NDTnet 1998 April, Vol.3 No.4

Ultrasound puts materials to the test
Many industries use ultrasound to find defects in materials, and a new technique that seems to make time go backwards could make ultrasonic imaging more accurate and reliable

Mathias Fink *


These time-reversal mirrors are made from piezo-composite materials. Each one has 128 individual transducers and is between 60 and 120 mm across.


Defects and echoes

Ways to improve focusing

Ways to reverse time

Waves on the surface

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Thanks to the IOP Publishing (Institute of Physics) we are able to provide this article which was published in PhysicsWorld Febr 1998 issue.
Current issue of PhysicsWorld shows again a NDT related article: Listening to the sound of breaking glass
New work by Jean-Francois Boudet and Sergio Ciliberto at the Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon in France indicates that the sound emitted during fracture can strongly influence the way in which a crack propagates. |Top|
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