The 10th European conference and exhibition on nondestructive testing (10th ECNDT) took place in Moscow from 7 - 11 June 2010. As about 1500 people from 65 countries attended this premier NDT event in Europe it clearly plays an important role in the information on NDT around the World. The 10th ECNDT, RSNTTD President Vladimir V. Klyuev opened the conference. Klyuev said "I wish everybody to find first of all new nondestructive testing knowledge and new friends and meet old friends during this conference". Giuseppi Nardoni held the second welcome talk and started with the words "I go very fast in the History in order to give much more emphasis to the beginning of this conference". Nardoni introduced the International Academy of NDT for which he is the President.

Keynotes in the plenary session were presented by V.V. Klyuev "Nanotechnologies and Nanodiagnostics", followed by V. Krstelj "Positioning in European Quality Infrastructure", N.A. Makhutov "Diagnostics of Object State and Monitoring of Risks during Implementation of Large-Scale Projects", J.M. Farley "ICNDT Activities in the Field of International NDT Certification", U. Ewert "Prospects of Mobile Computed Tomography" and V. Vavilov "Thermal Non-Destructive Testing: Short History, State-of-the-Art and Trends". A 10 minute video in this review shows a summary of the Opening and the Keynotes. Other videos, in total 150 minutes, feature the exhibition, a great gala evening and records of 8 complete presentations mostly in the field of ultrasonic phased array. We have integrated the authors' powerpoint slides to improve the visual quality, but at the same time this method assures small files for fast download.

The CD proceedings contains 470 articles and 150 abstracts; however, without full-text search. A navigation from the alphabetic Author Index to each paper was not provided. Once again we suggest that EFNDT (ICNDT for the world) would release requirements for proceedings.

During the conference there was some discussion on how to assure good conference quality for the future. By constant changing of the host location there is a risk of sudden quality loss. Things like publishing the program before the conference should be mandatory, at the venue no other exhibition or conference (nonrelated to NDT) should take place at the same time, easy access to meeting rooms and an environment that gives room for talks between the participants.

The use of's new event submission program (its free) is one item that could assure constant quality of technical program and proceedings. This online program is especially useful for hosts which have no experience or do not have the IT capabilities or human resources to manage large events. The EWGAE 2010 and PANNDT 2011 are currently users of this multi event system.

We communicated to society representatives at EFNDT (ICNDT for the world) that the host should be committed to open access publishing of the conference proceedings in or the Internet in general.

We invite everybody to contribute and discuss on the topic "A better way to do NDT conferences" in the forum on