DIR 2007 - International Symposium on Digital industrial Radiology and Computed Tomography

25 - 27 June 2007, Lyon, France

Conference Objectives

This international symposium is devoted to promote a broad exchange of information on technologies, applications and quality assurance in the area of digital industrial radiology and computed tomography. The meeting provides a unique opportunity for users, scientists, equipment suppliers and all who are interested to discuss the present and future possibilities for industrial applications of the following topics:

  • X-ray detectors and sources,
  • CT, multi-angle radiography,
  • Dual and multi-energies,
  • Image processing algorithms,
  • Laminography & Tomosynthesis,
  • Other radiation techniques (neutron),
  • Quantitative imaging,
  • Modelling,
  • Multi-techniques fusion,
  • Defect detection & localisation,
  • Scattering,
  • Standardisation,
  • Feature extraction,
  • Film replacement,
  • Qualification & system reliability.

The program is complemented by a Table-Top Exhibition.

Scientific Advisory Committee

  • Valérie Kaftandjian, CNDRI-INSA, Lyon
  • Uwe Ewert, BAM, Berlin
  • Veronique Rebuffel, CEA-LETI, Grenoble
  • Uwe Zscherpel, BAM, Berlin
  • Christian Thiery, CEA, Paris for COFREND
  • Juergen Goebbels, BAM, Berlin
  • Jean-François Piquard, SEE, Grenoble
  • Matthias Purschke, DGZfP, Berlin
  • Steve Burch, ESR, Abingdon for BINDT
  • William Ellingson, ANL, ASNT, USA
  • Piergiorgio Cerello, INFN, Italy

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