NDTnet - October 1998, Vol.3 No.10
Toronto 14-18 September 1998
1st Pan American Conference for Nondestructive Testing

Printed Proceedings Published by the Canadian Society for NDT

See also: Report on the 1st Pan-American Conference for NDT
 Keynote Address
Making NDT Part of the Process
Dr. Jean F. Bussiere, Director
Industrial Materials Institute
National Research Council of Canada. (jean.bussiere@nrc.ca)
 NDT Applications
Track Leader: Daniel Bogatin, Certified Testing
Abs. Full-Text Author
1 Application of Ultrasonic Testing Methods for Volumetric and Surface lnspection of CANDU Pressure Tubes M.Trelinski - Ontario Hydro Nuclear Technology Services
Contact: Mike Trelinski email: mtrelinski@SPANIT.COM
2 Remote Visual Inspection (RVT) for Internal Pressure Vessel Inspection B.Pellegrino - Visual Inspection Technologies lnc.
Contact: Bruce Pelligrino email: brucep@v-i-t.com
3 Application Limitations For Digital Radiography R. Kochakian, B.Vaessen, P.Williams - Agfa NDT Systems
Contact: R.Kochakin email: Rich_KochakinB@Bayer.com
4 Mechanized Ultrasonic Inspection of Large Diameter Gas Pipeline Girth Welds M. Moles - R/D Tech Mississauga; N.Dube - R/D Tech Quebec City; E.A.Ginzel - Materials Research Institute
Contact: Mike Moles email: Mmoles@rd-tech.com
5 Inspection of Cylinders Using Ultrasonic Guided Waves M.Brassard, A.Chahbaz, V.Mustafa - Tektrend International; M.Abdelli - Canadian Liquide Air Ltd.
Contact: Micheal Brassard email: michael.brassard@tektrend-int.com
6 75 Selenium - Results from On-Site Radiography T.W.Kaftal, R.Grimm - GammaMat Isotopen - Technik Dr. Sauerwin GMBH
Track Leader: David Craig, Pratt and Whitney Canada
7 The Engine Titanium Consortium Goals, Achievements and Future Plans K. Smith - Pratt and Whitney Florida; L. Bruscha - lowa State University
Contact: L.Brasche email: lbrasche@cnde.iastate.edu
8 Large Robotic Shearography for the Production of a Composite Business Jet J. Newman - Laser Technology Inc.
9 The Use of Neutron Radiography in the Inspection of Aircraft Composite Flight Control Surfaces W.J. Lewis - Royal Military College of Canada
Contact: W.J.Lewis email: wlewis@travel-net.com
10 Advanced NDI Technique Utilization at Pratt and Whitney, Canada F. Miranda - Pratt and Whitney Canada Inc.
Contact: F.Miranda, Pratt & Whitney Canada, 1100 Marie Victorin, Longueuil, Quebec J4G 1A1
11New Advances In Filmless Radiography T.Kinsella, M.Dowling - Liberty Technologies Inc.
Contact: Peter Soltani email: psoltani@libtech.attmail.com
  Research and Development I
Track Leader: Walter Weber, Utex Scientific Instruments
12 Review of Iar NDI Research in Support of Aging Aircraft A.Fahr, D.S. Forsyth, D.W. Schindel,; C.E. Chapman - Institute for Aerospace Research, National Research Council Canada
Contact: A.Fahr email: ABBAS.FAHR@NRC.CA
13 Laser Ultrasonics for Inspection and Characterization of Aeronautic Materials J.P. Monchalin - Industrial Materials Institute, National Research Council Canada; P.Bouchard, R.Heon, C.Padioleau - Ultra-Optec Inc.
