest Research Inst. , San Antonio, USAStudy of Ultrasonic Beam Shaping Using Phased Array Techniques
65 K. Sawaragi, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. Kobe, Japan; Y. Tujikura, K. Bunno, The Kansai Electric Power Co. , Inc. , Japan; K. Enami, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. , Takasago, JapanDevelopment of Advanced Inspection Technique Using Phased Array UT
66M. Ochiai, J. Senboshi, T. Butsuen, K. Kubo, A. Asai, Toshiba Corp. , Yokohama, JapanIn Process Monitoring Molten Depth Measurement by Laser Induced Ultrasonic Waves
67P. Hansen, FORCE Institute, Bröndby, Denmark3D Inspection System for Ultrasonic Examination and Evaluation of Complex Geometry Components
68S. Wadaka, T. Kimura, S. Kameyama, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation Kanagawa, JapanAnalysis of bottom echo through rough test surface using equivalent circuit of ultrasonic transducer
69G. Selby, EPRI NDE Centre, Charlotte, USAPhased Array UT Applications Development at the EPRI NDE Center
70E. Fischer, G. Engl, F. Mohr, H. Diehl, Siemens, Erlangen, GermanyPhased Array Techniques - Benefit in Efficiency and Effectiveness for Nuclear and Non-Nuclear Applications
71F. Takahashi, Y. Nagashima, I. Tanaka, Hitachi Ltd. , Ibaraki-ken, Japan; M. Igeta, S. Nakada, JAPEIC, Yokohama, JapanUltrasonic Sizing and Recognition of Cracks and Porosities in Weld Metals Using Acoustical Holographic Inspections
72G. Tattersall, Snape Signals Research, U.K.; M. Toft, BNFL-Magnox Generation, Berkley, Gloucester, U.K.A suite of digital filtering software for off-line enhancement of ultrasound images
73E. -B. Pers-Anderson, ABB TRC, Täby, Sweden; M. Harrison, A. Holden, ABB, U.K.Consideration for Phased Array Probe Design, Associated with Cabling and Connectors
74S. Nose, Pressure Vessel Technology Kobe Steel Ltd., Kobe, Japan; Y. Watase, H. Ohizumi, Shinko Inspection & Service Co. Ltd. , Kobe, JapanThe Evaluation of the TOFD Technique on Heavy Section Test Block
Structural Integrity and NDE
75G. Koppen, DNV, Rotterdam, The NetherlandsDevelopment of Risk Based Inspection
76S. Reale, University of Florence, Florence, Italy; E. Capurro, Ansaldo Nuclear Division, Genova, ItalyA structural integrity oriented approach for defining the acceptance / rejection flaw size criteria in innovative plant components
77E. Zeelenberg, Stoomwezem, Rotterdam, The NetherlandsDevelopment of Acceptance Criteria for the TOFD Inspection Technique
78G.P. Karzov, B.T. Timofeev, CRISM "Prometey", St. Petersburg, RussiaProcedure of integrity assessment of NPP pressure vessel and piping depending on ISI level
79L. Toth, Bay Zoltan Institute for Logistics and Production Systems, Miskolc-Tapolca, HungaryCPSI - The Bridge between the requirements of NDE Results and Reliability of Structural Integrity Assessment
80S. Crutzen, EC-JRC, Brussels, Belgium; L. Fabbri, EC-JRC, Petten, The Netherlands; C. Schneider, TWI, Cambridge, U.K.; A. Stacey, HSEOS, London, U,K,; P. Visser, Visser Consultancy Ltd., Weybridge, U.K.A compilation of NDE effectiveness Data to be used for Defect Acceptance Schemes
81V. Vasiliev, Rosenergoatom, Moscow, Russia; M. Bakirov, VNIIAES, Russia; M. Grigoriev, RussiaIn Service Inspection of WWER Reactor Pressure Vessel in Russia
