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Session: Aerospace

New Developments of Pulsed Holography for Industrial Applications

O. Petillon*, Aerospatiale
*Corresponding Author Contact:
Aerospitale, F-91893 Suresnes, France ; ODILE.PETILLON@siege.aerospatiale.fr



Developments in holography

Fig 1:
loud speaker with t = 40 µs Ø 30 field viewed on the CCD

Fig 2:
loud speaker with t = a few s

Fig 3:
thermal loading - honeycomb/skin debonding

Fig 4:
delamination in a G/E stiffened panel 640 x 480 CCD image

Fig 5:
electrical casing

Fig 6:
thermal loading - rubber debonding - 1024 x 1024 CCD

Fig 7:
Shock loading (0.060 ms after impact)- shearography

Fig 8:
Shock loading (0.030 ms after impact) - holography

Qualitative validation in industrial environment

Quantitative results and test monitoring




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  2. Transient vibration measurements by using multi-pulses digital holography
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