Contact: Jean email: Jean-Pierre.Monchalin@nrc.ca
14 Flexible UT Array J.Langlois - Sigma Transducers
Contact: Jocelyn Langlois email: jocelyn_l@hotmail.com
15 Characterization for Ceramic Coating by Modified Modal Frequency Spacing Method J.D.N. Cheeke, Z. Wang - Concordia University
Contact: JDN Cheeke email: cheeke@alcor.concordia.ca
16 Novel Clad Ultrasonic Buffer Rods for the Monitoring of Industrial Materials Processing C.K. Jen - Industrial Materials Institute, National Defence Headquarters;
Contact: C.K. Jen email: Cheng-Kuei.Jen@nrc.ca
17 Pulsed Eddy Current Method Development for Hidden Corrosion in Aircraft Structures B.A.Lepine - Air Vehicles Research Detachment, D.S. Forsyth - Institute for Aerospace Research, National Research Council Canada
Contact: B.A.Lepine email: brian.lepine@nrc.ca
18 Automation of the Interpretation of Enhanced Visual NDT D.S. Forsyth, J.P. Komorowski, R.W. Gould,; A. Marincak - Institute for Aerospace Research, National Research Council Canada
Contact: Davi Forsyth email: david.forsyth@nrc.ca
19 Feasibility Study of Ultrasonic Inspection Using Phased Array of ABB L-O Blade Root A.Lamarre, N.Dubé, F.Mainguy, F.Jacques - RD Tech, Quebec; P.Ciorau, B.Bevins, D.Macgillivray - Ontario Hydro
  NDE and PdM in Maintenance
Track Leader: Larry Cote, Dofasco, Inc
20 NDT Overview at Dofasco F. Dunbrack, W. Yeomans Dofasco, Inc.
Contact: Fred Dunbrack email: fred_dunbrack@dofasco.ca
21 STLE Overview E. Salek - Society for Triboligists and Lubrication Engineers
Contact: Ed Salek email: stle@interaccess.com
22 Lubrication /Lubrication Analysis D. Banks - LubriTech Co.
Contact: Dave Banks email: david.banks@sympatico.ca
23Practical Applications of Machinery Vibration Analysis J. M. Robichaud - Bretech Engineering, Inc.
Contact: J.Robichaud email: jmr@bretech.com
24Using Signal Analysis Tools and Techniques to Solve Product Defects T. DeMatteo - CSI Services Inc.
Contact: Tony DeMatteo email: demattet@compsys.com
25 Optimizing your Infrared Program to Improve your Plant's Performance A. Hines - Dofasco, Inc
Contact: Al Hines email: ahines@dqc.dofasco.ca
26Linking Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) with Computerized Maintenance M. Tobin - Consultant; D.Brooks - Dofasco Inc.
Contact: Dane Brooks email: dane_brooks@dofasco.ca
27 SMRP and the Physical Asset Management Profession in 2010 L.Cote - Dofasco Inc.
Contact: Larry Cote email: larry_cote@dofasco.ca
  Education and Certification
Track Leader: Alison Smit, NDE Institute of Canada
28 Canadian Welding Bureau, Welding Inspection Certification Programs W. Kennedy - Canadian Welding Bureau
Contact: B.Kennedy, Canadian Welding Bureau, 7250 West Credit Ave., Mississuaga, Ont. L5N 5N1
29 The European Experience of Central Certification for NDT Personnel S.Lavender - Lavender International NDT
Contact: S.Lavender email: Stephen@lavender.demon.co.uk
30 Progress in Introducing Central Certification in the USA M. Turnbow - American Society for Nondestructive Testing
Contact: M.Turnbow email: MLTurnbow@TVA.GOV
31 CAMC/ NDT, An Aerospace Sector for CAN/CGSB 48.9712 - 95 D. Ronson - Canadian Aviation Maintenance Council
Contact: Dave Ronson, Standard Aero Ltd., 33 Allen Dyne Rd., Winnepeg, Manitoba, R3H 1A1
32 Introduction to the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, Nuclear Safety and Control Act and Regulations and the Certification Program for the Certified Exposure Device Operator D. Cochrane - Atomic Energy Control Board
Contact: M.L.Gaucher email: Marion.L.Gaucher@pwgsc.gc.ca
33 Standards and NDT in Canada: A Harmonized Approach M.Gaucher - Canadian General Standards Board
34 Update on Canada's Program for the Qualification and Certification of Nondestructive Testing Personnel J. Newbury - Natural Resources Canada
Contact: J.Newbury email: J.Newbury@NRCAN.gc.ca
35 Training: When is Enough Enough? A. Anderson - INTEG
Contact: Angus Anderson email: angusndt@aol.com
  General Research and Certification
Track Leader: Douglas Whitely, Dofasco Inc.