82N. Dubé, A. Lamarre, R/D Tech inc. Québec, Canada; F. Mainguy, R/D Tech inc./ École de Technologie Supérieure, Montréal, Canada Dynamic Focusing of Phased Arrays for Nondestructive Testing: Characterization and Application Evaluations
83A. Hiser, S. Sheng, S. Malik, US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Washington, USAObservations on Sensitivity of RPV Integrity Probabilistic Fracture Mechanics
84S. Walker, J.F. L. Landrum, D.E. MacDonald, EPRI NDE Centre, Charlotte, USACurrent 'State of the Art' Piping Examination Technology
85S. Walker, EPRI NDE Centre, Charlotte, USANew NDE developments support rapid, economical screening for flow-accelerated corrosion
86A. Getman, K. Kornienko, Rosenergoatom, Moscow, Russia; N. Davidenko, RussiaMethodology, methods and technologies of optimising and organisation NDE for management strength, lifetime and reliability of the NPP structures
87V. Kovyrshin, N. Zaritsky, State Scientific & Technical Centre on Nuclear & Radiation Safety, Kiev, UkraineAnalysis of means for VVER Reactor Pressure Vessel Elements at NPP's in Ukraine - NDE and its Results
Austenitic Component Inspection
88J. Quirk, Phoenix Inspection Systems Limited, Warrington, U.K.Fast Track Development of Remote Inspection devices for two AGR Nuclear Power Stations
89E. Neumann, BAM;, Berlin, Germany; M. Bièth, EC-JRC; Petten, The Netherlands; P. Krarup, FORCE, Denmark; F. Hardie, Mitsui Babcock, Renfrew, U.K.; E. -B. Pers-Anderson, ABB TRC, Täby, SwedenEffect of Ultrasonic Scattering on Inspection of Austenitic Welds
90T. Seldis, C. Pecorari, M. Bièth, EC-JRC, Petten, The NetherlandsMeasurement of Longitudinal Waves Attenuation in Austenitic Steel
91P.G. Heasler, S.R. Doctor, Pacific Northwest Lab. , Richland, USATrend of UT Performance on Wrought Stainless Steel
Major Component Inspection
92J. Bentley, M. O. D., Bath, U.K.; A. McLay, AEA Sonomatic, Warrington, U.K.The In-Situ Inspection Equipment of HP Gas Cylinders as Used by the Royal Navy
93M. Sheerer, P. Hahn, L. Plöchl, M. Rödig, I. Smid, Forschungszentrum Julich, Julich, GermanyHigh resolution ultrasonic inspection of different high heat flux components for future thermonuclear fusion devices
94B. Sladojevic, M. Milovanovic, Institute "Kirilo Savic", Belgrade, YogoslaviaUltrasonic Testing of Heavy Forgings
95P. Lovrencic, NPP KRSKO, KRSKO, Slovenia; J. Vojvodic-Tuma, Institute of Metals & Technology, Ljubljana, SloveniaNon-destructive measurement of erosion/corrosion on tubings in nuclear power plant KRSKO
96E. Abittan, EDF/GDL, St. Denis, France; A. Dochy, G. Pierre, T. Allart, M. Van der Crussen, Framatome, FranceUT of Thermal Barrier Flanges
97Y. Nagashima, A. Watanabe, F. Takahashi, Y. Kawamata, Hitachi Ltd, JapanNon Destructive Evaluation on Nitrided Layer Integrity of Turbine Components by a Combined Method of Ultrasonic and Eddy Current Techniques
98R. Kazys, R. Sliteris, L. Mazeika. , Ultrasound Research Centre, Kaunas University of Technology, LithuaniaNDE of Fuel Channel Components of RBMK Type Nuclear Reactors
Organisation of NDE
99M. Deffrennes, EC-DG XVII, Brussels, Belgium; S. Crutzen, EC-JRC, Brussels, Belgium; P. Lemaitre, U. von Estorff, EC-JRC, Petten, The Netherlands; G. Engl, Siemens, Erlangen, GermanyENDEF-European Non Destructive Examination Forum: An ENIQ/EC-DG XVII Initiative
