NDT.net - October 1998, Vol.3 No.10

Table of Contents ECNDT '98

Session: Chemical, Petrochemical

The Need for Reliable NDT Measurements in Plant Management Systems

J. Verkooijen
AEA Sonomatic BV, Krombraak 15, 4906 CR Oosterhout, The Netherlands.

Corresponding Author Contact:
Wilbert Martens, AEA Sonomatic BV, Krombraak 15, 4906 CR, Oosterhout (Netherlands), Phone: +31 (0)162 42 55 88, Fax: +31 (0) 162 42 43 43, Wilbert.Martens@aea-technology.nl, http://www.aeat.co.uk



Design and service

Available techniques

Time of Flight Diffraction

Corrosion Mapping



Measuring inaccuracy

Stress measurement


Personnel qualification





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