10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Non-Destructive Testing


Interlayer Crack Detection Results Using Sliding Probe Eddy Current ProceduresMr David G. Moore, USA
Neutron Radioscopy Inspection of Composite Flight Control SurfacesDr Les Bennett, CANADA
Infrared System Specifications – What does it all mean?Mr Colin Hockings, AUSTRALIA
Delivery of NDT in the UK MilitaryMr Geoff Tipler, UK
From ‘Safe Life’ to Fracture Mechanics – F111 Aircraft Cold Temperature Proof Testing at RAAF Amberley.Mr Gerry Redmond, AUSTRALIA
Automated Fluorescent Penetrant Inspection System (FPI) is Triple AMs Terri Lynn Adair, USA
Thinking-Feeling – Extraversion-Introversion -Testing Without Self-DestructingMr Geoff McDonald, AUSTRALIA
Comparative Vacuum Monitoring: a New Method of In-Situ Real Time Crack Detection and MonitoringMr Max Wishaw, AUSTRALIA
Corrosion-related Acoustic Emission and Its IdentificationDr Rong S Geng, P.R. CHINA
NDT - A Continueing Responsibility in the Future of Aerospace Dr Gary Georgeson, USA
Fatigue Testing – It’s Role in Non-Destructive TestingMr Howard Morton, AUSTRALIA
Investigation of F111 TF30 Engine Compressor Disk Cracking and Development of a Suitable NDI Procedure at RAAF AmberleyMr Gerry Redmond, AUSTRALIA
Fundamental & Applied Research
Ultrasonic Testing for Spatial Grid Structure EvaluationMr Zaiqi Zhou, CHINA
Detection and Sizing of Cracking from the Inner Surface using ID Creeping WavesMr Peter Hayward, NEW ZEALAND
Stress-Strain Relationship Evaluated by Load-Depth Curve Obtained from Indentation TechniqueMr Masatoshi Futakawa, JAPAN
Partial Modal Analysis for Health Assessment of Living TreesMr Joakim Axmon, SWEDEN
NDE of Closed Fatigue Crack on the Metal Surface by MicrowavesDr Yang Ju, JAPAN
Applications of Microwaves in Non-Destructive TestingMr Harry Siu-Lung Ku, AUSTRALIA
Radiography of Thin Sections of Aluminium and Composites with Americium-241 and X-RAYSMr G C Das, INDIA
Probabability of Detection for Magnetic Rubber Inspections of F-111 Steel ComponentsMs Cayt Harding, AUSTRALIA
3D Tomographic Visualisation of an Aluminium Manifold Speciman on Experimental Gamma-Ray Tomographic SystemMr Umesh Kumar, INDIA
A Study on the Couplant Effects in Contact Ultrasonic Testing.Mr Young Kim, KOREA
Kaiser Effects in Thermo-Acoustic Emissions from Carbon Fiber/Epoxy LaminatesMr Jung-Heun Kim, KOREA
Non-Destructive Testing Method for the Detection of the Internal Defects Inside ConcreteMr Sang Kyun Woo, KOREA
Non-Destructive Evaluation of Composite Structures Using Laser UltrasonicsProfessor Tsung-Tsong Wu, TAIWAN
Characterization of Imperfect Interfaces in IC Packaging using Deconvolved Ultrasonic SignalsDr Xiaoming Jian, KOREA
Determination Of Elastic Constants Of Filament Wound Composite Cylindrical Shells Using Laser-Induced Guided WavesProfessor Ching-Chung Yin, TAIWAN
Study on Moire Phenomenon in Ultrasonic C-scan ImageMr Guanping Guo, P.R.CHINA
Nondestructive Differentiating Three Transformation Products in Low Alloy Steel with Two Ultrasonic MethodsMr Li Lin, P.R.CHINA
Broadband Dispersion Behaviour of Wedge WavesDr Che-Hua Yang, TAIWAN
Semi-direct Measurements of Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity in Proposed Concrete Reference SpecimensDr Chih-Hung Chiang, TAIWAN
Thickness Evaluation of Pipes Using Density Profile on RadiographsMr Sung Sik Lee, KOREA
Strip Magnetic Dipole of Finite Length and Magnetic Particle InspectionMr Wei-Chang Zhong, P.R. CHINA
Non-Relevant Indications Along the Base Apex Lines of Work Pieces Magnetized CircumferentiallyMr Wei-Chang Zhong, CHINA
Nano-Indentation Assessment of Property Changes in Common Engineering Plastics after Exposure to Microwave EnergyDr Kunle Oloyede, AUSTRALIA
Mapping of Changes Induced by Microwave Heating in a Common Photoelastic Plastic – Towards an Effective Control of Thermal RunawayDr Kunle Oloyede, AUSTRALIA
