NDTnet - April 1997, Vol.2 No.04

Combination of a Covermeter with a Radar System - an Improvement of Radar Application in Civil Engineering

Authors: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Pöpel, Dipl.-Ing. Claus Flohrer, HOCHTIEF Frankfurt (D)

Keywords: Detection, Cover Meter, Localisation, Magnetic Method, Prestressed Elements, Radar,Rebar, Reinforcement
This paper was presented at the International Symposium Non-DestructiveTesting in Civil Engineering (NDT-CE) 26.-28.09.1995 in Berlin. NDT-CE, Full Program or the Ultrasound Part


1. Introduction

2. The Measurement Principle of the HOCHTIEF Covermeter

3. The Measurement Principle of Radar

4. Combination of a Covermeter and Radar

5. Bench Tests

    Different specimens where produced to test the system. Figure 5 shows a specimen with 3 prestressed element under a layer of rebars and the result of the measurement. The dashed vertical lines show the positions of the rebars, the 3 hyperbolas show the position of the prestressed elements. The first rebar on the left is not marked because the coil is positioned in front of the antenna.

Figure 5: Bench test with the CM-Radar sensor

6. Interpretation Example

7. Practice Investigations

8. Further Application Possibilities



Dipl.-Ing. Michael Pöpel
HOCHTIEF, Abt. Qualitaetsmanagement
Frankfurt (D)
E-Mail Adresse: 100136,744@Compuserve.com
Tel. 069/7117-2971
Dipl.-Ing. Claus Flohrer
HOCHTIEF, Abt. Ingenierbau, Kerntechnik und Sondergebiete
Frankfurt (D)
E-Mail Adresse: 1101512,2017@Compuserve.com
Tel. 069/7117-2399

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