NDT.net - March 2003, Vol. 8 No.3

Practical Examples of Application of Different Qualification Defects

Raimo Paussu,
(Fortum Nuclear Services Ltd, Finland);
Mika Kemppainen
(Trueflaw Ltd, Finland)
Jorma Pitkהnen, Matti Sarkimo
(VTT Industrial Systems, Finland)
(jorma.pitkanen@vtt.fi; matti.sarkimo@vtt.fi)
Paper presented at the 8th ECNDT, Barcelona, June 2002



Defect fabrication

Implanting of defects

Producing of fatigue cracks

Welding of solidification cracks

Producing of thermal fatigue cracks

Fabrication of artificial defects - EDM notches



  1. P. D. Watson, R. L. Edwards, “Fabrication of test specimens simulating IGSCC for demonstration and inspection technology evaluation", 14th International Conference on NDE in the Nuclear and Pressure Vessel Industries, Stockholm, Sweden, 24-26 September 1996.

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