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Safety Issues in the Management of Industrial Radiography

Roger Griffiths,
Inspection and Integrity Manager, BP Refinery (Bulwer Island) Ltd.


1. Introduction:

2.0 Safety in Radiography - Who is responsible?

3.0 Radioisotope retrieval:

4.0 Conclusions:

5.0 References:

  1. Roger Griffiths, "An incident involving a jammed radiography source", 12th annual conference of the Australian radiation protection society, Brisbane, July 1987.
  2. Roger Griffiths, "Isotope recovery from a remote location", presented at 'Quality and Safety in NDT, Coolangatta, March 1992 and published in Non-destructive testing Australia, Vol 30 No 4 July/August 1993. Note Erratum in Vol 30 No 6 November/December 1993.
  3. "Code of practice for the safe use of industrial radiography equipment", National health and medical research council, 1989.
  4. Note that References [1] and [2] cover essentially the same material.

Appendix 1:

Appendix 2

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