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Opening & Keynotes by Klyuev, Nardoni, Krstelj, Makhutov, Farley, Ewert, Vavilov [10']
Exhibition [6']
Gala [8']
10th ECNDT Video by RSNTTD [5']
M. Berke, GE [15'] 3D Weld Visualization Using Manual Phased Array PDF
M-A. Blanchet, Sonatest [14'] Impact of Elements Sensitivity and Pulse Excitation on Phased Array Imaging PDF
W. Deutsch, Karl Deutsch [17'] Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing of Heavy-Wall Seamless Tubes by Means of a Testing Portal PDF
W. Kleinert, GE [14'] The Ideal Angle Beam Probe for DGS Evaluation PDF
B. Koehler, FhG [18'] Rayleigh Wave Velocity Dispersion for Characterization of Surface Treated Aero Engine Alloys PDF
L. Le Ber, M2M [18'] Application and Simulation of Advanced Ultrasonic Array Techniques PDF
P. Tremblay, Zetec [10'] Recent Progress in Phased Array UT Inspection through Complex and Wavy Surfaces PDF
F-C. Beaupre, Olympus [14'] A New, Improved Pipeline AUT Girth Weld Inspection System PDF
Opening Session
Vladimir V. Klyuev and Vera Krstelj
Giuseppe Nardoni
Vladimir V. Klyuev "Nanotechnologies and Nanodiagnostics"
Vera Krstelj "Positioning in European Quality Infrastructure"
Awards for V.V. Klyuev and Mike Farley
N.A. Makhutov "Diagnostics of Object State and Monitoring of Risks during Implementation of Large-Scale Projects"
Opening Session
Opening Session
Mike Farley 3D Weld Visualization Using Manual Phased Array PDF
Uwe Evert "Prospects of Mobile Computed Tomography"
Vladimir Vavilov "Thermal Non-Destructive Testing: Short History, State-of-the-Art and Trends"
A smaller meeting room
A bigger meeting room usually for Ultrasonic Sessions
Ultrasonic Sessions well attended
Other Exhibitions in parallel makes meeting of NDT People more difficult
China Delegation at Olympus Stand
GE Sensing & Inspection
Poster walls at the end of the Exhibition
M2M Stand
Exhibition Scene
Dürr NDT
Applus RTD
Acoustic Control Systems
Lavender International
SIUI - Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments
Exhibition Scene
GE Sensing & Inspection
Gala Dinner
Gala Dinner
Gala Dinner
Best Exhibiton Presentation Award for 17th WCNDT
Rolf together with Deidre and Patrick from South Africa
Gala Dinner
Gala Dinner
ICNDT General Assembly
Libanon is new ICNDT member (Bassam Frenn from Industrial Research Institute)
Turkey is new ICNDT member
Singapore is new ICNDT member (Sajeesh Kumar BABU from NDTSS)
Mexico is new ICNDT member (Alfonso Ramon Garcia Cueto from IMENDE)
Slovak Society for NDT is new ICNDT member
New ICNDT member
New ICNDT member
Uzbekistan is new ICNDT member
APCNDT 2013 introduced by B. Venkatraman from ISNT
APCNDT 2013 Slide
APCNDT 2013 Slide
PANNDT 2011 introduced by Alfonso Ramon Garcia Cueto, IMENDE Mexico
Vladimir V. Klyuev declares the ECNDT 2010 closed
Attendees of the closing ceremony
Vera Krstelj transfers the EFNDT Flag to Pavel Mazal for the EFNDT 2014 Prague
Pavel Mazal invites for the EFNDT 2014 Prague
EFNDT 2014 Prague Slide
Manfred Johannes invites for the WCNDT 2012