NDT.net - February 2003, Vol. 8 No.2


Th. Zweschper, A. Dillenz, G. Riegert, and G. Busse
University of Stuttgart – Institute of Polymer Testing and Polymer Science (IKP),
Department of Non-destructive Testing,
Pfaffenwaldring 32, D-70569 Stuttgart, Germany
D. Scherling
Airbus Germany GmbH, Huenefeldstrasse 1-5, D-28199 Bremen, Germany
Paper presented at the 8th ECNDT, Barcelona, June 2002



External excitation :Optical Lockin Thermography (OLT)

Internal excitation : Ultrasound Lockin Thermography (ULT)

Internal excitation :Ultrasound Burst Phase Thermography (UBP)


Damage detection using small piezo-ceramic actuators



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