100M. Deffrennes, S. Crutzen, EC-JRC, Brussels, Belgium; P. Lemaitre, U. von Estorff, EC-JRC, Petten, The Netherlands; G. Engl, Siemens, Erlangen, Germany; Y. Guénon, E. Liska, P. Kauppinen, VTT Espoo, Finland; M. Lepiece, Tractabel, Brussels, Belgium; R. Martinez Oña, Tecnatom, Madrid, Spain; C. Waites, AEA Technology, Warrington, U.K.; A. Arefiev, ECD NPP, Moscow, Russia; Y. Kozin;Results of the Comparison of the ENDEF Strategy with current co-operation projects between EU industrial organisations and Russian, Ukrainian and CEECs Counterparts
101A. Miller, OECD NEA, Issy-les-Moulineaux, FranceNDE Activities Under OECD Nuclear Energy Agency CSNI PWG3
102P. Lemaitre, L. Fabbri, J.B. Veyret, EC-JRC, Petten, The Netherlands; S. Crutzen, EC-JRC, Brussels, BelgiumEPERC (European Pressure Equipment Research Council) and Its Technical Task Force on Inspection Harmonisation
103C. Belinco, CNEA-CAC-ENDE, Federa, ArgentinaA Basic Tool to Guarantee the Structural Integrity: The National Non Destructive Evaluation Branch (ENDE)
104R. Lévy, Intercontrôle, Rungis Cedex, France; R. Martinez-Oña, Tecnatom, Madrid, Spain; O. Seydel, Siemens, Germany; G. Koval, Energoatom, UkraineA Joint Effort for the Improvement of In-Service Inspection Methodology in Ukraine
105D. Reilly, A. McNab, University of Strathclyde, U.K.; M. Toft, BNFL-Magnox Generation, Berkeley, Gloucester, U.K.Three-Dimensional Visualisation and Analysis of NDT Data in an Interactive CAD Environment
106B. Hawker, S. Burch, A. Rogerson, AEA Technology, Oxfordshire, U.K.Application of the RAYTRAIM Ray-tracing Program and RAYKIRCH Post-Processing Program to the Ultrasonic Inspection of Austenitic Stainless-Steel Welds in Nuclear Power Plant
107N. Gengembre, A. Lhémery, X. Tarrago, CEA / CEREM, Gif-sur-Yvette cedex, FranceA model to predict ultrasonic fields radiated by water-coupled transducers into pieces of complex structure
108H. Wüstenberg, A. Erhard, G. Schenk, BAM, Berlin, Germany Ultrasonic Phased Array Probe Equipment - Problems with their Characterisation
109R. Raillon, P. Calmon, L. Paradis, CEA CEREM, GIF/Yvette, France; P. Morisseau, Intercontrole, Rungis, FranceApplication of the ultrasonic modeling tools for the automatic characterization of defects.
110V. Schmitz, F. Walte, S. Chakhlov, FhG-IzfP, Saarbrücken, GermanyModelling of Sound Fields Through Austenitic Welds
111M. Spies, FhG-IzfP, Saarbrücken, GermanyHigh-Speed Mathematical Modelling of Ultrasound Propagation in Cladded and Welded Components Using Gaussian Beam Superposition
112P. Wu, T. Stepinski, Uppsala University, Uppsala, SwedenDetection of Defects in Materials Characterised by Large Grain Backscattering Using K-Distribution Model
113I. Komura, H. Nakamura, Y. Ikegami, Toshiba Corp., Yokohama, Japan; S. Nakada, M. Igeta, Japan Power Engineering & Inspection Corp. , Yokohama, JapanNumerical Analysis of Elastic Wave Propagation on Simulation of Ultrasonic Examination
114L. Ericsson, T. Stepinski, M.G. Gustaffson Uppsala University, Uppsala, Sweden (Postscript) Suppressing Ultrasonic Grain Noise Using Non-Linear Filtering Techniques
115H. Wirdelius, SAQ Kontroll AB, Molndal, SwedenExamples of mathematical modelling used as a tool within NDT qualification

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