Rolf Diederichs NDTnet - April 1996, Vol.1 No.04

A simulation program for optimizing of so called coupling shoe, and the incidence angle for ultrasonic techniques

Dipl.-Ing. Ralf Bernhard, Wismar

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This article introduces the USSIM software for simulation of sound transmission through a given specimen and the related A-screen. The calculation uses the theory of simple optics, reflection and refraction. The program was developed as a tool for angle beam optimization and visualization of sound transmission within the specimen. For ultrasonic testing normal beam transducers with a Plexiglas delay line (coupling shoes), are often used for testing on curved surfaces. Such shoes can be simulated with the program, with predictable results. Without this program the common practice is to work out some samples empirically until the desired result is obtained. USSIM is a CAD tool based on the simplified theory of sound transmission.

authorDipl.-Ing. Ralf Bernard
Employed at the University of Wismar for the task "ultrasonic testing of rails based on neural networks"; In his spare time he is manager of the diving club "Walfisch" Wismar e.V.

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