NDT.net - January 2002, Vol. 7 No. 01

3nd International Conference on NDE in Relation to Structural Integrity for Nuclear and Pressurized Components
November 14-16, 2001, Seville Spain

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| 1nd Conference 1998 Amsterdam|

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AbstractAuthorTitle , selected Full-text published in Aug 2002 Issue
Plenary Session
1M. Bičth: JRC, European Commission, Netherlands European Standardisation Methodology for Qualification of Non-Destructive Tests
2T. Kishi, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan; N. Uesugi, JAPEIC, JapanCurrent Status of NDE Development in Japan
3F. Ammirato, EPRI, USANDE in the US Nuclear Industry - Trends and Emerging Issues
Inspection Qualification I-IV
4C. Birac, J. Samman, EDF, FranceFrench Commission to Certify NDT Qualification Performances
5C. Castelao, C. Mendoza, J. Figueras, CSN, SpainCSN Regulatory Position on NDE Qualification Programs
6C. Waites, AEA Technology, UK: M. Bičth, JRC, European Commission, Netherlands The Development of a European Methodology for Inspection Qualification in the Non-nuclear Industry
7E. Österberg, L. Skĺnberg, Swedish Nuclear Power Inspectorate, SwedenQualification of NDT Sizing Ability. Lessons Learned
8D. Szabó , J. Pinczés, G. Takács, J. Palasti, L. Sarkozi, Paks NPP, HungaryInspection Qualification at Paks NPP - First Steps
9J. Shejbal; Dukovany NPP; L. Horácek, Nuclear Research Institute, Czech RepublicLessons Learned and Review of Progress in NDT Qualification Projects in Czech Republic
10D. Korošec, Nuclear Safety Administration, Slovenia; J. Tuma, Institute of Metals and Technologies, SloveniaExperience on the In-Service Inspections in Slovenia
11R. Paussu, Fortum, Finland; J. Pitkänen, P. Kauppinen, VTT, FinlandQualification of Mechanised Ultrasonic Inspection of Pipings in Finnish Nuclear Power Plants
12U. Sandberg, Forsmarks Kraftgrupp, Sweden ; A. Eriksson, T. Seldis, JRC, European Commission, NetherlandsA Status Report on the Achievements of ENIQ
13P. Trampus, IAEA, Austria; P. Ashwin, EPRI, USAExperience from the IAEA Pilot Study on NDE Qualification
14L. Horácek, Nuclear Research Institute, Czech Republic; J. Shejbal, P. Tkadlcik, Dukovany NPP, Czech RepublicLessons Learned From ET and UT Qualification in Phare Project 1.02/95
15W. Daniels, AEA Technology, UK; J.Ĺ. Berglund, Barsebäck Kraft, Sweden; Ĺ. Petterson, M. Svensson, Oskarsham NPP, SwedenProgress on the Implementation of an ENIQ Compliant Qualification Strategy for Comprehensive Inspections of Two Swedish BWR Units
16B. Rotter, J. Delemontez, EDF, France; O. Roy, P. Calmon, CEA, FranceExamples of Application of the NDE Qualification Methodology According to French RSE-M Rules
17C. Waites, R. Booler, AEA Technology, UKPractical Improvements to Qualifying Inspections
18S. Taylor, A. Pink, A. Walker, Rolls Royce, UK; J. Thomson, G. Scruton, B. Dikstra, Mitsui Babcock, UKIntegrating NDT Qualification with Design and Manufacture of Submarine Reactor Vessels
19J. Whittle, John Whittle & Associates, UK; M. Melbi, A. Eriksson, JRC, European Commission, NetherlandsProgress of the ENIQ 2nd Pilot Study
20B. Dikstra, C. McNeil, K. Darling, Mitsui Babcock, UKQualification of Multi-Mode Ultrasonic Techniques for ISI of Reactor Vessels and Piping