The application of Wavelet Transform in Magnetic Flux Leakage Test of PipelineMr Lijian Yang, P.R. CHINA
Research on intelligent pipeline magnetic flux leakage detectorMr Lijian Yang, P.R. CHINA
Fundamental & Applied ResearchDr Stephen Burke, AUSTRALIA
Agfa and the EnvironmentMr Gary Barber, AUSTRALIA
Safety Issues in the Management of Industrial RadiographyMr Roger Griffiths, AUSTRALIA
Alex Wilson Memorial LectureMr Tony Sonneveld
Non-Destructive Techniques Used in Materials ConservationMs Christine Ianna, AUSTRALIA
The Ultrasonic Test Problem of In-service Super-high Pressure Crystal AutoclaveMr Dong Shang Yuan, P.R.CHINA
Industrial Plant & Structures
Condition Monitoring – Process Plant Inspection. An Ongoing Committment by Plant Owners & OperatorsMr Charles Panos, AUSTRALIA
The Astute Thermographer – How Can He Help?Mr Anthony Rolland, AUSTRALIA
NDT and It's Importance to Industrial Plants and EquipmentMr Chris Smallbone, AUSTRALIA
Keynote Nuclear: A Perspective on Development in NDE to Enable a Safe & Reliable Nuclear Power IndustryDr Baldev Raj, INDIA
Synergism of NDE & IT: A Generic Knowledge-base System for Effective and Reliable NDEDr Baldev Raj, INDIA
Five Years of Testing using the Semi-Automated Ultrasonic Time of Flight Diffraction SystemMr Stuart Webber, AUSTRALIA
Life Management Of Above Ground Atmospheric Storage TanksMr Harry Moss, AUSTRALIA
Detecting Inner Quality of Foundation Pile with Ultrasonic CT TechnologyMr Wang Wu-Ping, P.R.CHINA
Damage Detection on Wires of Ropes Applying Ultrasonic WavesMr Carlos Desimone, ARGENTINA
Remote Control of Temperature Influence on Steel Skeletons of Industrial Buildings and Bridge CranesDr Konstantin Yeryomin, RUSSIA
Crack Depth Measurement using Eddy-Current NDEDr Stephen Burke, AUSTRALIA
Infrared Thermography Test for High Temperature Pressure PipeMr Gongtian Shen, P.R. CHINA
The Advancement of NDT Technology and its Application in the Safety Assessment of Pressure VesselsDr Chen Guohua, P.R.CHINA
Detection and Measurement of Reformer Tube CreepMr Donald Searle, AUSTRALIA
New Acoustic-Emission Systems for Different Objects Including UnderwaterDr Mikhail Podlevskikh, RUSSIA
Simultaneous Processing and Analsysis of Multiple Thermographic NDE Data Sequences.Mr Steve Shepard, USA
Hydrogen Attack, Detection, Assessment and EvaluationMr Ray Kot, AUSTRALIA
Quality Control of Industrial Centres to X-, Beta and Gamma Rays During Radiography in IranMs Zahra Amrollahi, IRAN
Condition Assessment of Drafting Roller CirclesMr Rob Angus, AUSTRALIA
The Magnetic Leakage Field of Surface Crack under Geomagnetic ExcitationDr Li Luming, P.R. CHINA
Inspecting the Inner Corrosion Defects by Magnetic Flux Leakage Testing MethodDr Li Luming, P.R. CHINA
Research on Measuring Abrasion of Pumping Oil PipeDr Li Luming, P.R.CHINA
Nondestructive Evaluation for Degraded Structural Materials of 2.25CR-MO Steel used at High Temperatures by UltrasonicsDr Ik Keun Park, KOREA
On-Line Tank And Vessel Inspection Using Automated Ultrasonic Scanning.Mr Geoff Williams, AUSTRALIA
NDT Overview - Equipment ReliabilityMr Douglas Marshall, CANADA
Infrared Thermography Applications at Dofasco Inc.Mr Douglas Whitely, CANADA
Change in Elastic Constants with Thermal Embrittlement of Duplex Stainless SteelMr Masakazu Tane, JAPAN
Non-destructive Evaluation of Disbonding Area in Chip Scale Packages using Resonance Ultrasound SpectroscopyMr Keiji Sato, JAPAN
Non-destructive Characterisation of Carbon/Carbon Brake Disks Using UltrasonicsProfessor Joon-Hyun Lee, KOREA
Automated Ultrasonic Inspection of Semi-Finished ProfilesDr Wolfgang Weber, GERMANY
Development of Automatic Ultrasonic Inspection Systems Used in Heavy Rail ManufactureMr Wang Zicheng, P.R. CHINA
Methods & Instrumentation
