8th ECNDT Proceedings - Full-Text
European Conference on Nondestructive Testing
Barcelona (Spain), June 17-21, 2002
Organized by the Spanish Society for NDT (AEND)

7th ECNDT, Copenhagen 1998
9th ECNDT, Berlin 2006

Table of Contents of the 8th ECNDT
Authors of Full-Text Papers
CD-Test Review
William J. Lewis, L.G.I. Bennett / T.R. Chalovich / O.FrancesconeNeutron Radiography Of Aircraft Composite Flight Control SurfacesNTv08n02
Jerome PoguetPhased array technology concepts, probes and applicationsUTv07n10
Olivier Le Baron, Jerome PoguetEnhanced resolution transducers for thick pieces ultrasonic inspection: the fermat transducer conceptUTv07n10
Dr. Wolfgang Hillger, Stefan ElzeDetermination of porosity of aerospace structures by ultrasonic pulse echo techniqueUTv07n10
Dr. Wolfgang Hillger, Rudolf Henrich, Rainer MeierInspection of cfrp components by ultrasonic imaging with air couplingUTv07n10
Jose Manuel Sanchez, Carlos Avila, Manuel BorrasPortable ultrasonic DAAS for manuel inspections with non mechanic air borne probe positioningUTv08n02
Theodosia Stratoudaki, Chris Edwards, Steve Dixon And Stuart B. PalmerAdvances in laser based ultrasound in carbon fibre reinforced composites for aircraft inspectionUTv08n02
Mr. Thomas Mayer, Mr. Dieter Scherling, Mr. Junli SunShearography testing on aerospace CFRP componentsSTv08n02
Nils Krohn, Rainer Stoessel, Gerd BusseDefect-selective imaging by non-linear scanning laser vibrometry and non-linear air-coupled ultrasoundUTv08n02
Karl J. Langengerg, Rene Marklein, Klaus MayerEFIT simulations for ultrasonic NDEUTv08n03
Günter Engl, Carsten Brandt, Rainer MeierTesting large aerospace cfrp components by ultrasonic multichannel conventional and phased-array pulse-echo techniqueUTv07n10
Thomas Zweschper, Dieter Scherling, Gerd BusseLockin thermography methods for the NDT of CFRP aircraft componentsITv08n02
Henry Gerhard, Gerd BusseDeformation-measurement with speckle interferometry by ultrasonic excitationUTv08n02
Juan Garcia, Nicolas Hernandez, Alfredo Morales, Tecnitest IngenierosConsiderations on thermographic inspection reliability of aircraft componentsITv08n02
Brian Stephen Wong, Bai Weimin, Tui Chen GuanThermographic and laser shearographic evaluation of materialsITv08n02
Uwe EwertUpheaval in industrial radiologyRTv07n12
Dr. Ing. Werner RoyeNon destructive inspection methods in the automotive industryUTv07n10
Silviu Rabinovich, Kenneth Jassby, Eli Glikman, Rami AharoniProgress in ultrasonic inspection of spotweldsUTv07n10
Dipl. Ing. Frank Herold, Dr. Ing. Klaus Bavendiek, Prof. Dr. Ing. Rolf-Rainer GrigatA new analysis and classification method for automatic defect recognition in x-ray images of castingsRTv07n10
Dipl. Ing. Dirk Steiner, Dr. Ing. Klaus BavendiekNew design of a cost effective adr x-ray solutionRTv07n10
Dipl. Ing. Georg Theis, Dipl. Ing. Thore KahrsFully automatic x-ray inspection of aluminium wheelsRTv07n10
Chemical & Petrochemical
M. Platte, Wolfram.A.K. DeutschUltrasonic on-line supervision of plants in the petrochemical industryUTv07n10
Anish Kumar, Vani Shankar, T. Jayakumar, K. Bhanu Sankara Rao And Baldev RajEffect of precipitates on the correlation of ultrasonic velocity with mechanical properties in ni-based superalloy inconel 625UTv08n06
M. Robers, R.S. ScottiniPulsed eddy current in corrosion detectionETv07n10
N. Portzgen, C.H.P. Wassink, T. Bouma, F.H. DijkstraPhased array technology for mainstream applications.ETv07n10
Bwo Shepherd, T. Bouma, M. GastDevelopment of a recommended practice for non-invasive inspectionsETv07n10
Alan RaineCost behefit applications using the alternating current field measurement techniqueETv07n10
V.L Vengrinovich, Y.Denkevich, S.Zolotarev, S.Emelyanenkov, U.Zscherpel, G.-R. Tillack, C.MuellerNew technique for pipes wall thickness assessment considering scattering effectRTv07n12
Civil Enginering
Reinhard Jansohn, Jan ScherzerImproper filled ducts detected by ultrasound reflectionUTv08n04