21P. Ashwin, EPRI, USAUse of Appendix VIII Qualification Data to Determine Procedures Capability to Measure Remaining Ligament
22L. Horácek, Nuclear Research Institute, Czech RepublicApplication of UT Qualification Results for VVER 440 Type RPV Structural Integrity Assessment and Improvement of ISI Programme
23L. Kastre, I. Särnmark, Westinghouse Atom TRC, SwedenExperience from Qualification of a General Procedure for Visual Testing of Reactor Pressure Vessel and Internals
24S. Walker, EPRI, USA; M. Robinson, Duke Energy Company, USADetection of Thermal Fatigue Damage in Piping - NDE Technology, Examiner Qualification & Computer Based Training
Materials Properties Measurement
25B. Acosta, JRC, European Commission, Netherlands; M. Delnondedieu, EDF, France; J. Bros Tecnatom, Spain; M. Brumovsky, NRI, Czech Republic; G. Dobmann, IZFP, Germany; F. Gillemot, AEKI, Hungary; P. Hahn, ARCS, Austria; P. Kauppinen, VTT, Finland; G. Maussner, Framatome-ANP; M. Niffenegger, PSI, Switzerland; R. Oettel, SPG, Germany; F.J. Perosanz, CIEMAT, Spain; A. Rogerson, AEA Technology, U.K.; D. Stegemann, University of Hannover, Germany; B. van der Schaaf, NRG, Netherlands Project GRETE: Evaluation of Non Destructive Testing Techniques for Monitoring of Material Degradation
26I. Altpeter, G. Dobmann; IZFP, GermanyDetection of Copper Precipitates in 15 NiCuMoNB5 (WB36) Steel by Using Micromagnetic NDE Techniques
27M. Zergoug, N. Boucherou, G. Kamel, A. Benchaala, CSC, AlgeriaCharacterisation of 20 NC6 Treated Thermally by Barkhausen Noise
28H.N. Singh, A.B. Tamhane, R.S. Shriwastaw, K.C. Sahoo, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, IndiaCharacterisation of Progressive Material Deformation at the Crack Tip of a Carbon Steel Piping Using Barkhausen Noise Analysis
29G. Dobmann, M. Lang, I. Altpeter, IZFP, GermanyOnline Monitoring of Fatigue in the LCF and HCF Range by using Micromagnetic NDT at Plain Carbon and Austenitic Stainless Steel.
30D. Stegemann, University of Hannover, GermanyRPV Material Characterisation by Magnetoinductive Method
31M. Pinto, S. Estanislau, D. Viola, R. Batista, J. Barata, Integridade, Portugal; D.Lopes, ISQ, PortugalHardness Measurements Based on Electrical Resistance Technique for Power Plant Life Assessment
32H. Walaszek, H. Lieurade, C. Peyrac; CETIM, FrancePotentialities of Ultrasonics for Evaluating Residual Stresses: Influence of Microstructure
33M. Zergoug, A. Hammouda, A. Benchaala, CSC, AlgeriaConductivity Simulation for Material Characterisation by Eddy Current
Advances in Non-Ultrasonic NDE Methods
34M.A. De Smet, F. Santos, NDT-Expert, FranceUse of Real-Time Shearography for the Integrity Inspection of Filamentary Wounded Pressure Vessels
35M. Shiwa, G. Chen, Y. Horii, H. Yoneyama, JAPEIC, JapanEvaluation of PWHT Temperature For Low Alloy Steel Girth Weld Joint by using AC Magnetic Probe Method
36S. Pirfo, L. Debarberis, B. Acosta, F. Sevini; JRC, European Commission, Netherlands Micromagnetic Testing of Model Alloys Specimens. Evaluating Irradiation Effects
37R. Axelsson, L. Johansson, Oskarsham NPP, Sweden; J. Cwiefeld, AF Kontroll, Sweden; G. Muravin, B. Muravin, L. Lezvinsky, Margan Physical Diagnostics, IsraelEvaluation of Acoustic Emission Technology to Locate Flaws with Small Stress Intensity, and Determine their Type and Danger Level