Digital Imaging Techniques/SolutionsMr Gary Barber, AUSTRALIA
A New Eddy Current Surface Probe without Lift-off NoiseMr Hiroshi Hoshikawa, JAPAN
Automated Ultrasonic Rotoscan Weld Inspection – ‘AGL – Roma to Brisbane Stage & Gas Looping Pipeline Constructed by Clough/LucasMr Neile Findlay, AUSTRALIA
Evaluation of Heat-Seal Quality of Liquid Packaging Bags Made of Plastic Films by Infrared ThermographyProfessor Eisaku Umezaki, JAPAN
Achievement & Reliability of Non-Destrucitve TestingDr Michael Farley, SCOTLAND
Quality management in the Automotive Industry by Ultrasonic Inspection of Welded JointsMr Udo Schlengermann, GERMANY
Development of Flexible Ultrasonic Waveform Analysis for NDEMr Matthew Ibrahim, AUSTRALIA
Ground Penetrating Radar Technique and it’s Application in Non-Destructive Testing of Reinforced ConcreteDr Yonghui Zhao, P.R.CHINA
Depth-Profile Analysis of Elements by Glow Discharge Optical Emmission SpecrometryDr John Long, AUSTRALIA
Convenient Detection of Deep Defects in Steel with Portable InstrumentsMr Lui Bin, P.R.CHINA
Development of Portable X-Ray Analyzer (XRF/XRD) for Field StudiesMr Shuji Maeo, JAPAN
Testing of Composites Using a Mouse Mounted Acoustic FibreMr Laurence Dickinson, AUSTRALIA
Mechanism Study of Metal Magnetic Memory TestingProfessor Ren Jinlin,P.R.CHINA
Magnetization of Ferromagnetic Materials in Geomagnetic Field by Mechanical Strain – Prinicple of Metal Magnetic Memory Testing and Diagnostic TechniqueMr Wei-Chang Zhong, CHINA
Noise Reduction and Data Compression of Pipeline Magnetic Flux Leakage Signal Based on Wavelet TransformMr Lijian Yang, P.R.CHINA
Reliability Assessment of Ultrasonic NDE – Results af a Round Robin TestDr Un Su Park, KOREA
An Expert System for Auditing of NPP MaintenanceMr Hung-Fa Shyu, TAIWAN
The Degradation Evaluation of Reactor Pressure Vessel Materials due to Neutron Irradiation by Ultrasonic Characteristic AnalysisDr SamLai Lee, KOREA
Ultrasonic Data Acquisition and Analysis System for the Reactor Vessel Inspection Robot Guided by LaserDr Jong Po Lee, KOREA
RISYS: An Advanced Reactor Vessel Inspection System with Underwater Mobile RobotsDr Jae Hee Kim, KOREA
Ultrasonic Measurement of Calandria Tube Sags in a Korean PHWR’s Dr Tae Ryong Kim, KOREA
The Research Activities of Irradiation Damage Evaluation on Reactor Pressure Vessel Materials Using NDE Techniques in KoreaDr Kee-Ok Chang, KOREA
Performance Demonstration of Ultrasonic Testing System for Nuclear Power Plant Components in KoreaDr Jong Po Lee, KOREA
Training, Certification & Codes
Development of National Competency Standards for NDT within AustraliaMr Shane Flynn, AUSTRALIA
The role of ICNDT and Regional Groups in the harmonisation process for training & certification. Mr Giuseppe Nardoni, ITALY
NDTML – XML for NDTMr Morio Onoe, JAPAN
Training, Certification for Non-Destructive Testing: What is all the fuss about?Dr Gary Martin, AUSTRALIA
Non-Destructive Testing Laboratory Accreditation – Australian AdvancementsMr Brett Hyland, AUSTRALIA
Certification in the New MillenniumMr Peter Sheedy, AUSTRALIA
Approval of NDT Personnel Under the Provisions of the European Pressure Equipment DirectiveMr John Thompson, UK
A New Approach to Ultrasonic Inspection of ShaftsDr Guy Cotterill, AUSTRALIA
A Global View on Standardisation in Ultrasonic TestingMr Udo Schlengermann, GERMANY

NOTE: Approximately 107 papers were scheduled in the conference technical programme, this CD-ROM contains 100 papers as not all authors submitted e-files of their work. These proceedings were produced prior to the conference, as such the program and all papers published are subject to change. The final program is available in the conference handbook and can be found on the conference website: www.aindt.asn.au.

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