Otto Kroggel, Martin Schickert, Jürgen SchnappStatistical evaluation of ultrasound images of concrete structuresUTv08n04
Computer Processing
Gerd Ruediger Tillack, U.A. Samadurau, V. M. Artemiev And A. O. NaumovNon linear dynamic image reconstruction for x-ray process tomographyRTv07n12
Kaftandjian Valerie, Francois NathalieUse of data fusion methods to improve reliability of inspection : synthesis of the work done in the frame of a european thematic networkRTv08n06
Agostino Abbate, Nguyen Nguyen, Heather Thompson,, Jeffrey B. Carruthers-Ultrasonic signal processing algorithms for the characterization of thin multilayersUTv07n10
Françoise Mathy, Bertrand Buzare, Régis GuillemaudExperimental validation of a coupled photon monte carlo and cad softwareRTv07n12
Romeu Ricardo Da Silva, Marcio Humberto Silva SiqueiraContribution to the development of a radiographic inspection automated systemRTv07n12
Johannes Büchler, Michael BerkeApplications in ultrasonic testing using improved signal processing methodsUTv07n10
Razvan Ciocan, Dr. Nathan IdaApplications of transmission line matrix method for NDTUTv08n03
Dr. Nathan Ida, Razvan CiocanApplication of acoustic emission technique for in-service monitoring of air-driven pump diaphragmsATv08n04
G.Pichenot, T. SollierEddy current modelling for nondestructive testingETv08n06
Jean-Michel Létang, Gilles Peix, Laurent DroulezAutomatic selection of beet seeds using pattern recognition techniques in high resolution x-ray imagesRTv07n12
Material Characterisation
Gerhard Mook, Juergen Pohl / Fritz Michel / Andreas HilbigFrom non-destructive inspection to health monitoring of samart CFRP-compositesETv08n02
Amal Tmiri, Sograti BelattarThermal non destructive testing analisys in the frequency domain v08n06
D. Grabco, D. LeuBrittleness of water pipe alloys estimated by the acoustic emission methodATv08n04
Dr. Stefan FrankPortable hardness testing - principles and applicationsVTv07n10
O. Shikimaka, D. Grabco, R. Zhitaru, N. PalistrantHardness and brittleness of rocks studied by microindentation in combination with the acoustic emission methodATv08n04
Hans-Volker Rudolph, Manfred Paul Hentschel, Heins IversDamage accumulation in short fibre reinforced thermoplast byx-ray refraction v07n12
Domingo Mery, Dieter FilbertClassification of potential detects in automated inspection of aluminium castings using statistical pattern recognitionRTv07n12
Domingo Mery, Dieter FilbertAutomated inspection of moving aluminium castingsRTv07n12
Method & Instrumentation
Jerome PoguetPiezocomposite technology: an innovative approach to the improvement of n.d.t. performance using ultrasoundsUTv07n10
Uchanin Valentin Nikolajevich, Gerhard Mook, Tadeusz StepinskiThe investigation of deep penetranting high resolution EC probes for subsurface flaw detection and sizingETv08n02
P.LeblansA new needle-crystalline detector for x-ray computer radiography (cr)RTv07n12
Smail Sahnoun, Sougrati BelattarFinite difference method applied to the analysis of the detection and localitation of plan defects v08n06
Munier BernardHigh resolution digital flat panel x ray detector for ndtRTv07n12
Daniel J. Cotter, -Jennnifer E. Michaels, Zhong Zhang, Thomas Nelligan, Ehab Ghabour, Agostino Abbate, Dan Kass-High frequency ultrasonic thickness and acoustic velocity measurement methods for advanced material and component characterizationUTv07n10
Prof A Kovalev, Peter Shaw, Stuart HubbardUltrasonic examination of concrete structuresUTv08n04
Uwe Ewert, Uwe Zscherpel, Mike Horkey / Jim Kennedy / Mike HutchinsonA new computer based concept for digital radiographic reference cataloguesRTv07n12
Dr. Gregory A. Mohr, J. M. Gomez, C. BuenoGe a-si flat panel detector performance in industrial digital radiographyRTv07n12
R. Krupka, T. Walz, A. EttemeyerIndustrial Applications of Shearography for Inspection of Aircraft ComponentsRTv08n02
Mines Detection