38A. Shimmura, A. Hata, Y. Harada, T. Emori, Nuclear Engineering, Japan; F. Hardy, G. Lafontaine, R/D TECH, CanadaRCCA Rod Wear Inspection System Using Rotating Ferrite ECT
39I. Morita, ENAA, Japan; T. Arakawa, M. Tagami, T. Amano, IHI, JapanFundamental Examination of AE Detection in Oil Storage Tank Floors
40G. Muravin, B. Muravin, L. Lezvinsky, Margan Physical Diagnostics, Israel; R. Axelsson, L. Johansson, Oskarsham NPP, Sweden; J. Cwiefeld, AF Kontroll, SwedenAcoustic Emission Monitoring of Water- Cooling System of BWR Reactor
41J. Fisher, G. Burkhardt, Southwest Research Institute, USA Clad Thickness Measurement System
42J. Guidez, A. Youtsos, C. Ohms, JRC, European Commission, Netherlands Role of Thermal and Sub-Thermal Neutrons in NDE Activities
43H.L. Lee, J.Y. Huang, J.J. Yeh, Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Taiwan; J.G. Huang, Taiwan Power Company, Taiwan High-Cycle Fatigue Cracking Behaviors of Low Alloy Steel SA533b1 and Type 316L Stainless Steel and Acoustic Emission Measurements
44A. Osintsev, V. Shchepinov, M. Bortnikov, Moscow State Engineering Physical Institute, Russia; I. Tutnov, RRC "Kurchatov Institute", RussiaDefinition of Contact Pressures and Forces in Obturating Junction of RBMK Type Reactor by Methods of Coherent Optics
45N. Chausov, A. Lebedev, S. Nedoseka, National Academy of Sciences, UkraineThe Influence of Structural Changes in a Material in the Course of Loading on its Acoustic Properties
Major Component Inspection I-IV
46L. Volkov, A. Leonov, Alfa Diagnostics, Russia; J. Sanchez, C. Costilla, J. Guerra, Tecnatom, SpainDefectology Associated to WWER's Steam Generator Critical Areas: Enhancing the ISI's NDT Technology and Development Trends
47D. Heinrich, T. Mägerlein, H. Otte, Alstom, GermanyPortable System for Remote and Automated In-Situ Inspection of Turbine Rotors
48C. Speas, F. Hall, A. Neff, Wolf Creek Nuclear Operating Corp., USAMain Condenser Assessment Program at Wolf Creek Generating Station
49K. Krzywosz, EPRI, USANDE of Combustion Turbine Coatings
50P. Efsing, J. Berglund, C. Sandelin, Barsebäck Kraft, Sweden; A. Werner, Westinghouse Atom TRC, SwedenVisual Inspection of Brackets for Emergency Core Spray System in Barsebäck Unit 2
51B. Redmer, U. Ewert, BAM, Germany; E. Hofmann, Alstom, Germany; B. Neundorf, Hamburgische Elektricitätswerke, GermanyNew System for Mechanised X- Ray Inspection of Welded Austenic Pipes
52K. Krzywosz, N. Muthu, EPRI, USAEddy Current Analysis of Relevant/Non-Relevant Signals From Tube Sheet Region of HP Feedwater Heaters
53I. Gledachev, P. Tsokov, I. Todev, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria; A. Zubchenko, B. Goncharov, N. Razigraev, TSNIITMASH, Russia; L. Sanchez, J. Guerra, I. Popkirov, Tecnatom, SpainNew Technologies and Tools for Advanced Eddy Current Inspections of Ligament Areas in VVER Steam Generators
54I. Gaibazzi, M. Sergio, ENEL, Italy; F. Chignoli, T. Cola, E. D'Alessio, R. Garavaglia, CESI, ItalyAutomated System for Ultrasonic & Eddy Current Testing of Hollow Rotors
55R. Linden, B. Swoyer, PPL Susquehanna LLC, USAUltrasonic Testing of Small Bore Piping Socket Welds
56C. Wassink, M. Robers, T. Bouma, RTD, NetherlandsScreening and Monitoring of Inaccessible Piping
