NDT.net - November 1998, Vol. 3 No. 11

Table of Contents ECNDT '98

Session: Materials characterization

Monitoring of Curing Reaction of Polycondensating Thermosets at Press and Injection Moulding

W. Stark1, J. Döring
Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing,
12205 Berlin, Unter den Eichen 87, Germany
V. Bovtun
Kiev Polytechnic Institute, KPI-2240, Peremogy Ave. 37, 252056 Kiev-56, Ukraine
Ch. Kürten
Engineering College Iserlohn, Frauenstuhlweg 31, 58644 Iserlohn, Germany
Corresponding Author Contact:
Wolfgang Stark
Email: Wolfgang.Stark@bam.de


Physical background of electrical and mechanical methods

Sample preparation

Measuring equipment

Preliminary investigations of the curing process

Investigation of the curing process at manufacturing conditions



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