NDT.net - March 2008, Vol. 13 No.3

European NDT Days in Prague 07

November 05-09, 2007, Prague, Czech Republic

European NDT Days in Prague 07 :: Basic Information

This CD-ROM contains the papers that were presented in frame of the European NDT Days in Prague 2007. The main organizer of the ENDTD in Prague 07 was the Czech Society for NDT. More info about our society can be found on the web page: www.cndt.cz. These "Days" were organized in cooperations with European federation for NDT (www.efndt.org).

European NDT Days in Prague 2007 were composed from four internatinal events:

  • 4th Workshop "NDT in Progress" - International Meeting of NDT Experts
    The primary aim of these workshops is the meeting of NDT world experts and discussion of the latest state-of-the-art of the NDT research and development in selected areas. Although the workshop is intended for a limited number of participants, the young researchers (students) were also invited to present their findings. The workshop language was English. The workshop was organized commonly by Czech (CNDT) and German (DGZfP) Societies for NDT.

  • International Conference "NDE for Safety"
    The conference aim was to support the expanding role of NDE/NDT methods in manufacturing, transport, aircraft industry, energetics, mechanical and material engineering, electrotechnics and microelectronics, eventualy also other safety branches. The official language of the conference was English.

  • "DEFEKTOSKOPIE 2007" - 37th International CNDT Annual Conference
    This conference was organized by Czech Society for NDT as an international annual CNDT meeting. The conference was aimed to all topics of non-destructive testing and evaluation of materials and structures in all areas of technical activities. The official languages of the conference were Czech, Slovak and English.

  • NDT Expo - NDT instruments and services exposition

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