57S. Morimoto, Toshiba, JapanExamination of the Ultrasonic Testing System for Dovetail of Turbine Rotors
58B. Pellegrino, B. Jolley, Everest VIT; P. Lewis, Rochester Gas & Electric, USADevelopment and Deployment of a Large-Area Visual Inspection Device for Nuclear Containment Building Inspection
59L. Smith, British Energy, UK; L. de Marneffe, Tractebel, Belgium; E. Mathet, OECD-NEA, France; P. Contri IAEA, Austria; T. McNulty, HM Nuclear Installations Inspectorate, UKDevelopment Priorities for Non-Destructive Examination of Concrete Structures in Nuclear Plant - An International Perspective
60E. Abittan, EDF, France; D. Desruelles, Framatome-ANP; B. Pierrot, CTE Nordtest, FranceThermal Crackling Detection and Sizing on Thermal Barriers of Primary Pumps
61H. Houserman, Zetec, USARecent Developments in Automated Inspections of Steam Generator Tubing
62K. Sawaragi, S.Tanioka ,Y.Asada, M. Kurokawa, K. Kawata, N.Kawase, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, JapanSteam Generator Tube Inspection with Intelligent ECT System
63B. Nadinic, Inetec, CroatiaPresentation of INETEC New Manipulator with Dual Pusher System for Inspection of WWER Steam Generator Tubes
64A. Garcia Bueno, Tecnatom, SpainContribution of the "Round Robin Test" PISC III of the Steam Generator Tubes to the Tecnatom Validation Program
65D. Leimbach, PPL Electric Utilities, USA; N. Muthu, K. Krzywosz, EPRI, USAEddy Current Characterization of Erosion-Assisted Tube Support Plate Degradations
66G. Lafontaine, M. Klatt, J. Renaud, F. Hardy, C. Fogal, R/D Tech, CanadaX-Probe Steam Generator Inspection Device
Inspection Qualification V
67G. Bollini, Tecnatom, Spain; C. Denker, Barsebäck NPP, SwedenQualification of Tecnatom's ISI Systems for Reactor Pressure Vessel Areas of Barsebäck 1 and 2 and Oskarshamn 2 NPPs; (Project RTID)
68R. Martínez-Ońa, O. Carrillo, G. Bollini, Tecnatom, Spain; M. Saenz, A. Quińones, ICAI, SpainAssessment of Inspection Systems Uncertainties in the RTID Project. From Concept to Application
69L. Becker, EPRI, USAPerformance Demonstration -25 Years of Progress
70P. Tzokov, V. Nichev, I. Todev, Kozloduy NPP, Bulgaria; R. Miteva, CUAEPP, Bulgaria; M. Mihovsky, Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Bulgaria; C. Waites , R. Booler, AEA Technology, UKInspection Qualification of Steam Generator Tubing Inspections in Bulgaria
71G. Henry, C. Smith, EPRI, USA Eddy Current Performance Determination in the Presence of Extraneous Variables
72L. Horácek, Nuclear Research Institute, Czech RepublicPreliminary Results of a Pilot Study on ET Inspection Qualification of VVER Type SG Tubes Based on Blocks with Realistic SCC Defect Simulations
73J. Alegre Rodriguez, Tecnatom, Spain; J. Garcia Sicilia, Cofrentes NPP, Spain; J. Lopez Ansorena, Vandellos NPP, SpainThe Spanish Pilot Project for ISI Qualification
74L. Le Ber, R. Raillon, P. Calmon, CEA, France; E. Abittan, EDF, FranceContribution of UT Simulation to the Qualification Dossier of a PWR Secondary Loop Nozzle Examination
75G. Pherigo, A. Pherigo, FlawTech, USAUsing Flawed Specimens To Enhance NDE Performance
76M. Sarkimo, J. Pitkänen, VTT, Finland; R. Paussu, Fortum, FinlandExperiences from Qualification Defect Manufacturing for Ultrasonic Testing
77P. Veron, Equipos Nucleares, SpainFabrication of Samples With Cracks