Wilhem Niemann, S. Olesinski, T. Thiele, G. Martens, I.C. CarlsenDetection of buried landmines with x-ray backscatter technologyRTv07n10
Dr. Jörgörg Beckmann, Klaus Pöhl, Dr. Uwe EwertRadiographic imaging for assessment of uxo suspected of chemical warfare materialRTv07n12
Miroslav Omeli, Josip StepaniLandmines characterisation based on trigger radiogramsRTv07n12
Josip StepanicDesign of resolving power of ultrasonic sensors for buried objects materials characterisationUTv08n04
Christina Müller, Martina Scharmach, Vera Konchina, Damir MarkucicGeneral principles of reliability assessment of NDE systems and its applicability to the mine detection practice v08n04
Kurt Osterloh, Uwe EwertEfndt wg5 apmd; achievements and future tasks v07n12
Non Metalic Materials
Jerome Poguet, Peter CiorauSpecial linear phased array probes used for ultrasonic examination of complex turbine componentsUTv07n10
L. Mazeika, R. Kazys, R.Sliteris / R. RaisutisApplication of Modelling for Ultrasonic Non-Destructive Estimation of Cracks Caused by Intergranular Stress CorrosionUTv08n03
Tadeusz StepinskiDeep penetrating eddy current for detection voids in copperETv08n06
Raimo Paussu, Mika Kemppainen, Matti SarkimoPractical examples of application of different qualification defectsUTv08n03
Bernhard Redmer, J. Robbel, U. Ewert, V. VengrinovichMechanised weld inspection by tomographic computer aided radiometry (tomocar)RTv07n12
Mika Kemppainen, Virkkunen Iikka, Pitkänen JormaRealistic cracks for in-service inspection qualification mock-upsUTv08n03
Raul Muńoz Moreno, Juan Carlos GalvezAutomatic ultrasonic system - nuclear and conventional applicationsUTv08n03
Mika Kemppainen, Vikkunen Iikka, Pitkänen JormaComparison of realistic artificial cracks and in-service cracksUTv08n03
H.J. Quakkelsteijn, C. Broere, R. Krutzen, G. Crapels, F. De BoerUltrasonic testing for idssc in small radius u-bends of steam generator tubesUTv07n10
Offshore Industry
Peter Brodersen, A. Liebram, W. Niemann, J. Nielsen, H.-A. NielsenBreaking the 1000 w power limit of air-cooled x-ray portablesRTv07n10
A.V. KirikovEmat–technology and equipment for automatic noncontact ultrasonic inspection of rolled metal and pipesUTv07n10
Lewis MorganThe Performance of Automated Ultrasonic Testing (AUT) of Mechanised Pipeline Girth Welds.UTv08n03
Hans Rauschenbach, Michael Opheys, Uwe MannAdvanced nondestructive methods reduce inspection time and increase reliabilityUTv07n10
Pertti Auerkari, Jorma Pitkänen, Mikko Pihkakoski, Liisa Muurinen / Markku Kemppainen / Pekka KangasMaintenance of gas turbines - impact and implications for NDTETv08n06
Pressure Vessels
Probability Detection & validation
Christina Mueller, Lloyd Schaefer, Mstislav ElaguineReliability investigation of ndt systems by fault tree analysis of recorded data v07n12
Ferenc Fücsök, Christina Mueller, Martina ScharmachReliability of routine radiographic film evaluation – an extended roc study of the human factor v07n12
Dr. Anton Erhard, Norbert Bertus, Hartmut HintzeUltrasonic phased array system for railroad axle examinationUTv08n03
Wolfgang Hansen, Hartmut HintzeUltrasonic testing of railway axles with phased array techniqueUTv07n10
Udo Schlengermann, Gerhard SchmitzUltrasonic maintenance examination of railway track and rolling stockUTv07n10
Rami Aharoni, Eli GlikmanA novel high-speed rail inspection systemUTv07n10
Steel Industry
Dr. Friedhelm Schlawne, Alfred Graff, Dr. Heinz ScheiderUse of EMATs for the inspection of tubes and pipesUTv08n03
Dr. Roman Koch, Dr. Albrecht MaurerFirst results of composite tranducers in automatic inspectionUTv07n10
Training & Certification
P.P. Prokhorenko, N.P. Migoun, A.B. Gnusin, M.Stadthaus, H.M. Thomas, J.Baugatz, W. KonigReproducibility problem for the procedure of type testing of liquid penetrantsPTv08n06
Damir Markucic, Vedran Mudronja, Sanjin Mahovic, Biserka RunjeQuality requirements for ultrasonic testing calibration blocksUTv08n03

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