36 Qualification and Certification of Vibration Specialists J. M. Robichaud - Bretech Engineering Ltd.
Contact: J.Robichaud email: jmr@bretech.com
37 How Can an ISO 9000 Quality System Improve the Bottom Line of a Service Provider? J. F. Young - J.F. Young International
Contact: J.F.Young email: jfyi@jfyi.com
38 Brazilian Experience in NDE Equipment Calibration O.Rossi Jr. - ACS Vanguard Consulting Ltd.
Contact: Ashley Stone email: jacobsen@idirect.com
39 Ultrasonic Technique Development using Imagine 3D W.Weber - UTEX Scientific Instruments Inc.
Contact: W.Weber email: wweber@utex.com
40 EMAT Generation of Polarized Shear Waves for Ultrasonic Pipe Inspection M.Brassard, J.Gauthier, V.Mustafa, A.Chahbaz - Tektrend International
Contact: J.Gauthier email: julie.gauthier@tektrend-intl.com
41 Microwave Nondestructive Testing of Thin Multi-Layers of Conductive Structures V.Gravriline - CashCode
Contact: V.Gravriline email: valeri@cashcode.com
42 A Computerized Non-Contacting NDT System Using an Impacting Acoustic Wave Applied to Detecting Corrosion and Subsurface Defects in Composite and Metal Structures J.Webster, Dr. T. Thevar, M.Kalshteyn - Holographics Inc.; J.Mew - University of Portsmouth
Contact: J.Webster email: john_webster@compuserve.com
43 Pulsed Phase and Thermal Tomographie: A Comparison F.Galmiche, Dr. X Maldague - Université Laval Electrical and Computing Eng. Dept.
Contact: F.galmiche email: maldagx@gel.ulaval.ca
  Research and Development II
Track Leader: Douglas Whitely, Dofasco Inc.
44 An Enhanced Flourescent Liquid Penetrant Inspection Technique for Measurement of Surface Cracks M.Yanishevsky - Department of National Defense
Contact: M.Yanishevsky email: ab151@issc.debbs.ndhq.dud.ca
45 Noncontact EMAT Monitoring of Oil Country Tubular Goods M.Macecek - Techno Scientific Inc.
Contact: M.Macecek email: macecektsi@aol.com
46Advanced MPI System J.Monks - DeW Systems
Contact: J.Monks email: equipcon1@aol.com
47 The Application of Advanced and Conventional Ultrasonics to the Inspection Of Critical Components of the Venezuelan Oil Industry H.Figeuro, W. Bustillos, L. Ganhao, L. Yepez, C. Perez
Contact: H.Figueroa email: tetmhf1@intevep.pdv.com
48 Research in Automatic Machine Vision in MPI Applications J.Monks
Contact: M.Willcox email: Mark@DeW-Systems.com
49 Additional Applications with the Alternating Current Field Measurement (ACFM) Technique C.Laenen, A.Raine, D.Topp - Trikon Technologies Inc.;
Contact: A.Raine email: 110034.2314@compuserve.com
50 Ultrasonic Mapping of Outer Oil Body Casing M.Macecek - Techno Scientific Inc.
51Air-Coupled Ultrasonics J.Gilbert
Contact: Jeff Gilbert email: Jgilbert@AASCWORLD.COM
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