78T. Zetterwall, M. Ryf, B. Thoren, SQC, SwedenDefect Simulation and Qualification of Visual Technique for Inspection of Vessels Internals
Structural Integrity and NDE I-II
79F. Champigny, G. Bezdikian, EDF, FrancePressure Vessel Integrity: Demonstration of Life Extension to Thirty Years
80L.M. Davies, LMD Consultancy, B. Gueorguiev, P. Trampus, IAEA, AustriaRole of NDT in Nuclear Power Plant Management
81J.L. Landrum, EPRI, USA; T. McAlister, South Carolina Electric & Gas, USAIndustry Response to Leak in Reactor Vessel Nozzle-to-Hot Leg Weld
82J. Pinczés, D. Szabó, G. Takács, J. Palásti, L. Sárközi, Paks NPP, HungaryIn-Service Inspection Practice at Paks NPP
83F. Champigny, EDF, FranceInspection Programs for the Primary Circuit of PWR: New Approach
84V. Vasiliev, Rosenergoatom, RussiaLeak Before Break Concept Applicability Assessment to VVER-1000 and 440's Main Coolant Piping and Surge Line
85S. Doctor, G. Schuster, PNNL, USA; E. Kietzman, B. Rassler, EPRI, USADestructive Validation Methodology and Results for the Characterization of Flaws in Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessels
86S. Crawford, G. Schuster, S. Doctor, PNNL, USAFabrication Flaw Rate Estimates for Base Metal of Pressure Vessels and Initial Validation Results
87C. Khan, E. Sullivan, D. Coe, US NRC, USARecent Revisions to the U.S.N.R.C. Regulatory Program for Performing Steam Generator (SG) Inspections (1)
88M. Behravesh, EPRI, USARole of NDE in Integrity Assessment of Steam Generator Tubes
89A. Wooldridge, V. Baborovsky, E. McDonald, B. Banahan, BNFL Magnox, UKUltrasonic Detection and Sizing of Complex Defects and Implications for Structural Assessment Procedures
Advances in Ultrasonic NDE Methods
90F. Bettayeb, CSC, Algeria; T. Rachedi, H. Benbartaoui, S. Talmat, University of Science and Technology USTHB, AlgeriaWANSY: An Improved Automated Ultrasonic NDE System for Flaw Detection and Analysis by Wavelet and ANN, with Simulation of the Component Behavior
91O. Le Baron, J. Poguet, Imasonic, FranceEnhanced Resolution Transducers for Thick Pieces Ultrasonic Inspection: The Fermat Transducer Project
92Y.S. Lee, Chungwoon University, Korea; C.S. Park, Korea Advanced Inspection Technology, KoreaComparison of Wavelet-Denoising and SSP method for Ultrasonic Speckle
93T. Furukawa, H. Yoneyama, Y. Horii, JAPEIC, JapanEvaluation of the Ultrasonic Beam Skewing by the Welding Conditions in Austenitic Stainless Steel Welds
94P. Renaut, J.M. Tchilian, Framatome-ANP, France; A.M. Roy, G. Theron, EDF, France; C. Chambon, B. Courouble, Aubert&Duval, FranceInvestigation of UT Reliability on Thick Forged Austenitic Steels (180-600 Mm). Selection of Acceptance Criteria
95O. Dupond, D. Villard, M. Mayos, EDF, FranceTowards an Improvement of Ultrasonic Examination of Austenitic Stainless Steel Welds
96K. Quirk, Phoenix Inspection Systems, UKAutomated Ultrasonic Weld Inspection at 170deg C
97N. Kouno, M. Koike, M. Okudaira, Hitachi Ltd, JapanRecognition and Sizing of Flaw in Weld Zone using Acoustical Holography
98A. Erhard, R. Boehm, U. Tessaro, H. Wüstenberg, BAM, GermanyCharacterisation and Sizing of Defects in the Cladded Area using Ultrasonic Methods
99S. Kenefick, G. Henry, EPRI, USAUltrasonic Imaging Technique for Characterizing Surface Breaking Flaws
100P.R. Johnson, General Electric, USAUltrasonic Phased Array for Examination of BWR/2 Lower Shroud Support Welds
