NDT.net - October 2002, Vol. 7 No.10

Phased Array Technology for mainstream applications

N. Pצrtzgen, C.H.P. Wassink, F.H. Dijkstra, T. Bouma
Rצntgen Technische Dienst bv, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Corresponding Author Contact:
Email: t.bouma@rtd.nl, Internet: www.rtd.nl
Paper presented at the 8th ECNDT, Barcelona, June 2002

1 Abstract

2 Introduction

3 Phased arrays

4 Automated girth weld inspection

5 Developed equipment for automated girth weld inspection

6 Other mainstream applications

7 Conclusion

8 Literature

  1. Wooh S.C., Shi Y., Azar L.,’Beam focusing behaviour of linear phased arrays’, NDT&E International 33 (2000) pp. 189-198
  2. Wooh S.C., Shi Y., ‘Influence of phased array element size on beam steering behaviour’, Ultrasonics 36 (1998) pp. 737-749
  3. American Society for Testing Materials, E1961-98 ‘Standard Practice for Mechanised Ultrasonic Examination of Girth Welds Using Zonal Discrimination with Focused Search Units

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