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7th June 2010

To organizers, participants and guests of the 10th European conference and exhibition on non-destructive testing (10thECNDT)

Dear participants of the 10th European conference and exhibition on non-destructive testing!

On behalf of Russian academy of science Presidium, allow me to congratulate you with the 10th jubilee of European conference on non-destructive testing and wish you further creative and innovative strides. The Non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics are one of the main trends in the field of technogenic, ecological, medical safety and anti-terrorist security. By efforts of scientists from many countries of the world, a large volume of scientific researches has been performed for the purpose of non-destructive testing technologies and physical methods development, i.e. ultrasonic, electromagnetic, optical, thermal, magnetic, tomography, chemical analysis and others.

At present, thousands of testing-diagnostic devices have already been created on the basis of different physical principals, in order to provide modern requirements for production quality and operational safety of heavy-duty products, constructions and environments. This states the relevance and importance of further development of preconceptual and fundamental researches in this field.
Creation of non-destructive testing and technical diagnostics methods and means using informational technologies for such science-technological branches as aerospace material science, development of nanomaterials and products on their basis, is especially relevant nowadays.

It is important that at the conference, a special attention is paid to the transition to the final stage of residual resource evaluation and products' operational risks assessment, and also to the international certification of equipment, personnel and technologies in accordance with European norms.

I wish all participants of 10th European conference on non-destructive testing, new accomplishments, good health, wellbeing and further success.

RAS President Academician Osipov Y. S.


The European NDT Conference is the achievement for which we have been waiting for four years; this time Russian Society for NDT and Technical Diagnostics, RSNTTD, is to be honored for giving us so many reasons to try our best to be at 10th ECNDT.

To our NDT subjects, we are sure that the new ideas and knowledge will be presented at this Conference, the greatness of which has already been seen in the already presented preliminary program. At that Conference we shall experience immense horizon of knowledge, which is, let me quote President of ECNDT, prof. Vladimir V. Klyuev "of vital importance today, more then ever before".

NDT people are preparing themselves to participate in10th ECNDT having motto "NDT-Basis of Safety" with which they live and work for. The other side of "Safety medal" is the "safety" of our everyday’s demanding and hard NDT work. NDT professionals supported enormously by their knowledge which will be presented at the Conference will be able to sustain inspection requirements and performance at high level needed to ensure that NDT stays the basis of safety.

I am honored to be EFNDT President, thus having both power to call for every activities that our EFNDT members could offer to the success of this greatest European NDT event in 2010, and pleasure to invite worldwide NDT community and related professionals to participate at the 10th ECNDT and celebrate NDT progress. We are honestly grateful to President of ECNDT and RSNTTD colleagues for their tireless endeavor.

Dear NDT people and friends let us be together in Moscow, EFNDT President Vjera Krstelj


Dear Colleagues,

NDT and technical diagnostics become ever more important to protect citizens, property and equipment from dangerous accidents. I am delighted to invite the NDT community to plan their attendance at the 10th European Conference on Non-destructive Testing in Moscow in 2010. All European conferences have been highly successful events, each with an interesting local perspective, and the conference to be both interesting and important.

Conferences and Exhibitions give us opportunities for sharing knowledge and best practice, both within our countries and internationally. Best wishes to participants in the 10th European Conference on Non-destructive Testing. The Russian NDT Society has a long involvement with the EFNDT and is highly respected internationally. The Russian experts in NDT will welcome the opportunity to meet a much wider audience, and the Russian market for NDT equipment and services will be of great interest to companies from outside country.

Yours Sincerely ICNDT President Mike Farley


On behalf of Moscow science and industrial policy department and myself personally I wish to congratulate participants and organizers of the 10th European Conference on Non-Destructive Testing.

The 10th ECNDT allows specialists from all countries to share the most relevant information on developments in the field of NDT and TD. It is important that developments of NDT and TD devices and means for all branches of industry will be presented here. I am very delighted that it will be held at the hospitable land of Moscow and give an opportunity for our guests to get acquainted with it.

I wish all participants to have creative and business climate, success, well being and prosperity.

Head of Moscow science and industrial policy department, Panteleev E.A.


Dear Colleagues and Friends,

On behalf of the Russian Society for NDT and Technical Diagnostics and the Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service of Russia (Rostekhnadzor), we are happy to welcome you in Moscow at the 10th European Conference and Exhibition.

Russia's capital hosted the 10th World NDT conference in 1982 with guests from 30 countries. It is a great honor and pleasure for the RSNTTD to organize the 10th European NDT conference 28 years since the 10th World conference. We assure you that the upcoming event will put together application of new knowledge levels and achievements in NDT and technical diagnostics field.

Currently, over 300 educational institutions, scientific and industrial enterprises and thousands of individuals from over 50 regions of Russia are working within the frames of the RSNTTD. For years, the main goal was the development and introduction of NDT methods and equipment to improve industrial facilities and comprehensive technical systems safety, to fight terrorism, to forecast and reduce losses caused by ecological emergencies, i.e. earthquakes, hurricanes, fires, typhoons and other disasters. Today, more than ever before, intellectualization and automation of NDT methods and instruments, development of multi-stage systems incorporating locally available instruments, equipment and diagnostic centers, mobile and airspace laboratories providing monitoring of large facilities and structures for further residual life and operational risks evaluation are of vital importance.

International NDT conferences and exhibitions allow to exchange knowledge and experience gained both in Russia and abroad to help make a further step in the direction of provision of global safety.

We hope the 10th European NDT conference and exhibition in Moscow in conditions of an economic crisis will become new positive step ahead on the way of development of diagnostic methods and means that, finally, are the basis of safety for the entire world.

10th ECNDT, RSNTTD President V.V. Klyuev



10th ECNDT,
Moscow 2010
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