101R. Drai, M. Khelil, A. Benchaala, CSC, Algeria; M. Boudraa, University of Science and Technology USTHB, AlgeriaTime Frequency and Time Scale in Ultrasonics NDE
102P. Barros, ISQ, PortugalCCS2001T - An Ultrasonic Tool for Detection and Characterisation of Discontinuities
103J. Poguet, Imasonic, FrancePiezocomposite Technology: an Innovative Approach to the Improvement of NDT Performance using Ultrasounds
104M. Lozev, EWI, USAPhased Array Applications for Pressure Components Inspection
105C. Poidevin, O. Roy, S. Chatillon, CEA, France; G. Cattiaux, CEA/IPSN, FranceSimulation Tools for Ultrasonic Testing Inspection of Welds
106D. Heinrich, Alstom, GermanyUT-Inspection of Nuclear Components based on Reflection and Defraction Techniques
107J. Peláez, F. Fernández, J. Vázquez, E. González, Tecnatom, SpainExperiences on NDE Examination of Bimetallic Welds in Nuclear Plants
108S. Baby, T. Balasubramanian, REC Tiruchirappalli, India; R. Pardikar, BHEL, India Defect Detection Study in Austenitic Steel Welds and the Performances of Different Ultrasonic Transducers
109K. Sawaragi, M. Ideo, S. Tanioka, Y. Tada, K. Masumoto, M. Kurokawa, S. Kawanami, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, JapanStudy on Application of Phased Array UT Technique to Actual Nuclear Power Plant
110J. Poguet, Imasonic, France Phased Array Technology: Concepts, Sensors and Applications
111D. MacDonald, J. Landrum, M. Dennis, G. Selby, EPRI, USAPhased Array UT Technologies for Nuclear Pipe Inspection Productivity and Reliability
112S. Aliouane, A. Badidi Bouda, CSC, AlgeriaTheory of Non-Uniformly Excited and Uniformly Spaced Array EMAT
Major Component Inspection V
113P. Sabourin, P. Zayicek, EPRI, USAUltrasonic Inspection of Axial-Entry Disk Blade Attachments Utilizing Linear Phased Array Technology
114H. Trautmann, Westinghouse Reaktor, GermanyUltrasonic Testing of Austenitic and Dissimilar Metal Welds
115T. Shimura, M. Koike, K. Nomura, Y. Mabuchi, Hitachi, JapanBasic Study of Inspection Technique for Inconel Weld
116S. Mahaut, O. Roy, O. Casula, CEA, France; G. Cattiaux CEA/IPSN, FranceUT Pipe Inspection using a Smart Flexible Contact Transducer
117P. Ciorau, Ontario Power Generation, Canada; J. Poguet, Imasonic, FranceSpecial Linear Phased Array Probes used for Ultrasonic Examination of Complex Turbine Components
118R. Owen, British Energy Generation, UKNDT for the Dungeness B Superheater Header Repair Project
RPV and Primary Circuit Inspection I-III
119J. Dagen, A. Rodgers, Mitsui Babcock, UK; P. Hansen, Force Institute, DenmarkDevelopment of Free-Roaming Scanner for ISI of Circumferential and Longitudinal Welds in RPVs
120J. Sanchez, J. Vázquez, U. de Caria, Tecnatom, SpainAdvanced Non-Destructive Examination Systems for VVER Reactor Pressure Vessels
121G. Engl, W. Rathgeb, IntelligeNDT, Germany; H. Eggers, B. Neundorf, Hamburgische Electricitätswerke, Germany On-Site Experience with an Innovative System for Reactor Pressure Vessel In-Service Inspections from the Outside
122E. Parent, Westinghouse Barras Provence, FranceKnow-How in Reaktor Vessel Head Inspections
123T. Shimura, Y. Mabuchi, T. Kikuchi, M. Senoo, Hitachi, JapanDevelopment of the Underwater Inspection Vehicles for the Nuclear Power Plant
124W. Alford, WesDyne International, USA; T. McAlister, South Carolina Electric & Gas, USAFall 2000 Field Experience with ID Inspection of Reactor Vessel Nozzles at V.C. Summer
125Z. Skála, J. Vít, Škoda JS, Czech RepublicApplication of TOFD Method for VVER 440 Vessel Shell Testing
126J. Cermak , M. Delaide AIB Vinçotte, Belgium; H. Sweerts, Electrabel, Doel NPP, BelgiumAssessment of Steam Generator Secondary Welds by Means of the UT Phased Array Technology
127C. Poidevin, Ph. Benoist, A. Viard, CEA, France; J. Gros, M. Giraud, P. Quer, CEA/ Centrale Phenix Novatome, FranceUltrasonic Inspection of the Core Support Structure of Phenix Reactor
128J. Pitkänen, P. Kauppinen, VTT, FinlandExperiences from SAFT in Nuclear Applications
129J. Thomson, Mitsui Babcock, UK; G. Woodcock, British Energy, UK; J. Sanchez, Tecnatom, Spain; A. Vasiliev, Smolensk NPP, Russia; K. Lebedev, Rosenergoatom, RussiaEquipment for improved ISI of Smolensk RBMK
130P. Ouseph, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, IndiaInspection of Pressure Tube of Pressurised Water Loop of CIRUS Research Reactor
131J. Fernandez Míguez, Tecnatom, SpainPETAVA, CRDH Penetration Inspection System
132V. Vasiliev, S. Malkov, Rosenergoatom, Russiantegrity Assessment of WWER-1000, 440's Pressure Vessels
133J. Lindberg, General Electric, E. Gonzalez, Tecnatom, U.S.AExamination of Shroud Support Structures in Boiling Water Reactors
134H. Jung, Y. Cheong, H. Huh, Y. Lee, C. Sim, KAERI, Korea; H. Sabbagh, USARemote Field Eddy Current Signal Evaluation for Location of Garter Spring in CANDU Fuel Channels
135F. Aparkin, K. Kornienko, N. Davidenko, Rosenergoatom, RussiaImprovements of Non-Destructive Testing for In-Service Inspections of NPP Components in Russia
Structural Integrity and NDE III-IV
136M. Davies, LMD Consultancy, UK; A. Ballesteros, Tecnatom, SpainAspects of Operational Life Management of Nuclear Power Plants
137T. Nomura, Japan Energy Research Center, Japan; D. Kato, Japan Energy Research Center Co., JapanAssessment of On-Going Damage with Risk-Based Inspection Procedure on the Pressure Component
138V. Chapman, UK; L. Fabbri, JRC, European Commission, NetherlandsDevelopment Towards a European Risk Informed Inspection Methodology
139A. Youtsos, C. Ohms, JRC, European Commission, Netherlands NDT Based on Neutron Techniques in Support of Structural Integrity Assessment
140S. Smalley, Royal & SunAlliance, UK: B. Kenzie, TWI, UKRBI- Achieving Effective and Reliable Plant Inspection
141D. Jackson, L. Abramson , US NRC, USA; S. Doctor, F. Simonen, G. Schuster, PNNL, USADevelopment of a Generalized Flaw Distribution as Input to the Re-evaluation of the Technical Basis for U.S. Pressurized Thermal Shock Regulation of Pressurized Water Reactor Vessels
142P. Hermansky, M. Hrazsky, V. Makys, M. Mikuš, VUJE, Slovak RepublicVVER440 RPV Integrity Analyses in Relation to In-Service Inspection Capabilities
143B. Eriksen, N. Taylor, F. Hukelmann, JRC, European Commission, NetherlandsNESC-III: Developing a Benchmark for Structural Integrity Assessment of Dissimilar Welds in LWR Piping
144G. Karzov, B. Timofeev, CRISM "Prometey", RussiaImprovement of RPV Structure Integrity Analysis by Considerating NDT Techniques and Inspection Data Obtained
145A. Correia da Cruz, C. Araujo, P. Barros, ISQ, PortugalRemanent Life Assessment for Tubes Working at High Temperature
146K. Jano, B. Aleksic, Z. Burzic, A. Bredjan, OIL Refinery Pancevo, YugoslaviaThe Role of NDE in Diagnostics, Remedial Actions and Assessment of Suitability for Further Operation Platformer Reactors
147I. Tutnov, A. Tutnov, A. Kyselev, A. Kyselev, RRC Kurchatov Institute, Russia; A. Larkin, I. Odintsev, V, Shchepinov, A. Shchykanov, Moscow State Engineering Physical Institute, Russia; J. Fontaine, ENSAIS, France; M. Grosmann, Université Louis Pasteur, FranceResidual Stresses Analysis of a RBMK Pipe Dn-300 using Advances in Holographic Interferometry and Structural Integrity Assessment
148M.S. Zaritsky, SSTC NRS, UkraineImplementing RIISI Methodology at NPPs in Ukraine as Scientific and Technical Support to the Regulatory Authority
Reliability and Organisational Issues
149A. Jovanovic, MPA, Germany; C. Müller, BAM, Germany; A. Eriksson, L. Fabbri, JRC, European Commission, NetherlandsProgress of EPERC - Task Force on Inspection Harmonisation
150G. Engl, W. Rathgeb, G. Guse, IntelligeNDT, Germany, A. Gagnor, Intercontrôle, France; M. Hacker, Framatome-ANP, USAOptimised Reliability and Minimised Inspection Time by Application of Innovative Systems for In-Service Inspections
151C. Müller, BAM, GermanyThe Application of Systems Theory in Measuring the Reliability of NDE within a Modular Approach
152J. Thompson, British Institue of NDT Certification Services, UKApproval of NDT Personnel under the Provisions of the European Pressure Equipment Directive
153J. Enkvist, Stockholm University, SwedenEffects of Decision Patterns and Stress on Manual UT Performances
154J. Spanner, EPRI, USA; D. Harris, Anacapa Sciences, USAInterventions to Improve the Size of the Future NDE Workforce
155B. Kurcbart, P. Katchadjian, National Atomic Energy Commission, ArgentinaActivities of the Personel Qualification and Certification Centre in NDT and Welding in the National Atomic Energy Commission (CNEA) - Argentina
156I. Kadenko, NDE Training and Certification Facility, Ukraine; R. Levy, Framatome-ANP Intercontrole, France; D. Couplet, Tractebel, BelgiumEstablishing the NDT Training and Qualification Center for Nuclear Industry in Ukraine
157L. Becker, EPRI, USAInspection Reliability Information Resulting from Performance Demonstration Results
158M. Bičth, J.L. Monjaret, JRC, European Commission, NetherlandsNDE Activities in the European Union Tacis and Phare Nuclear Safety Programmes
159H.Miharada, H. Ishida, H. Yoneyama, N. Uesugi, JAPEIC, JapanVerification Tests on Ultrasonic Test & Evaluation for Maintenance Standards
160H.F. Shyu, T.T. Yang, C. Chang, C.H. King, F.J. Hsu, Institute of Nuclear Energy Research, Taiwan; M.H. Lee, Y.F. Wu, TPC, TaiwanAn Expert System for Auditing of NPP Maintenance
161A.F. Getman, VNIIAES, RussiaPlanning of Locations, Techniques and Frequency of In-Service Non-Destructive Examination to Achieve Acceptable Levels of Reliability and Lifetime of Vessels and Piping. Quantitative Methods
RPV and Primary Circuit Inspection IV
162G. Schuster, S. Doctor, PNNL, USAUse of SAFT-UT in Characterizing Fabrication Flaws in Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessels
163Y. Sekinuma, General Electric; A. Garcia, Tecnatom, SpainNDE Tools for ICMH Replacement at BWR
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